Will Racine reject CVS


What in God’s name is going on with CVS on Washington and Ohio?

From the Journal Times


“… The move was recommended by City Plan Commission member, Alderman Dennis Wiser, after City Attorney Rob Weber informed aldermen that the city had been notified only hours earlier that two of the property owners with property adjacent to the project site had asked that their names be removed from a petition opposing the development….”

Well what is up with this?

How dare the fix that was in be unfixed?

We now have this “… Mark A. Franklin and Sarah Franklin and states that they have “changed their mind on the issue … ”

We cant have that can we? Looks to this reporter that our great Mayor John Dickert

former Mayor Jim “Ice Cream” Smith and from word on the street tells me another Real Estate pal of the Mayor do NOT want CVS going in here (Washington and Ohio)

Why? I can see why “Ice Cream” who lives near by may not want CVS in the area, but the Mayor?

Better, anyone want to guess who from the City will call the Franklin’s? Will the Mayor Visit?

Perhaps someone will come by and make an offer the Franklin’s cant refuse to go back to opposing CVS and make our Mayor happy? Your thoughts?




Mayor John Dicker taking notes from Hoffa?


Of course let’s lend money that should perhaps be used to fix roads to our pals!

From The Journal Times


From the story “… A proposal being put forward by city officials, including Mayor John Dickert and members of the City Development Department, calls for using $371,454 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds to create a revolving loan fund. The fund could be used to make loans of $25,000 or more to small businesses that employ or hire low-to-moderate income Racine residents.”  “… Loans would be ultimately be approved by the city’s Redevelopment Authority and the City Council, according to city staff, but the vetting of loan applicants would be handled by the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp. and/or the Racine County Economic Development Corp….” Oh what pal of Mayor John Dickert serves on Redevelopment Authority?  A man who may sometimes not vote on issues maybe conflicts of interests?  Who is talked of by word on the streets of wanting to start a Brew Pub in Machinery Row?

But back to the story The telling part for me is this “…The money for the loan fund was made available as result of shift of CDBG funds from public infrastructure to economic development and job creation….”

Public Infrastructure  Things like Roads bridges and SIDEWALKS can you say Sidewalk fee to make up for the short fall even perhaps help put more money in what I can only see as a shush Fund for pals.

Big question when does leasing start to take place in Machinery Row  who will work that angle and how will they know (and they will know) our great Mayor.



It all started with a phone call



About 10 days ago I got a phone call from Jim L the former County Executive based on this Photo (see above)

During the course of the phone call we spoke of many things great guy to talk with.

As you know I am no fan of his when it comes to the Marina or giving what I feel is a pass to Mayor John Dickert and what in time will be known IMHO the largest scandal in the City of Racine the whole Root Works Machinery Row deal.

Mr. L knows of this I have said as much to him.

The phone call got me thinking of why now vs when I was so much more active?

Talked to others about this a big big blank I still have no clue.

Still why became even if I am the worst writer on Earth (and I am) I still put out information that many would not want you to know.

That being news about: Hwy V in Mount Pleasant the war on Farmers or Why Caledonia T.I.F. 4  needs water and who in the GOP might be benefiting


The continuing saga of Root Works now including a revolving Loan Fund  using Block Grant money Or Mayor John Dickert’s pals need money far more then we need good roads!

I will add the Web Address here one I get things going

Get ready for a fun time!