Say Goodnight Jim? UPDATE!

Wow Batman

Jim Kaplan Alderman of the 4th District here in the City of Racine maybe facing Recall!


Today at about 1:10 PM the first paperwork was filed at the City Clerks office to start the Recall process  of Jim Kaplan Alderman of the 4th District.   The group I met with in front of City talked of:

Lack of leadership


Abuse of Power

How some Bar owners/Folks wanting to open bars are treated differently.  The headaches one may have dealing with Racine. (Something two others brought up to me   outside the event, and even a story in the Journal Times this week on how hard it is to deal with the City)

As just some of the issues driving this effort.

Folks linked to this effort see no issues in gathering the 340 names to move the effort forward.

More details to come I  expect to talk to others involved in this movement.

I am told that the person among others who may run if the effort moves ahead is “Coach Carter”, I do not have a Full name, but as I understand this has been interacting with Youth and other actions to better this area of the City.

Just informed at 21:44 PM today that more paperwork needs to be filed. I have been  informed that this will be done by Thursday COB.  Sorry  for any  confusion. I was at the city clerks office when the paperwork was handed in at that time we where told the paperwork looked O.K. but she (the Clerk) would look it over and if needed call the filer.   Glad to see that The clerk kept her word

When more info comes in I will do another update.  I also am still hoping on Photos taken today




Ethics Board WTF Racine? My .02

Ethics Board  is IMHO a critical board to have for the City of Racine if not any city. For as I see it from time to time events will happen and the question is/was it Ethical to take place or even can the City of X do this Y or not. Then fix that issues or behavior.

We all I believe want the best Goverment we can have and should something be questioned know that the Ethics Board will do the best job possible to look into issues and resolve issue.s

Readers o this Blog know of the Question I have after an ethics board member was show sleeping

For a recap here is one of the Photos taken


Now I talked to a Board member about this and also sent an open Records request.

Good Day

I am asking under Open Records for Copies of all Emails between

Doug Nicholson
1534 College Ave.

Lincoln Murphy
333 Lake Ave #708

Attorney Mary Wyant
465 Melvin Ave.

Diana Valencia-Garcia
1134 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.

Russell Missureli
3243 Barbara Dr.

Thomas Friedel City Administrator

concerning Member Russell Missureli and his Sleeping at the last Meeting of this group this month on or about 4/15/13

See attached Photo   PDF copies would be fine. I understand that there 
may be a charge for this and if so I will be told of said charge in advance

Thank You

Wayne Clingman

In return I received this : 
he Board of Ethics members do not have city-issued email accounts.  Have you contacted any of those members directly?  If you request the City to make the contacts for you, then that may constitute locating the records, the charge for which would be charged to you, if it exceeds $50.00.  Wis. Stat. sec.  19.35(3)(c).

City Administrator Tom Friedel advises me that he has had no email communication on the requested topic.  As such, there is no record to provide.

Nicole F. Loop
Assistant City Attorney
Racine City Attorney's Office
730 Washington Avenue
Racine, WI 53403
p: (262) 636-9115
f: (262) 636-9570

I have been assured by others I trust of two things 

1) The Sleeping issues is being addressed 
2) That If I feel I need to request the Help of the City others will help fund the cost  

Great that is one issue delt with but yet there is another 

I will say that the Mayor should be able to appoint the members he sees fit to the Board that is part of the Goverment of Racine to a degree, however conflicts of interests should not be allowed or even be hinted at. For as I see it The City Leadership must be above reproach, and if Ethical Questions come up be investigated by an impartial group    

The man above if cant stay wake can't serve anyone, can he? If so how? Be being told how to vote? 

Can a close pal of the Mayor who held event/s for the Mayor's election/reelection  be seen as being unbiased? Can Doug Nicholson in fact do that? 
Would it not be better for Mr. Nicholson to recuse himself from hearing the case dealingh with the Mayor and a member of his campaign staff Mary Jerger who severed as treasurer? 



I would hope that the Mayor himself has asked him to do so so, as this Ethics case goes forward it looks as good as possible, to all who live in Racine. Will this occur? I do know this should it not I guess that an Ethics invesagation will take place on the Ethics Board 

Note I am looking for the Story from the J-T, on who went with Mayor John Dickert to France

Is the Linc Murray on the flyer the same that is on the Ethics Bord?  If so should he not recuse himself?
is this as shady as it looks?  

Porters of Racine’s anyone know what is going on?

Recall this from the J-T 2/9/12  : The former Porters of Racine’s owners Thursday announced a $5.5 million redevelopment of the building into 37 apartments and seven ground-floor retail spaces…..

After this sailed to passage for the City of Racine to help make Team Porters come to pass. Many started asking questions about  why nothing could be seen going we have this from the J-T 2/11/13 …” However, what Micah Waters never expected when he announced the project was how difficult obtaining $2.3 million in bank financing would be. Three times he was working with a bank but saw collateral requirements grow unacceptable. “We couldn’t come to terms … we all could agree to,” Micah Waters said.”…  ”

Eventually, in December they started talking with Southport Bank of Kenosha. On Monday, they learned Southport had approved their loan on terms they agreed to.

Micah Waters said he expects to close on the loan in about mid-March.

Initially, construction was to begin last spring and take about 18 months.”…  and this “…Now, with the bank borrowing arranged, he said they can start the remaining architectural work, approximately 30 percent of the project….”   My first question is since he is going to be as I understand it his own Architect, does that mean he gets to pay himself 30% of 6 Million? 1.8 Million is not a bad payday IF I understand that right. If I do is that 1.8 Million needed to be part of the financing? Or is it just payment for work for hire?

