Who writes the Stories part II

The Open Records Email

I am requesting a copy (PDF is fine) of All E-mails send from The Racine City Administer/ The Mayor of Racine John Dickert  to or received from  Cara Spoto  cara.spoto@lee.net   and or Robert Golub rob.golub@lee.net  between 5-1-14 and 9-11-14

Please inform me of any cost this may incur

Thank You

As you can see I am very interested in finding out more on what if any oversite editorial control does the City of Racine have on the Racine Journal Times might in fact our City Administrator if not writing the copy himself suggest what stories to cover what not to and how they should be reported.

IMHO this is key for the Dickert Machine to operate,  to help the average older person trying to hang on in this dieing City that everything is really O.K. nothing to worry about we have no crime we do not have issues with Unemployment or with Race it’s all the nasty Bloggers fault ….

For if/when the older folks who still pay property taxes find out what others not on the Dickert Band Wagon think is true that Racine is best a City to see in your rear view mirror that even they would try to sell homes and move out.

(Side Bar A  Who is propping up property Values in the Downtown Area why do so many transactions lead to what looks like Shell Companies, Can I get them to prop up the values in West St Street area by buying me out? 250K come on write that check!)

So I can understand why the City would want to control what is printed in the Journal Times but are they?

Only time open records and research will tell.

FYI the 10 days the City has to respond ends end of next week, I will print what they have to say

Will there be a Boycott on the Journal Times?



What’s this about the Journal Times?

I did not go to the last showing of Pattern or Practice in Racine last Thursday, I did however hear about a lot of the discussions held after the film showed.

My source tells me that our local “Newspaper” The Jounal Times was brought up as being part of the Mayor John Dickert Propaganda network and that the J-T was covering The News as the Good Old Boys wanted it covered, used as my source calls it ” The way the Mayor wants” what stories are covered and how they are covered to fit the agenda of City Hall.

Now from the time I moved here from Madison I have been told that time and again, not surprised that the feelings came up again, I am some what surprised that the showing was not covered by the Journal Times as they had a Reporter in attendance, from what I understand to cover the showing.      Why no story? Did the Editor or someone else (wonder who that might be?) say nothing here to see move along?

As for the showing I was told it was crowed with many questions being asked afterword, at that time was the idea of a Boycott was brought up.

My source saying to me, that the Minority population feels that the J-T could not care less about them, so why should they (Minorities of Racine) buy the paper or shop at stores that carry the Journal-Times.

I have been told a letter is being written to Stores that carry the Paper and advertisers. Should this come about what effect will this have on the J-T Would this help the Communicator come back into being?

Very interesting times we live in, I see this call for Boycott as part of the Fallout of the lawsuit on John Dickert and others. There will be far more to come. Going to be very interesting

Does Evil walks the streets of Racine?

As much as I do not think many wake up and ask “What harm can I do today to the City of Racine”

I do think we have a few that wake up and think “How can I loot the City to keep my pals happy?”

First among them I and others feel is Mayor John Dickert’

John Dickert

After all his Pals vote his way, look away from what I and others see as corrupt activities (CAR 25), and cause The City to be looked on with scorn. (Mound Cemetery)

And serve on Boards to deflect oversight

ethics 2

kmr m or mr sleepy

Ethics anyone?

You do what you have to do to keep pals loyal, play to their dreams, have them feel important

Example, more then one onlooker at City Council told me that

200_Jim_12Feb08  loved hearing the Words “Mr. President”   out of the mouth

of The God

imageslm  Mayor John Dickert  Oops my bad


Drat One more time

John Dickert

Perhaps to some with not going on as they wait for a Disney World to be built in Racine they can believe that old days of glory are coming back to Racine and soon!

Others may believe that they are good pals they will get City jobs like City Attorney, after all we all have a price

Mine would be imagesbp88

Thing is if your buying your pals 1) You got to meet the price 2) Will they be still paid when they hear the the words “FBI open the Door”  or will they not only open the door but hand them documents  kept for such a day.

Going back to my first point, IMHO Mayor Dickert does think he is not only the leader of the city, but the City owes him for what his kin did in the pas,t and he is aiming to get it not only for himself but his pals.

Even some of his pals may think they are doing God’s will and therefore its O.K. for them to work with the Mayor on his scams for since they are in their own mind doing God’s Will anything they may do because it has God’s OK is just dandy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is your streetlight still up?

Will you be going to Mexico this Winter?

Does evil walk the Streets?

Native Americans come calling count coup on Mayor Dickert


So I  get a call to be at Mound ASAP and I am able to get there at 11:00 AM today 10/4/13

I see An Alderman head of Parks department members I am told of the Cemetery Board a few folks from Racine and 6 Native Americans ( one I know from attending Pow Wows and the like) also there are two archeologists to do boring of the mound a State of Wisconsin worker and Cara from the J-T

I missed the Mayor’s visit sorry to say I understand he made quite the scene as only he can.

I counted about 15-20 a few coming and going.

The Native were armed for Bear, and were ready to play.

Was not long before the archeologists had better places to be (this after Mayor said according to witnesses that the boring would be done TODAY but wait!) The natives where nice kind and polite. They also  had documentation on the law .

