We use to care


Since I been working on my efforts to promote Legalizing Hemp have not spent a lot of time here posting.

My Starting the Hemp Podcast etc has had me out talking to lots of folks and walking the streets of Racine in talking with others or just letting what I have been learning sink in.

I do know this, at one time our leaders cared about the City and we held them to account. Now not so much in my talking to others from retired City Workers current city works. Homeowners just moving here or long term renters 95% say the same thing:

Racine in a corrupt City ran not by leaders as so much as a retired Black City Worker called looters.

Sadly others I know outside of Racine call and ask what new scandal is going on now. Is our Mayor in Jail yet?  What pal of his received what city contract?

Worse far far worse is that out of the Mayor’s own mouth we hear we have no money (he is not fibbing) we can see the Roads going to hell read/hear about more crime (then stories on not if but how many Police/Fire will be let go) What the Hell are we going to do?

Not much  guess let the good leaders and we have some know we are thankful for there efforts be prepaid to run if we must to walk away from our Homes if we can not effort them you tell me.

It’s going to get very very bad.

Racine Down on our luck and hopeless

Begging mayor

Went for a walk this morning around the West 6TH St area of Racine WI and saw the same things

Run down houses, Drunks starting their day drinking or stumbling home ending last nights drunk Garbage here/there everywhere some in yards that use to pick the garbage up once the paper got on their property a few ever picked up trash out in the street, however I did not notice that today, so I talked to a few homeowners I know, this is what I was told mostly why bother? makes no difference in what they (the Homeowner does) just be more trash this afternoon.

Others told me why bother I can make my home look nice in the Block but why bother the other houses make the whole block look like shit (so true) but herd a new one If I make my home look nice it becomes a target wow I know from reading the J-T Armed Robberies are going up (until Dicker gets the police calls changed) Are more homes getting broken into? That is what my neighbors around West 6th St are telling me  if so (and I have not read that in the J-T) be indeed time to be more careful.

More interesting and scarey was seeing a group of 7 Young men ages 17-25 walk down West 6th st  checking Cars for change and one house to see if it was empty it was and my guess will be used for a Party this weekend this happens but on West 6th St?

Mind you I am seeing this more and more not only on West 6th St area but all over the idea that nothing matters anymore as we see property values fall taxes go up, the idea that its easier to move out of Racine then to change the city or the new one If you want a Job you need to move

Then of course we have the Racine in Bloom idea that if we only plant a few flowers all will be ok! or the Downtown crowd that say just spend another few Million on us and the Chicago Boaters will line the streets with Gold…..

IMHO only men without Hope take up Armed Robbery where an unlucky day could see you in jail for life or worse and for what $10 but when your kids got no food…..

See the links is this an issue in getting a Fair Hearing?

One expect to be treated fairly when it comes to Goverment and how it works. Is this always the case?

What do you think on this?


ethics 2

Link Murphy is the Dep Chair on the Ethics Board and ID’d as a Host of this event. From what I read here  a major event to raise funds for the Mayor reelection

Mary Jerger AKA Osterman was the Treasurer of the Campaign and subject of my Ethics/CAR 25/Bell City TV question

Being that they Both worked on this major event raising who knows how much $$

I have someone looking into how much this event brought in

Why did not Mr. Murphy not recuse himself as others did like Doug Nicholson did?

As you may not know I brought this issue up before the hearing before this took place  to the City Attorney nothing to my knowledge  was brought up to the BOE.

So what if anything should I do? Is this an issue?




My pollicy on the JT

As you know the JT called me today for a statement on the Ethics hearing I said No Comment the Reporter then read what Ms Osterman’s lawyer said to try IMHO to get me to say something. I said No Comment and hung up the phone.

Why you might wonder easy:

As I see it the J-T is NOT even close to being a newspaper more a mouthpiece for the Mayor and his good old boys. Why give them anything to misquote hard to misquote No Comment.

Some may say they offered you a forum no they did not. If you think the J-T will not do what they may need to to make those of us look bad who stand up to fight the wrong doings of this administration, I have a nice bridge for you.

This blog is my Forum not the J-T

My policy is NOT to talk to the J-T Buy the paper nor shop at advertisers.


Ethics my .02


As you know I was the man who filed the Ethics complaint   on Mary Osterman, this was heard this last Monday the 5 of May 2014

I am thankful for the help I received from the City Attorney Mr. Weber.I am alsio thankful for the backing of the Racine Equity Project on my bringing questions I had on the actions of Mrs. Osterman to light so it could be looked at.

My guess is once I found out that all Witnesses  were not called that nothing would be found the old nothing to see here.

Then too was there any other outcome going to happen see below


ethics 2


The Link Murphy above is the chair of the Ethics Board

Mary Jerger is Mrs Osterman   We all know who the Mayor is

Can we expect any other outcome then The Good Old Boys looking out for one of their own? Would not the correct thing to do not be to have Mr. Murphy recuse himself as did others with conectionsto the Mayor like Mr. Nicholson?


I protested to the City Attorney that morning of the Ethics hearing that Mr. Murphy had not recused himself, I will be following up on my options for his (Murphy)not doing so.

The biggest mistake I made was not having a lawyer with me.

I do not know if I had one anything would have changed, but only by having one with me or helping would I know for sure.

Now I understand this

1) The Lawyers suing the City I understand will be getting a copy of the Court Reporter’s transcript to see if/how  the Ethics hearing may help them

2) An Ethics Charge may be filed (not by me) on the Ethics Board it’s self

Gee all for what?

Belle City TV has been cut way back due to Sky Falls Media/City parting ways

Due to the upcoming budget issues (like huge lack of funds) CAR 25 just simply may go away.

I understand that we should expect more to be brought into the RICO case and if so they would have been part of the CAR 25 silliness.

How much did CAR 25 end up costing the City of Racine?

What do you think of all of this?