Why bother?



Why even bother with the Dog and Pony show called the Racine Budget?

The Mayor has  all the votes he needs to get his very strange budget passed. A few might vote no but no way do they have the votes to kill it.

A few brave Aldermen/Women  will ask hard questions but not have them answered may introduced ideas to cut spending but again, the Mayor of Racine will have his way his Budget will pass.

The high points are easy to think of:

More $$ for the Pals less for minorities who may need City services after all the Mayor’s pals are White and well off and Minorities are not. How dare they even live in this City!

Do we need Police or simply think there is no crime in the City?

Do we need our Streets cleared of Snow? Why would we when we can go to Mexico with our Pal the Mayor if you are white and rich ! This is the Racine way right?

Yes we need to spend $$  on our Civic Center is there a better looking empty building in Racine?

We need to spend $$ on Rootworks and the Uptown Plan do you not see all the Cars from Chicago bringing folks here to buy homes and start a business?  Are YOU saying that our Mayor might be fibbing?

As I see it the the Aldermen might as well stay home and Email the votes in

Does your ass hurt yet?

A visit with Mr. Green My .02


Quite the time last night with Mr. Green and you will want to buy some K.Y. lots of it.

After reading the last story on the Lawsuit on the Mayor and his pals with a bit of talking to others on what they thought was going on … I now believe (and you may not) :

The Lawyers for the defendants are charging around $800 an Hour   That be the lawyers and their staff+ expenses.

That with the number of parties the City will be defending that the Lawyers for the City are willing I guess 10 hours a week, that be $8000 every week every week. The Lawyers will be paid guess who gets to pay?

Gets better. Once the City of Racine taps into the insurance  others start having a say in what happens when, see the Insurance companies may start demanding a settlement before the case hits a court room and the possibility of three times the damages.

That could be a bit of money min of what 10 million 30 million maybe more…  oh and the plaintiffs Lawyers get paid too.

Interesting too at what point do the noncity of Racine officials get their own lawyers?  As well how do they get the money to pay them?

Maybe some of the defendants do not have the $$ to get a lawyer or perhaps fear that they will be found by the Court they acted outside their office? How do they come up with the money? What do they do? Call the other side and see if they can work out a deal?    Maybe former Mayor Becker feels he has no choose but to try and make a deal?  What might he know?

The best part, what happens if the Feds or the State is waiting to see if/when they charge say for Wire Fraud or Campaign Financing issues. Who loses maybe someone flips for that alone? You think Becker wants to go back to jail?

Does John Dickert sleep at night anymore?


As a freelance reporter (if only here)   what interesting information will this bring out? This for that alone to keep information out of the public eye I think Settlement will be sooner then latter.

And now for something completely different, is Mayor John Dickert the new Ed Wood? Editoral


So now that The God of Media Mayor John Dickert will have CAR 25 for his very own, under the management  Pal at Sky Falls Media, what will he do with it?

Let’s see what one idea might be shall we?

So what do we know?

CAR 25 small amount of equipment they started with is worn down to one small Cannon that’s 10 years old and a higher end HD Panasonic  that has seen better days.  CAR 25 has a poor light set and very little for a sound stage.

For the last year if not longer the Staff of CAR 25 have been using there own equipment to do productions ( Gee next will the Offices of the RPD use their cars?) there no light set and the tripods have seen better days. So when Sky Falls take over CAR 25  what will they use? Does anyone think that The Mayor of Racine (King of all media) will not get his Crony I mean pal the best equipment the City can buy?   IMHO Car 25 will find it’s self with the best high end equipment money can buy, that’s OK it be hard to do the worshiping of Mayor John Dicker with less.

Of course, CAR 25 will need a sound stage how else can proper press events be held without a good sound stage and a TelePrompter  like Dickert’s God Obama! Hail Obama!

Where might this sound stage be built? My thought is if not the Annex building then State and Main with Launch Box.

How much might this all cost 100K ? 250K?  whatever the cost it will be paid nothing less then the best for The King of All Media!

Wait, you see on more then once occasion  our Mayor has spoken on his media background The Mayor has been as Mayor  in ads made for companies in Racine (Since moved)

I am told by others that The Mayor has in the past acted locally Great! Hope he had fun.

Lets speculate what if The Mayor of the city of Racine was helping his pals do a film? Say about him and his great leadership of Racine, after all we are #1 in Unemployment and better yet both our murder rate and Armed Robberies are going off the scale! We have lost a Billion in property value! What I great job!

What better way to promote the worship of the cult of Mayor Dickert then his own Triumph of The Will filmed by his pal? After all The First Documentary has not been seen by the public to my understanding

Create the image you wish to be seen as.

The film would not talk about the Mayor suing his own City would it? The whole thing about “Bill” and that whole case, Racine’s Fair Share and other what some see as errors. For Mayor John Dicker can not make them. Can he?

I never said that the Mayor is dumb.

A big pitch of his is bring in $$ from Sponsors, well Racine  Companies are too poor over all to pay for ads but CAR 25 could so rent out the sound stage or production staff for county projects or so the Mayor may think.

