Live on TV is Racine in Ruins!

Due to the power of Goggle + and You Tube Racine in Ruins will soon be able to do do live broadcasting to a far greater audience then CAR 25.  We will also still be able to bring this programing to CAR 25 and the City of Racine.

Just think of all the folks we will be able to reach and tell the story of Racine WI, a city in ruins.

To think that Mayor John Dickert thinks he can control the events in Racine   from being told to the outside world is just silly!

It’s all those evil Blogers fault


Time and time again, I am told or I read that the issues in Racine is not:

Failing Schools

High Unemployment

The  Real Estate The City buys then cant fails to sell

Failing pricing of Real Estate

Failing assessment rates

Companies leaving Racine

The public distrust of The City’s spending ideas

No not any of that but the writing found on this Blog or blogs like this.

After all to  them  our leaders who I call the Good Old Boys know best, at least that’s what they tell us.

So of course to say the Mayor has no cloths is of course saying that we disagree with our betters. That to them is a evil crime to say that we disagree with those who the rich and white have declared to be the appointed ones.

I see this as one of the main reasons why the attacks on CAR 25 occur.

The Good Old Boys truly believe that a Business does not check how well the Schools in an area might be or the Tax rate of an area might be but only what is written in a Blog!




Wolfman Reports 10/28/12



.This weeks reports. His views are his own

The coming Nightmare for Mayor John Dickert



In about a week we will vote for  President and the Other Senator for Wisconsin.

I think the signs are clear that Mitt will be the next President and Thompson the new Senator

bonus The GOP will get bot Houses in the State of Wisconsin.


This will be great for us and a living nightmare for Mayor John “I am not a Crook” Dickert, for with the GOP running both the State and D.C. the Obama love will stop and The State of Wisconsin just might be interested in seeing how The City of Racine is run and look into say Voting Fraud issues and how the City may have spent Grant monies in the past.

Best of all The State DNR will not be so fast to give Grants for “Toys” like RootWorks nor will the EPA.  I know I will be writing both the DNR and the EPA to look into RootWorks as I believe its not something to fix the River here but nothing more then a tool o be used to bring $$ to the rich and white of downtown Racine.

With both EPA/DNR soon to be ran by folks who care about the how and why of a project vs if there a (D) behind the Mayor’s name or not might go a long way to refocus or even stop  what I see  as misspending on RootWorks.

I think that the City of Racine will be cut off from the “Free Money” we have been getting and worthless Real Estate games  I mean programs like NSP could be held to account. Who got what and why maybe looked into. Perhaps even the FBI could come to town looking into the last 4 years you never know.

Be interesting to see what rats  jump ship once the $$ starts to get cut off and questions start being asked.

Why the Mayor did not start planing for a GOP victory is beyond me because its coming.

Any bets the Mayor Dickert runs for 1st CD?


Racine Fair Share

Looks like voting has began on Mayor John Dickert’s idea of having NGO’s chip in to The City of Racine’s needs.

As I see it if you like what the Mayor is doing one would send a check if not you will not.

so  what might the total be for Racine Fair Share

My Open Records request:

Good Morning.

I am requesting the following Open Records the Names of and Amounts by each given to The City of Racine’s Fair Share program. From 10/4/12 to 10/22/12.

A PDF copy would be fine.

Thank You

Wayne Clingman

The Answer:

Mr. Clingman,

Although we have had inquiries, no contributions have been made to the Fair Share program.

Thomas Friedel

City Administrator

730 Washington Ave.

Racine, WI 53403


So for the dates of the Open Record no one gave a dime.

Not any City Leader  and NGO in Racine no one.

How nice it must be to know as Mayor of Racine you can not raise Dime one for you city is such needy times.

How much do you think this program will bring in?

Update The J-T  reported that the UU gave around $,1200. AS was pounted out by an evil Bloger that’s less then one week’s salary for the City Administrator.

Yet a grass Roots effort in Michigan is doing a great job.

Here is a link to the story:  could it be that few trust Mayor John Dickert?


Wolfman Reports 10-23-12


A review

Take a gander at the Blog I stated on the Root River Plan. Looks like a lot of my speculation may be coming to pass.

What would you rather have a Fire Station or a new Foot Bridge across the Root River?