Whirlpool of Questions!



1) Why is it O.K. for one City of Racine Alderman to call another a Bitch? Why did not his fellow Aldermen call him out for that?  Why is it O.K. for Alderman Kaplan to act the Bully?

Has in fact Kaplan been possessed by this dead Hollywood Star?


2) Why are so many Democrats saying that the Bank part of Machinery Row dead? If so does this have anything to do with:

The RICO Suit

The 501 (c) 3 being pulled from our fearless RootWorks fan owner of The Root River Council Supervisor Osterman who is a major player in the RICO action? Oh! BTW the 501 (c) 3 status has been pulled from this company. I also wonder what if anything will be done with any taxes that might be owed from the action by the IRS?

with the above information being sent to the Head of the DNR to the the County Executive someone might just might be asking more questions

3) I know that the City is paying for the elected officials but at what I think legal costs of say $300 an hour who/how are the others paying for what must be horrific bills and there are more to come

4) Is the J-T floating the idea of ending CAR 25 is this anything more then the idea of ending ANY opportunity of the public getting info not approved by Mayor John Dickert


5) Should Machinery Row be dead and I will go with what I am told that it is very dead did Mayor Dickert kill it as he has killed so many projects? What actions if any with Public officials who made excuses about issues others had with the Mound St grant because “This is the only chance Racine has before …” do something after the fact?

Questions questions Do you think the Newspaper will look into any of this that I and others have or wait until they have an O.K. to print what this man tells them to?





Today from the court  Court we have this to report


v. CASE NO. 14-CV-208
DATE: September 25, 2014 TIME SCHEDULED: 2:30 p.m.
COURT DEPUTY/CLERK: Zachary Willenbrink TIME CALLED: 2:28 p.m.
PURPOSE: Scheduling Conference
PLAINTIFF BY: Daniel Sanders, Brian Eldridge, Geoff Misfeldt
2:28 p.m. Appearances
2:29 Court cannot adopt parties’ proposed scheduling order
2:31 Court provides parties with the following dates: trial (of no more than 2 weeks) to begin on
September 21, 2015, at 8:30 a.m.; final pretrial conference to be held September 15, 2015, at 8:30 a.m.;
final pretrial report due September 10, 2015; dispositive motions due May 11, 2015
2:33 Court does not require submission of a formal Rule 16 order; parties are allowed to work out an
appropriate discovery schedule with one another, so long as they ensure that they can comply with
the above dates
2:35 Mr. Sanders has nothing further to add; parties are working diligently towards accomplishing
2:36 Court informs parties that, if they wish to engage in mediation, they may request referral to
assigned magistrate for that purpose; if parties wish to engage in mediation, they should request
referral as early Casa speo

s2s:i1b4le-cv-00208-JPS Filed 09/25/14 Page 1 of 2 Document 78
2:38 Defense has nothing further to address
2:38 Court directs parties to meet and confer regarding discovery
2:41 Court will issue trial scheduling order shortly
2:41 Court stands in recess
Case 2:14-cv-00208-JPS Filed 09/25/14 Page 2 of 2 Document 78


From my understanding ” He was firm on his instructions to the attorneys, not a lot of motions will be recognized, he does not want the case to spin out of control. He wants to get to the truth! He stated ” good lawyers can come together and move the case Post hast”. He gave full go ahead on the discovery with no restrictions. I feel this Judge is fair but firm and understands his job. The plaintiffs attorneys were quite satisfied. The attorneys will begin with the discovery next week. ”

The shit has hit the fan now I understand why the Mayor went to Police State mode IMHO he is so fucked might the only way out be to put someone under the bus?

I also get a feeling that other issues and actors will be brought in to play.


The Police State of John Dickert



But first



Racine hits the big time from the story but it gets better

Mr. X came by this A.M. had me talk with him away from the phone, told me of the most interesting story of yesterday’s Executive Committee held at City Hall

Not so much of who was there and what Alderman where NOT there (Stress Ball’s may not be helping)  but what was said.

My Understanding is that City Hall is on Lock Down, the leak to the Bloggers/Black Bar Owners will be found (and dealt with I guess)  that our Mayor and City paid Lawyers said that all efforts to include phone and computer records would be used to find the leaks.  Alderman better i other words shut the fuck up and toe the John Dickert line or else!

I found chilling was the idea that words of the effect of the City (Via RPD?) to find out who is saying what.

Else what? Alderman go to jail for asking questions about the RICO suit?  Will I or others who have reported on the RICO and other events in Racine “disappear” will our cars blow up? Will we be targeted by the UNIT?  Will our property be vandalized as has been alleged happen to Black Bar Owners in the RICO Case?