Will we ever see any work done on the building inside or out? Should we see something by now, or will we read come June that 1) More $$ is needed for unexpected issues or 2) the Project will not go forward for whatever issue?  Then of course will any $$ paid for this project get repayed or even need to be?

Should we care or just believe?


Racine might not be alone with issues




Asleep at the wheel City of Racine Ethics Commission


Today at Racine City Hall there was a meeting of the City of Racine Ethics Commission

the above is a photo taken of a member of this group.

I and others saw this member sleeping as the meeting was held and planing talked about for the upcoming Ethics complaints filed on Mayor John Dickert Other City of Racine Staff and members of the City of Racine Cable Commission over issues about CAR 25.

Can the above Member do his job?   Is the public being served by this?


Is this how the City thinks how to best serve the public?

I got this from the City Attorney today 4/22/13

“I have been advised that the board member in question had just gotten home from eye surgery.  Any further questions should be addressed to the chair.”

So no one from the Board knew before that this was going to be the case? Why did it take a week and phone calls (not returned) and Emails to  get that? makes other events and talks even more interesting or is this the first excuse the City could come up with? What do you think? Will others think that the Mayor of Racine will do what it takes…?

Music For Mayor John Dickert and Pals

John Dickert



Why does he care about the music played in Black Owned Bars yet nothing on the same music in White owned Bars?


Sad days of Racine No Jobs- No Hope Who pulls the strings?

City of Racine Has no money See City Workers Go By By!

 Committee of the Whole

City of Racine
Meeting Agenda
City Hall
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
Chairman Alderman Jim Kaplan, Alderman Michael Shields,
Alderman Sandy Weidner, Alderman Gregory Helding,
Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II, Alderman Raymond DeHahn,
Alderman Ronald D. Hart, Alderman Robert Mozol, Alderman
Terry McCarthy, Alderman Dennis Wiser, Alderman O. Keith
Fair, Alderman Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, Alderman James
Morgenroth, Alderman Krystyna Sarrazin, Alderman Molly Hall
City Hall, Room 205
6:00 PM
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Call To Order
Approval of Minutes for the March 19, 2013 Meeting.
Subject: (Direct Referral) communication from the City Administrator presenting a
recommendation to amend the 2013 Budget.
If you are disabled and have accessibility needs
or need information interpreted for you,
please contact the City Clerk at 262-636-9171
at least 48 hours prior to this meeting.
Page 1
City of Racine
Printed on 04/08/2013
Tonight the Committee of the Whole as above talks about being 2.1 Million short. (Only)
This is from losing Round 1 of the fight over Union Contacts, that The City rushed  to sign  then of course told the City Unions to say… well let me put it pound sand this of course  let to the City being sued over the Union Contracts and of course the count saying a Contract is a contract, leading to more  count fights and the city spending more $$ to and have the first count over turned.
As I understand it tonight the Committee of the Whole will start to talk about how to find the 2.1 Million the City is short.
How many City Union jobs will go? How many Street Lights will come down? Will Fire Station #5 get closed?  Will Police Officers get  fired?
Your guess is as good as mine. However I think we are safe to say that City Workers will get fired. Sad yes, very sad. (Update a number of openings in City Staff will not be filled and a three day lay off for City employees, this may change)
Wait it gets better!
Say the City fires 20 workers, starts to shut down Fire Station #5 (Again)then turns around and spends $1 on the  Harbor for dredging  or $1 on RootWorks. How do you feel about that?
Rather  have Fire Stations or more toys for The Downtown?  Can we stop more spending on City Hall? The Roundabout?  Get some of the $$ back  from Deltahawk for not hiring the # Delta Hawk said (How did they hire) ? Maybe just trust Mayor John Dickert to call Obama and get a check?

Racine Exposted

I link to this site, the blogger who does this site does a great job I feel far better  then I do.

Please read and maybe……


Racine Exposed

(the why)


There are two sides to every story and  here I will reveal what others try to hide, or don’t want you to know.  Informed decisions can’t be made if information is hidden or obscured. Here you will find the other side, so you can  make an informed decision. Choose wisely.

Just maybe

Take action!

Nothing will change until we do.


From: Wayne Clingman 236 Jones St. Racine WI

Date: 4/8/13

RE: Item 13-8542  Repealing and recreating Sec. 6-106

To the City of Racine Common Council I Respectfully Submit,

In reference to Item 13-8542, a communication from the Mayor requesting that the City repeal and recreate Sec. 6-106 prohibiting the issuance of a liquor  license to premises that have delinquent accounts with the City.  At the Common Council meeting on March 5, 2013, Item 13-8542, was not addressed by the Common Council. Previously, the item had been recommended for  DEFERREAL at a Feb. 25 Public Safety and Licensing Committee. Subsequently, the Public Safety and Licensing Committee scheduled a Change of Agent hearing to be held on April 8, 2013 for Michigan Pub and Beachside Oasis. A check of the Racine County Tax records indicated that Michigan Pub was in arrears dating back to 2009. I am asking that the Common Council  investigate Mayor John Dickert and Alderman Greg Helding to see if they had any prior knowledge of the Michigans Pub tax delinquency; their relationship with the parties involved; why Mayor John Dicket, while acting as Presiding Officer over the Common Council did not address Item 13-8542;  and if  any of the actions they took on Item 13-8542 were influenced by their relationships with the parties involved or knowledge they had about Michigan Pub’s delinquent taxes.

Thank You

Wayne Clingman

Mind you the Aldermen can just receive and file, however it creates a paper trail, for a real journalist to follow (Say Fox 6) and ask other questions.

Questions the Good Old Boys do not want asked.