A Ride with Mr N Dream or Nightmare


On my way home from Neighborhood Night Out for West 6th St (or was it moved further West to reduce the numbers of Blacks and Hispanics attending) I thought a short walk for me and behold a very nice SUV pulls up and a well dressed man asks me to get it that lets say a Mr N wants to talk to me with a look that tells me that it be a real good idea to get in the car so away I go!!

Went to the Lake Front where Mr.N was waiting and after a bit of chit chat Mr. D offered me the facts of life in blunt terms you may not like what he told me I sure do not I will say that it makes sense so here it goes:

Racine as a City has no money

Racine as a City in millions in debit

The City of Racine can NOT tap into the reserve fund

The Needs of the City of Racine is I think Mr. D said “A Mill Stone around the County’s neck”

The Court cases over Tax assessments may cost the City Millions

The City of Racine is projected to be #1-2 in unemployment for YEARS to come

There is very little real development going on in Racine

Value of the City is still declining

A good chance that our Bond rating will continue to slide

The last few ideas that the City tried Delta Hawk and Team Porter’s well simply put failed (and how much did the city lose on them?)

Reef point is a Money Loser for the County and may not be breaking even after all Rent is NOT being collected on the Restaurant.

Some of the above I know is true other parts I am willing to believe for fun let’s say Mr D is right I was he went on

RootWorks/Machinery Row is seen AS THE ONLY CHANCE IN HELL  The City has, not that  RootWorks/Machinery Row may even happen but as it was explained to me (and I am unsure of how much of this would work) events would allow the City of Racine  to sell Bonds both for the Project and Water Bonds  ad use Intergovernmental funds (Water $$ from the cities around Racine)  by the City of Racine where Shell Games could be used to  keep the City afloat. Should any activity take  place this can be hyped as great even if nothing really is going on  faith in the City must be kept so more of the few owners of homes to not run away.

I asked him about members of the Public even Aldermen asking questions on the Grant for Mound Ave, questions being asked about oversight of RootWorks.

Mr. N answer The County nor the State cared since this I think he said “Scam”   was the last chance that Racine has to even slow the process of becoming the new Detroit causing even more of a drain on The County or State and with Walker running for reelection and perhaps the White House Racine was not going to be an issue.

Waking up from this nightmare I stared my day until saw the same SUV pull down the Street so was this all a dream?

What do You think?



No Debit unless I benefit is that the saying for GOP in Racine?



As we know, both the Nation and City face horrific debit issues. I believe the USA is 15 Trillion in debit and the City of Racine 200 Million and more debit coming for both.

We hear all the time about how debit is bad for this Nation/City. Both sides of the isle agree that Debit as we had more issues from massive debit are harder to deal with.

For example the City of Racine was downgraded may be  downgraded again causing the public to pay more for the City’s spending spree.

Many leaders in the GOP have called for smaller Goverment and cuts in spending Paul Ryan and Sen Johnson from Wisconsin being just two of the many in D.C. doing so.

Our Local Leaders like our County Executive has said   “We do not have the means nor the will to raise taxes”   http://mountpleasant.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/jim-ladwig-talks-about-bringing-prosperity-to-racine-county

Our Local Tea Party folks have been very much talking in the past about lowering taxes

But then when it comes to Downtown Racine its Kate bar the door

Now Ladwig wants to spend $$ on Machinery Row


With an est 65 Million cost and no idea  about of developer cash how much will come from the County? 10% 25% 50%? More?



The county is already spending money in the Reef Point Marina and giving away free rent to attract and keep business at Reef Point.

How much more will the county spend on Belle Harbor to ready that for more “Development”

Of course I would expect the local tea party to be raising hell about this nothing I have seen.

Why where is the outrage on this perhaps huge spending increase that only benefits a very few in Racine mostly in the say few blocks of Downtown Racine?

I would hope that the  Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine who’s stated mission is We, the Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine was created Jan 2010. Our Watchdog mission is to hold local Racine City, County, and RUSD elected officials accountable. Primarily: Balance the Budget. No new Taxes, Fines or Fees. No new regulations. crgofracine@tds.net

as found on http://www.crgofracine.org/  have said nothing Nothing?

Wait the City of Racine under John Dickert I am sure via a T.I.F will spend a bunch of cash and what else? Loan Guarantees? Outright Loans?

God only knows what the County will do how much our County Executive will kick in.

For this project that helps few in Racine and no one as I see it West of  I-94

So why is our local GOP/Tea Party so quiet?

Well this might be the Answer in part


Kinda of hard to bitch when the GOP is marching lock step with the Tax loving Democrats one parties with pals, as seen above.

How long will we be looted to help an area of Racine that IMHO simply be left to blow away in the wind, for after years and millions spent on this area we still see empty store fronts little foot traffic and other then when its party city USA, the few  Cars you see driving to find the fastest ways out of town.


Questions I like answered

Questions I like answered

What’s going on with Porters?  Did Mr. Waters get any money from the city if so when and for how much?

Will the looming failure of Anchor Bank stop Porters? http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/regulators-refuse-to-extend-loan-for-anchorbank-s-parent-company/article_d8d225fc-18b7-53b4-a61e-ab56a775ff7e.html

When will the City/County buy Azarian’s? This being so necessary for Rootworks. Is the rumor the John Dickert is running for Governor  have anything to do with the delay in this? 

