Accredited Press

So  was at the Fair revocation  hearing on Monday night about The Place on 6th St shooting video to have B Roll for further use with to full batteries and time went on and on and on….

Batteries ran out far short of the hearing did.  I could have simply used an outlet but the only outlets I could see was in the Press area and I am not “Accredited Press” so I thought I call and find out how that might be done.

I called the City Clerk who after a bit had me call the City Attorney and I did so.

Mr Webber sent me this Email:

Dear   Mr. Clingman:

In response to your question regarding press credential certification, the City of Racine does not have an official policy governing press credentials, but it has been our well-established past practice to limit access to those bona fide representatives who are directly employed by profit or non-profit organizations of print, television, and/or radio media.”

Really? The City of Racine does not have an ” official policy”  for this? Why perhaps because for years there has only been the Journal Times but wait!

When The Racine Post was  going (I do miss it) He was allowed in.

My guess is that without official credentials, the City would prevent me and IMHO Racine Uncovered in that area . Next there is the words  ” organizations of print, television, and/or radio media.” on following up with Mr Webber he goes on to say said after I asked about my Show on CAR 25 would fit the above

wrote “…Car 25 would not meet the criteria.”

Wow! CAR 25 is not media? The City sure thinks it is. They use it all the time to cover Press Events by the Mayor Events like Obama coming to town back in the day. Or is it my show that the City objects to?

Last night 10/16/12 Mr. Webber told me in person he have to send this to the Chief of Police for He (the Chief) would be the one doing the policy.

I will be following up on this. I just love to set my Camera up and plug it in a City outlet to say tape Mayor John Dickert’s next press event

2 Responses to Accredited Press

  1. Richard Head says:

    Car 25 is “public access” – so, by definition, it wouldn’t be Official Press.

    However, the good news is that you can become Official Press and get your credentials at various news organizations such as:

    Cable Muse Network:

    International Federation of New Media:

    International Freelance Photographers Organization:

  2. enicar666 says:

    Is this the same Mr. Weber who advised the City on proceeding against Park 6 without a sworn statement as required, and tried to begin the process (along with Greg Helding) to remove Keith Fair from Office after Mr. Fair’s arrest (no conviction)?

    Are you talking about THAT Mr. Weber?

    In that case nothing to worry about – as he clearly has no idea what he is talking about or how to apply law.

    See more of his incompetence displayed here:

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