Now ask yourself this if the new controls of CAR 25 are busy doing this who will be taping the city council  meetings? Hell for all we know this might be some of the programing the Mayor does not want us to see?

Could this have been the real story behind CAR 25 take over from Day one?  Mayor John Dickert needing his ego stoked?

Only thing is:

It Came From the Root River!  The continuing story of Rat City, this Adult Comedy will be filming and what fun that will be!

See real Porn Stars come to Racine to poke fun at recent events from City Hall Bathrooms and then some, and poke they will!

Please Read and tell others. (Letter to Editor coped from Racine Uncovered)

My company, AdEasel® (Adaptive Easel, LLC), is offering a minimum $10,000 Sponsorship Donation to help support CAR25 and the city of Racine. We are very interested in making a positive contribution to the city, and our offer will add new programs, services, and free training workshops available to everyone in the community. This donation will greatly benefit CAR25 as well as the entire community at absolutely no cost to the city or its residents, and will create opportunities for more community programs and partnerships, as well as greater long-term sustainability.

I served as Chairman of the Cable Television Commission for 5 years, and would like to continue contributing to CAR25 and the community. My company and I are prepared to make a significant investment to help. We have built a very successful full-service marketing and advertising agency over the last 13 years, and continue to grow each year, with high-paying, full-time jobs available right now in addition to ongoing part time, contract and internship programs (Racine designers & developers please apply),.

We have successfully implemented similar programs with other cities and organizations such as the City of Chicago, Chicago Loop Alliance, Northwestern University, and Iowa Community Action Association, in addition to working with businesses and brands around the nation and world such as Blue Cross Blue Shield®, Hospice of America, Electrical Power Products, Pierce Distribution, Harley-Davidson®, Navistar International®, First Degree, Body-Solid®, and many more.

Very simply, we would just like to help provide new, absolutely free programs, services and training workshops for CAR25 and the entire community. We are the first company to step forward to offer a sponsorship donation to CAR25, but hopefully not the last. I want to make sure that our Aldermen and Community members are aware of our $10,000+ Sponsorship Donation Offer, and have enclosed a copy of the documents we provided at last Tuesday’s Common Council meeting. My local Alderman, Terry McCarthy, graciously offered to distribute these documents, and placed a copy on each Alderman’s desk at Common Council about 10 minutes before the meeting.

To my surprise however, many Aldermen did not receive these documents, and they were even literally taken out of Aldermen’s hands. These were official documents and communications from my business that were notarized by the city clerk, and on the agenda, with hard copies printed for all of the Aldermen (see attached files and Common Council agenda: http://legistar.racinenet.org/detailreport/matter.aspx?key=17408 and http://legistar.racinenet.org/attachments/7454890f-27c5-48a3-8364-29aca9fdff0b.pdf).

I have since learned that Mayor John Dickert had instructed a city employee from the MIS department to remove these documents and throw them away, and also that City Administrator Tom Friedel told Ald. Ron Hart to disregard what I had to say just minutes before the meeting.

I made a short presentation to Common Council, and they unanimously voted to address our donation offer at the next Finance & Personnel meeting, Dec. 10, 2012. On the morning of the Dec. 10, 2012 Finance meeting however, I received an email stating that my item was not on the agenda because Ald. Ron Hart asked that it be removed under the excuse that he could not be there. Ald. Hart already heard our initial presentation at the previous Cable Television Commission meeting, had a printed copy of our donation offer from that meeting, and then heard it again at Common Council. This really made no sense why just this item was removed when no other communications were removed, and even a new item was added as a direct referral from Mayor Dickert related to outsourcing CAR25. I had already changed my schedule and still attended the meeting, ready to make a presentation and answer any questions they had, but was told that they could not discuss my donation offer since it was removed from the agenda, and there was no vote on the issue. So now our donation offer has been tentatively deferred until sometime in January.

As far as I know, there are not any other companies asking to make donations like this that will benefit everyone equally from students to small businesses to organizations. I certainly hope that other businesses and community members that are trying to make a donation and positive contribution to the city are not given the run-around like we have received from our Mayor and City Administrator.

With all due respect, Mayor Dickert, Tom Friedel, Ald. Hart and Ald. DeHahn really do not understand the technicalities of user interface and experience design, search and social marketing, custom application development, opt-in and responsive marketing, brand management, programming platforms, on-demand streaming, or live broadcasting, not to mention PEG regulations, but somehow they are playing an instrumental role in impeding our donation offer, and are separately attempting to outsource channel operations to a for-profit company from Kenosha.

I am hopeful that despite this, the rest of Common Council and the Community would be in support of accepting our donation, working together with to expand upon CAR25’s success, maintaining fair and equal access, and developing new free programs that will help build communication and job skills, improve local businesses or organizations, or help to create new ones. If our donation is accepted, and we can work together to keep CAR25 managed the way it is with additional sponsorships, we will further pledge a larger donation to help rebrand the city and improve our city web site and marketing programs.