I know of at least three stories that if true would cause great harm to the Governor I mean Mayor of Racine so why tell me and not  oh say the FBI or the GAB? 

How do so many folks fit around a table when they play Poker with Robin Vos?  Please that story is just old and silly. 

Anyone reading the stories of early Vegas or the Mob know the numbers of folks killed over a small amount of $$. So what happens when say 20 Million is on the line for a new Point Blue?

How much $$ can get “lost” or “redirected”?  Who might benefit?

How does the Mayor get rich folks to come to Racine until he moves the poor ones out? How does he protect Root Works from the Poor? Do you see the DRC welcoming Poor Blacks to the Lake Front? How many do you see at Party on the Pavement?

Gentrification must happen My Harsh .02



Gentrification is a dynamic that emerges in poor urban areas when residential shifts, urban planning, and other phenomena affect the composition of a neighborhood.[1] Urban gentrification often involves population migration as poor residents of a neighborhood are displaced. In a community undergoing gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases. This generally results in the displacement of the poorer, pre-gentrification residents, who are unable to pay increased rents, and property taxes, or afford real estate. Often old industrial buildings are converted to residences and shops. New businesses, which can afford increased commercial rent, cater to a more affluent base of consumers—further increasing the appeal to higher income migrants and decreasing the accessibility to the poor. Often, resident owners unable to pay the taxes are forced to sell their residences and move to a cheaper community


Or in other words Blacks and Hispanics get the fuck out of Downtown Racine.

IMHO this is what must happen here in Downtown Racine if we are not going to go the way of Detroit.

Something must happen to get a middle class in the Downtown area that can pay a tax base to keep funding the City of Racine’s operations and move along the poor who only suck up services and the keep RUSD down and suck ass.

Now mind you the poor did not seek to do this but after 50+ years of being trained to taken care of by the Democratic Party what can they do?

So with the root (Hey Root!)  of this action being Root Works in Downtown Racine we will see this:

Condos on Mound Street:

Mixed Development at Azarian Marina site. The Marina itself will be bought by the City

Again all on the Back of Root Works that will proved the cover for the gentrification that will take place and met to

That effort also must cover the West 6th St area if only because of the large numbers of the poor who will keep the well off away from the newly build condos.  I have no idea what project will do that. RootWorks it’s self will only affect the area to the Mount St area.

If this does not happen or the City fucks this up well lets say we are just fucked.

I am no fool. As I see this yes pals of the Mayor will make bank Hey at least my home might have better resell value.





What might be going on? Can you say Azarian Marina? With update

Two events going on

1) Committee of the Whole  Monday 10/22/12 6:30

Subject: (Direct Referral) Request from the Director of City Development to present the
plan titled “RootWorks – Revitalizing Racine’s Urban River Corridor, Root River Corridor
Redevelopment Plan” and discuss the next steps for implementation of


Executive Committee Meeting: Monday, October 22, 2012 6:00 PM City Hall, Mayor’s Office

“It is intended that the Executive Committee will convene in closed session pursuant to section 19.85
(1) (e), Wisconsin Statutes, to address the request of the Director of City Development to acquirenon-residential real estate, which requires a closed session for bargaining reasons.

Part of the Rootworks plan call for Water St to be marked to others as Machinery Row:

From the Plan The catalyst for RootWorks is Machinery Row, with warehouses and industrial buildings
lining Water Street. Rich with character and history, these buildings will see reuse as urban
lofts, live-work units, and creative spaces for growing new businesses. Just out the door, the
River Loop connects workers to 1.75 miles of scenery, walkways, River access and parkway.
An entrepreneurial business magnet in the past, Racine’s riverfront has high
profile space opening up once more. Several sites in the Corridor are poised for
redevelopment, including large parcels of land for new businesses and corporate centers

A large area of this area is made up of the Azarian Marina. The owners are behind on Taxes want to sell as I understand it have asked the City to buy the property.  City Administer  Friedel told me in a phone call that Azarian Marina wanted too much money for the City to buy.

Ah is it raining or is   Friedel pissing?

Lets add the fact that The City can’t build out but only within. Buildable land is at a premium (this is if anyone wants to build in Racine) so this area of the City be a great location for someone (if they exist) right?

plug that in to a new Foot Bridge  across the Root River from Mount St to this new city owned area and maybe a retail center is proposed with its own TIF area!

Is there a Developer  standing by?

Is the J-T  running this story “LOT FOR SALE: City-owned land awaits development in Racine” preparing the way?


Now your guess is as good as mine in this but IMHO this all fits together all too well and this is Racine.

The City who’s Mayor tells the Unions we have no money to pay them, sues his own City gets the City to pay his legal bills and settlement.

Now looking like to some that Mayor John Dickert wants to play Real Estate games.


Looks like its not quite the time for the City to buy the Marina unsted they bought two other locations.  One Racine Steel Castings  will cost how much to get ready? the the Old Case Credit Building.

The   Azarian Marina fits too well IMHO in the idea of Machinery Row for it not to be bought.

We also have no idea of what was all talked about at this time in the Executive Committee Meeting. Nor do we know if the county maybe coming in on this due to the Back Taxes