Will the actions of Mayor Dickert in this lead to more court actions? Oh what fun this will be to write about! To Podcast on! I thinking that  Racine Community Media will be posting MORE you tube show for the world to see and get an idea of the Police State Mayor John Dickert is creating in Racine

Most interesting is why, not why the effort to find the leaks but what set this off in the first place why the effort to remove the Black Bars in Racine as some see happening?

The Shakedowns as talked of in the RICO filings?

What is/was the point? A bit of cash? A bit of local power? Hot Women? Or something far more in the long term able to enrich folks willing to do interesting things to create a political base

Control of  Fresh Clean Water?


Terms to know


Burner Phone

One time codes


Counter surveillance

If I have to play James Bond can I get a hot Co Star?


Oh I now think that this RICO suit will lead to jail time for members of local Goverment thinking that the IRS is getting very interested in the efforts on the Root River. Please make sure if your a 501 (c) 3 your paperwork is good to go






Party at the Federal Court in Milwaukee!

Thursday 9/25/14 at the Milwaukee Federal Court a group of men looking for justice will be gathered to hear proceedings on the Rule 26  http://issuu.com/communicatornews/docs/joint_rule_26_report/


This on the RICO Civil case filed on our great Mayor John Dickert and some of his pals both in and out of office.

This herring sets  a number of issues final and then the shit get real, as in evidence will be gathered to be at one point  part of the public record.   PART OF THE PUBLIC RECORD!

A Record that will be I think embarrassing to the Mayor his pals and the City of Racine.

How long before we are known around the USA as the most corrupt City in America?

Still think that the Rich White will be moving to Racine anytime soon?

The Mayor of Racine is Fucked and BTW You are too.


Wake up story in the J-T  9/23/14

Union: “Punitive” deductibles




Read the story its about The Police and Fire Unions having to pay more for heath insurance

The major take away is this …” Looking to address a projected budget deficit of between $4 million and $6 million,”…

Wow that is a lot of money Thinking that does not include any funds needed to repay one of the many property tax cases in the courts now, nor any court cases filled with the city on many issues in the public eye to include old CAR 25 staff that may file over what happened with them or even a civil rights suit or two

So many balls in the air, balls that could cost the City even more cash that we do not have for as our Mayor loves to say we have no money


11a1ltd  Mayor oh my bad


Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Mayor John Dickert with His Pal Van.

Sadly we are deep in debit very much so a debit even with out new increases in Water Rates (For Bonds issued for RootWorks?) an upcoming Wheel tax perhaps increases in Recycling fees perhaps more street lights coming down, this will not even come close to paying for the short fall in the budget this year or in years  to come.

As well can our Mayor not continue to find ways to fund his pals in Downtown Racine? You know the ones who gleefully talk about city workers having to pay ”   $6,450 for a single plan and $12,900 for a family plan.” yet can not pay taxes they owe sad I say very sad.

Yet I am guessing that this will continue after all Downtown Racine is just so alive just filled during the day with folks shopping right?

I will say if you like to drink there are a few bars just jumping

Now be interesting to see if our City credit rating will go down making the cost to sell bonds higher, costs BTW we pay for.

Yet the City can find $$ for TIF 18, Rootworks, nice Bathrooms in City Hall, programs that allow the RPD to spy on our Facebook/Twitter Mayor Dickert’s trips and the like

The Short Fall must be paid for and how?

Will we see Mass Police/Fire lay off? Civic Center closed? Community Centers closed? More Street Lights come down?

and as more leave the city this will only get worse, wait Rootworks and the Uptown Plan will save us! Right do you not believe our Mayor that folks are demanding Condo’s on the Root River? Or Companies call him everyday looking to move to Racine?


Very very sad is the wake up call coming to anyone who thinks that simply coming to City hall and bitching will make the City do what you want, sorry better bring checks with you.

Of course we will here of many wanting to run for office and I say go for it we need good folks in office from City up please run we need more to do so.

Know that it can and will be a fight may not be one to have if you have a think skin or no money to run an election fight.


Oh what will happen to Racine in the years to come? Who will be left to pay for the Rich and white to play in Racine?


Duty to resist Editoral

Note I am fully aware of the Racine’s Police Department ability and desire to spy on members of the public on the orders and I feel strongly for the benefit of the Mayor of Racine John Dickert.