Yes, even Mayor Dickert must obey the law  .

Then WTMJ TV showed up Oh boy did that freak folks out!  The TV Crew stayed for some time interview the Alderman and others.

What I thought was great was the Natives had a copy of the Law and how from what I understand it was not obeyed. The Natives are very unhappy and their documentation on it being a mound comes from the Smithsonian!

The Natives followed the statues and called the RCSD according to the Law!  Boy the law not that! The Native Warriors are not playing.

The archeologists said they would not Bore until this issue was resoled the native are planing to do what they can stop this from happening.  Who will win?

Oh! the names that Maresh Meredith and Acklam were called! More then one person said they would not use them for ANYTHING! How big of a hit is that Business taking?

The Mayor too how does he get out of this? How does he save Face? How does he get this done?

How does he abrogate this process and enforce his will?    After tonight’s news on WTMJ how does he not look like a money grubbing fool?

I expect his pals will defend him and I expect some to say that Maresh Meredith and Acklam are the right color and have money so why not?

Is this the end result for Mayor John Dickert?


Call me


Simon Girty


So far tonight I have gotten calls from New York State, Northern Wisconsin and California. I expect more to  come in.

I  have yet to talk to anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Many of them tell me that they see this as a “Good Old Boy Deal” and ask me if I think  a payoff was made.


Z Editoral


See right now the resistance is made up of just a few and we have little in power but that is changing and growing. Each day with what the Mayor does upsets more and more, many will not do anything but some will.

Each who acts to oppose Mayor John Dickert may chose many actions From just cursing  his name, maybe picking up a copy of the Racine Communicator, watching or reading Racine in Ruins.

Some may not shop at stores  that are owned by supporters  of the Mayor, even writing letters to the Editor is an act of resistance.

See I believe that   that Mayor John Dickert believes that all must “love him” or he feels bad and needs to get payback for this act of not knowing how great our Mayor is.

Any action that shows a Racine with any type of issue can not be tolerated

Since Z, The name I will call this group sees no hope in any help from The Newspaper The “Zombie” Station WRJN or our City Fathers, the only option is Z.

We may even signs like what we had before “Mayor Resign” show up again where Mayor John Dickert can see them.

One may think these actions mean little but as I see it the small acts will show others that there is a growing movement to  call out the Mayor and show the City and the Mayor what we truly think of him.

God Willing we can convince more to run for office and get good folks in office.

Oh here is something from the Go Go Girls vs the Nazis






What might be going on? Can you say Azarian Marina? With update

Two events going on

1) Committee of the Whole  Monday 10/22/12 6:30

Subject: (Direct Referral) Request from the Director of City Development to present the
plan titled “RootWorks – Revitalizing Racine’s Urban River Corridor, Root River Corridor
Redevelopment Plan” and discuss the next steps for implementation of


Executive Committee Meeting: Monday, October 22, 2012 6:00 PM City Hall, Mayor’s Office

“It is intended that the Executive Committee will convene in closed session pursuant to section 19.85
(1) (e), Wisconsin Statutes, to address the request of the Director of City Development to acquirenon-residential real estate, which requires a closed session for bargaining reasons.

Part of the Rootworks plan call for Water St to be marked to others as Machinery Row:

From the Plan The catalyst for RootWorks is Machinery Row, with warehouses and industrial buildings
lining Water Street. Rich with character and history, these buildings will see reuse as urban
lofts, live-work units, and creative spaces for growing new businesses. Just out the door, the
River Loop connects workers to 1.75 miles of scenery, walkways, River access and parkway.
An entrepreneurial business magnet in the past, Racine’s riverfront has high
profile space opening up once more. Several sites in the Corridor are poised for
redevelopment, including large parcels of land for new businesses and corporate centers

A large area of this area is made up of the Azarian Marina. The owners are behind on Taxes want to sell as I understand it have asked the City to buy the property.  City Administer  Friedel told me in a phone call that Azarian Marina wanted too much money for the City to buy.

Ah is it raining or is   Friedel pissing?

Lets add the fact that The City can’t build out but only within. Buildable land is at a premium (this is if anyone wants to build in Racine) so this area of the City be a great location for someone (if they exist) right?

plug that in to a new Foot Bridge  across the Root River from Mount St to this new city owned area and maybe a retail center is proposed with its own TIF area!

Is there a Developer  standing by?

Is the J-T  running this story “LOT FOR SALE: City-owned land awaits development in Racine” preparing the way?


Now your guess is as good as mine in this but IMHO this all fits together all too well and this is Racine.

The City who’s Mayor tells the Unions we have no money to pay them, sues his own City gets the City to pay his legal bills and settlement.

Now looking like to some that Mayor John Dickert wants to play Real Estate games.


Looks like its not quite the time for the City to buy the Marina unsted they bought two other locations.  One Racine Steel Castings  will cost how much to get ready? the the Old Case Credit Building.

The   Azarian Marina fits too well IMHO in the idea of Machinery Row for it not to be bought.

We also have no idea of what was all talked about at this time in the Executive Committee Meeting. Nor do we know if the county maybe coming in on this due to the Back Taxes


Wolfman Reports 10.13.12