Racine needs to make some changes to how we do business, while working to improve our perception both internally and externally, and we would be very excited to collaborate with any other businesses or community members that would like to be involved. This should be a much more positive process. Let’s work together to do what is right for CAR25, and what is best for our entire community.

Chase Hendrix
President & CEO, AdEasel
Former Chairman of the Cable Television Commission





Note This may be a better link other reads report this one is

http://legistar.racinenet.org/detailreport/matter.aspx?key=17408 and http://legistar.racinenet.org/attachments/7454890f-27c5-48a3-8364-29aca9fdff0b.pdf).

Documentary on Racine one the Mayor will not like


A group of folks are doing a documentary on Racine WI and how the City Govermet as they see it treats Black owned bars.

I an not part of the project, I do think this a film that should get made so the State perhaps the County knows what is going on in Racine.

Here is the teaser for the inde go go project.

Documentary   http://www.indiegogo.com/patternorpractice

Check it out please share with others.

By showing other view points is how we might get change done

Accredited Press

So  was at the Fair revocation  hearing on Monday night about The Place on 6th St shooting video to have B Roll for further use with to full batteries and time went on and on and on….

Batteries ran out far short of the hearing did.  I could have simply used an outlet but the only outlets I could see was in the Press area and I am not “Accredited Press” so I thought I call and find out how that might be done.

I called the City Clerk who after a bit had me call the City Attorney and I did so.

Mr Webber sent me this Email:

Dear   Mr. Clingman:

In response to your question regarding press credential certification, the City of Racine does not have an official policy governing press credentials, but it has been our well-established past practice to limit access to those bona fide representatives who are directly employed by profit or non-profit organizations of print, television, and/or radio media.”

Really? The City of Racine does not have an ” official policy”  for this? Why perhaps because for years there has only been the Journal Times but wait!

When The Racine Post was  going (I do miss it) He was allowed in.

My guess is that without official credentials, the City would prevent me and IMHO Racine Uncovered in that area . Next there is the words  ” organizations of print, television, and/or radio media.” on following up with Mr Webber he goes on to say said after I asked about my Show on CAR 25 would fit the above

wrote “…Car 25 would not meet the criteria.”

Wow! CAR 25 is not media? The City sure thinks it is. They use it all the time to cover Press Events by the Mayor Events like Obama coming to town back in the day. Or is it my show that the City objects to?

Last night 10/16/12 Mr. Webber told me in person he have to send this to the Chief of Police for He (the Chief) would be the one doing the policy.

I will be following up on this. I just love to set my Camera up and plug it in a City outlet to say tape Mayor John Dickert’s next press event

Crystal Ball Time!



Crystal Ball Time!


Mark the tape my upcoming predictions


1) City of Racine will outsource Garbage and Recycling. The City will also try to force property owners to buy City of Racine Garbage Carts (like the Recycling carts) the excuse will be this actions will save the City a lot of money ( A great way to gin up a few $$ too)

2) The City of Racine will be sued by at least one  Ex city worker for wrongful discharge. Last City Consul Meeting should be our first clue about who it might be
3) Racine will keep the record of having the highest Unemployment in the State of Wisconsin.

4) within 60 daysd of the Roundabout at Racine City Hall being opened for use. Some driver will jump the curb and hit City Hall. Alderman Fair will be blamed.

5)  Tax records of properties owned downtown Racine  will show many properties in Tax arrears.

6) At least one Alderman will resign or chose not to run for reelection, the excuse used will be that the evil Bloggers simply do not want to think   positively about Racine.

7) Crime will start to go higher as continuing unemployment starts to force folks into very difficult times.

8) The City at the same time they are firing City Union workers will want to build a Pool

9) The City of Racine budget will call for both Fire and Police to be fired.

10) One of the last major employers in the  downtown will start shifting work to other locations, as this Company starts to build a  new location in the County.

Those are my predictions for the rest of 2012.


Yes we have no Bananas and Little Leadership with Email!





So its day 4 of the great crushing of the City of Racine City Unions.  Open acknowledgment that the City is at least 2 million in the Red.  The City has found itself in another law suit that will cost us more money we do not have.

So far that I can see little if anything is being done to find a way out of this mess it may be worse then we think.

The City Hall Bathroom project that stated at about 200K and is now over 300K .  NO one I have talked to has given me a ball park number of the final amount.

I have talk to others who tell me that a Subcontractor is having major issues in their part of the job.

So I sent this Yesterday:

I,  Request a status update with the timeline of completion and where all the subcontractors are in their progress on the City of Racine Bathroom constriction, if they will be on time and if not why
As well any Change Orders due to delay/errors by  subcontractors.
PDF of Documents if any would be fine. I understand that there may be a charge for copies. Please let me know if there may be any before hand.
See if there is an issue with one or more subcontractor should we not know that issue and who the Subcontractor may be?
IMHO every project underway or about to take place that can be stomped by the  City needs to be, until everyone knows how much debit the City is in and how are we going to fix it. Anything less is just foolish.