When I was in the Army we had each year classes on War Crimes and over and over we were told that if  followed an Illegal order to say kill someone loot pillage or allow others to do so without telling someone you could and would be held to be just as guilty as the person (s) giving or carrying out the order

This not only from events of WW II but Vietnam you may recall

220px-My_Lai_massacre   Mỹ Lai Massacre

Now we have in Racine as many see things a corrupt local government lead by this man







Mayor John Dickert.


and as we know from this story http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/racine-considers-plan-to-allow-police-to-monitor-social-media-b99343504z1-273671521.html

that the RPD will be watching us… Why Who? We do know that from time to time dumb thugs will post insane things on say Facebook that at times dumb thugs will post BS on Twitter but to the point where the RPD must keep tabs on everyone?  Or might it be nothing more then a way to Mayor John Dicket monitor those on his list of political foes?  Perhaps a  way to monitor my actions in investigating this as I say Corrupt Mayor of a sad sad town?

I am shocked and disappointed that our Police Chief has not come out in Public on the planned use of this program, I am told that the Chief has talked to members of the Faith Community on issues he sees in Racine, I do hope on of them is issues of corruption and what his thoughts are on the Police and Fire Commission and they way he was treated by them.

Be so sad to see Our Chef just be



Real leadership means standing up to power.


See if The Civil RICO turns into say an FBI investigation no one in any office  will be safe from an investigation


We all must stand up to the actions of our Mayor John Dickert and his pals


Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

A vote for them is a vote to reward pals to insure Racine stays #1 in Unemployment spend Millions on the Downtown as we see Racine Police effectively laid off, See Bus service cut for the poor who need it most and Gentrification take place in the Uptown





After all Minorities and elderly need city services and cant


Haul-Bloggers-the-anti-social-mediaThere are things we can and should that in an upcoming post

Is Keith Fair Running for Mayor?

This Afternoon, I was taken to lunch by what a group I can only call the Committee to elect Keith Fair Mayor of Racine.

This group of 4 men gathered to talk to me of the idea they have on Mr. Fair running for and winning a Race for the office of Mayor of Racine.

No bones about this subject, they felt that Fair could run and win, that the race be hard fought but winnable  on the issues such as:

CAR 25 Scandal

City Hall Bathroom Scandal

The Law suits this group blames Mayor John Dickert for getting the city into

The plans of Gentrification for Uptown

The Rise in Crime

How many jobs the Mayor has other then being Mayor

The High Unemployment rate

When I brought up the fact that the Alderman of the 15 was running they giggled on more like a scared Rabbit running from a hungry Dog

Hardgrove was called a Puppet of RUSD

That Mr. Fair could beat Dickert be a fight but this could be done since this would also start a fight in the 1st CD Dem ranks

I will keep you posted on further meetings I am invited too.

Well, I will say this should Mr. Fair run events will get interesting


Who writes the Stories part II

The Open Records Email

I am requesting a copy (PDF is fine) of All E-mails send from The Racine City Administer/ The Mayor of Racine John Dickert  to or received from  Cara Spoto  cara.spoto@lee.net   and or Robert Golub rob.golub@lee.net  between 5-1-14 and 9-11-14

Please inform me of any cost this may incur

Thank You

As you can see I am very interested in finding out more on what if any oversite editorial control does the City of Racine have on the Racine Journal Times might in fact our City Administrator if not writing the copy himself suggest what stories to cover what not to and how they should be reported.

IMHO this is key for the Dickert Machine to operate,  to help the average older person trying to hang on in this dieing City that everything is really O.K. nothing to worry about we have no crime we do not have issues with Unemployment or with Race it’s all the nasty Bloggers fault ….

For if/when the older folks who still pay property taxes find out what others not on the Dickert Band Wagon think is true that Racine is best a City to see in your rear view mirror that even they would try to sell homes and move out.

(Side Bar A  Who is propping up property Values in the Downtown Area why do so many transactions lead to what looks like Shell Companies, Can I get them to prop up the values in West St Street area by buying me out? 250K come on write that check!)

So I can understand why the City would want to control what is printed in the Journal Times but are they?

Only time open records and research will tell.

FYI the 10 days the City has to respond ends end of next week, I will print what they have to say

Who writes the Stories….. My thoughts



Attacking the J-T for not being a real newspaper is like attacking this blog for my spelling and grammar, you can but why bother?  Nothing is going to change and you might as well do something far more useful like oh read a book, or take a walk.

Going back in time as I did when I talked to a Reporter from the Journal Times, our own Cara Spoto I recalled a story I was told time and again that before I moved here 1995 or so, before being printed the paper was sent to the Johnson’s for an O.K. that nothing they did not want made the paper, after all I was told we are or where a Company town, that is how most are run, no idea if its true or not but here is a good book on the subject of Company Towns:

Company Towns in the Americas: Landscape, Power, and Working-Class Communities


I find it very interesting how in Racine news does look like the City or say the Dickert Machine is trying to control the flow of information by such acts as:

Ending CAR 25 first by outsourcing to Sky Falls Media ending production of shows by myself and others not liked by our God Mayor John Dickert

KKK   Our Mayor Conducting a City Meeting?

To now after Sky Falls ended it’s involvement with CAR 25 the City is running it in such a fashion that well CAR 25 is dead other then City events (and few of them) taping of Public Comments at Cable Meetings nothing is being made how long before City Meets of any type will not be taped?

After all is not City Meetings best done in the Dark? Do we truly need to know who gets the Contacts for City Hall? Or who will make Bank on TIF 18? Of course not!

imagescc    New City Worker ready for interview by Mayor of Racine ?


Even WRJN might be under the control of The Dicket Machine then too who bothers to tune that in?

Now Ms Cara Spoto  did not believe the Story about J-Wax and I am not 100 % convinced myself  who knows?

I will say this:

I find in very interesting that our Newspaper has yet to IMHO cover the following

CAR 25 and where is the equipment from the Station?

Who produced the 4th Parade and how much did it cost? Was Marsh-Merath a Sponsor for how much?

What happened to the $$ Chase Henrix paid to the City of Racine to sponsor CAR 25?

The City Hall Bathroom Scandal

and others

The strange timing of stories over the RICO case, makes me think that the City of Racine is playing a huge part in what gets printed when by our fine Newspaper



Our Fearless Reporter Cara Spoto  might find learning about Project Censored useful I did

Project Censored specializes in covering the top stories which were subjected to media suppression either by being ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media each year.

Project Censored is a research team composed of more than 200 university faculty, students, and community experts who annually review between 700 and 1,000 news story submissions for coverage, content, reliability of sources, and national significance.



Wheel Tax

From the Racine  Journal Times 8/14/14 http://journaltimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/journal-times-editorial-it-s-worth-kicking-the-tires-on/article_8d4974c5-8257-52b7-90f2-8b2209fe4ed6.html



When it comes to funding government projects, taxes are as unpopular as they are necessary. No one’s enthusiastic about their taxes going up, but eventually it’s recognized that taxation is the way the project is funded.

One method that some Wisconsin communities are turning to as a means of funding road projects is an additional vehicle registration fee, what’s known as a wheel tax.

The wheel tax is one of the few options local governments have to raise money exclusively for transportation-related purposes.

Four Wisconsin jurisdictions have a wheel tax in place: Milwaukee, Janesville, Beloit and St. Croix County, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reported Sunday. Besides Milwaukee — which has a $20 per vehicle fee — the fee costs motorists an additional $10 annually per vehicle. There is no limit on how high the fee can be, although historically no government body has exceeded a $20 annual fee.

Wisconsin law allows any town, village, city or county to collect an annual wheel tax in addition to the regular fee paid for a vehicle, according to the state Department of Transportation’s website. The DOT collects wheel taxes for a municipality or county, keeps an administrative fee of 10 cents per vehicle and sends the rest to the municipality or county.

However, the tax is so unpopular that since it became an option to cities in 1967 and counties in 1979, only nine governments have imposed it. Chippewa County could become the tenth on Sept. 12, when the County Board votes on imposing the additional tax. The board initially discussed the topic at its Aug. 12 meeting, the Leader-Telegram reported.

“Dependable road transportation costs money,” said Chippewa County Administrator Frank Pascarella, who proposed the tax.

Well of course this City (Racine) having no money as our Mayor has said time and again. needs to find more cash Madison will not be send more $$ to help our Mayor, who instead reducing spending say on Rootworks  or taking trips out of town,  will have to look around for more money so guess we will see A wheel tax tried in this fair City.

As I see it, two maybe three alderman might vote no, the others will I am thinking will pass a  Wheel tax

How much one bring in? In a City the Size of Racine? maybe a million maybe a bit more perhaps a bit less.

Will this new money help in any real way? Of course it will the Pig called Goverment must eat!

Just think what good this money will do for Downtown Racine!

After all that is all that matters not a Bus that runs, not a fully staffed Police department, but the illusion that the City of Racine has something going on

Oh who gets hurt by a Wheel Tax the working poor, who will be hard pressed to come up with yet more money for another tax, needs a car to go to work.

Racine under John Dickert a great place to be if your poor