Diehl Vs Dickert My view



As you may know Ed Diehl Alderman of the 15 is running for Mayor of the City of Racine this would be of course Mayor John Dickert.

I was there the night he spoke to say he was going to run, I myself had just a few hours notice as others did so Diehl’s speech was given to a small number of folks was interesting to see who did manage to make to the event.

Afterword I have spoke to many and agree that this race will not be an easy one to win in Dickert’s favor we have:

An Incumbent

More money in the Bank

Easy to raise more

The cost of this race could top 75,0000 easy

The Dickert Machine being the Journal Times, The Radio of Zombies WRJN none that will print/report anything other then what the Mayor wants them to.

The 1St Dem C.D. to include the Knock and drag team + Dirty Tricks Boys

The Downtown Crowd to include folks who will vote for anyone as long as the City keeps dumping $$$$ into Downtown

Members of the GOP who I thought would be leading the charge to get rid of our Mayor but more interested in the gravy train called Reef point Marina

Under Mayor Dickert:

We have dropped in Bond Rating

Loss Court Cases from City Unions, Tax Payers seeking and winning money to be returned and resentment  costing at least 400K with perhaps more to come

#1 or #2 in Unemployment in the State

Team Porters a Big Fail

DeltaHawk employing how many?

The Ending of CAR 25 with yet more money being spent then was costing the city to do so in house

A great record to run on


Ed Diehl has on his side that he is smart and an honest man. one might say you cant win on that.

I think that is far more powerful then it looks at first glance.

Ed Diehl has not sued his own City

Ed Diehl is not being sued under RICO

Ed Diehl is respected by 90% of them who have met him

Ed Diehl fears no man alive

Ed Diehl:

understands Social Media and what it can and can’t do

will run a clean race

Now unlike Mayor Dickert Mr. Diehl will have others like it or not come to his aid, my guess is City Union Members will help in some way, information Dickert like kept on the Q.T. will given to others best able to use it.

The Big thing is: THE RICO CASE


By Winter should be in Discovery who knows what information comes out or maybe just maybe what happens if Mayor Dickert is charged in a Federal Court under RICO?

I must say this it will be a very very nasty race unlike any we have seen before.


Odds as of Today 8/29/14 Dickert 3:1



400K and counting


From the JT This AM

Sears Holding Corp. could collect a $205,748 property tax refund from the City of Racine under a settlement agreement recently recommended for approval by the Finance and Personnel Committee.

Presented to the committee during a closed session, the agreement would settle two lawsuits Sears filed in 2013 and 2014 alleging the City Assessor overvalued and overtaxed its property located at 5600 Durand Ave.

Once one of Regency Mall’s anchors, the store and attached auto center closed in January of this year. Sears still owns the 89,000-square-foot building, however.

Under the agreement, which must still be approved by the City Council, the city has agreed to refund the corporation about 40 percent of the property taxes it paid in 2012 and about one-third of the taxes it paid in 2013…….

So add this to the 100K that Dickert’s Case with Bill  B cost, the 100K and counting with the RICO then the Union Fight that we lost..

How much as Mayor John Dickert Cost this city? 400K  More and how much more to come?

What are we to do Layoff more Fire/Police turn off more streetlights?


I guess we will see the city try a Wheel tax and a property tax Referendum (that will not pass)

Of course this will not effect Rootworks after all His pals must make money right?

So lets then Party!

He is



Has Racine lost another Tax Case? How much will this cost?



Monday night Finance meeting will be very very interesting.

A source at City Hall tells this Reporter that the  City will settle with

Closed Session
It is intended that the Finance & Personnel Committee convene in closed session pursuant to
Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(g), to confer with legal counsel concerning strategy with respect to
litigation in which the City of Racine is or is likely to become involved, and pursuant to sec. 19.85(1)(e)
Wisconsin Statutes to consider a matter, which for competitive and bargaining reasons requires a
closed session.
(Direct Referral) Communication from the City Attorney wishing
to convene in closed session to discuss, with the Finance and Personnel
Committee, strategy with respect to litigation in which the City of Racine
is or is likely to become involved, specifically potential settlement of
Sears Holdings Corporation v. City of Racine, Racine County Case No.
13 CV 1451
Sears will do a  settlement vs the City wining?  See if the City was going to win the City would not settle right but if Racine was going to LOSE this and pay God knows how much we would come to an agreement right?
So for how much? 100K 200K  More?
Question then is how do we pay this? More Police Lay Offs? More turned off Street Lights?
Will this force the Mayor to quit looting the City? Quit giggling of course helping his pals such as talked about in the RICO refiling is my by reading of the filing his only job., right?
Of course as the Mayor has told us we have no money not a Penney so how do we pay for this and the other cases in the courts?  Have a Garage Sale?  What fee will go up what new fees be invented?
How many more will walk away from homes they can not longer afford?




As you may know the first filing of the RICO was dismissed and in the ruling the judge encouraged a refiling of the action, after pointing out was issues he had with same.

The refiling has happened you can read it here http://issuu.com/communicatornews/docs/amended_complaint_2/0


This filing names who did what when and IMHO very damaging to them named in the filing.

It is also very damaging IMHO to the image of the City of Racine, for as I see it who in their right mind would invest develop  anything in a City where you must well “Pay to play”

I understand as this goes forward other actions of the City will be looked at from CAR 25 to Rootworks.

Who maybe what maybe be exposed next? God only knows.

Good News Racine!

I just know that the good old boys will love this!!

Changed the name of Real Racine News to something far more focused to Racine and well closer to what many see as going on in the great city!

What might that be? Well that would be:

Racine crime syndicate/ DBA/city of Racine!!

Yes!! Why not ?

We got RICO We got Ethics issues!!  We have dishonest political leaders!!  Thank God we do not a real mob outfit or do we?

From the Facebook page:  Going to look into the workings of both the City and County of Racine WI.
A lot of money is being spent in a city with high unemployment.
We will look at what projects is getting this money and who is making bank.
Who might be the old old boys and power brokers in the area

From The Casino to the Root River we got it all.

Are you not proud of the leadership over the last few years that got us to this point?

Cue Music

Let them eat Cake

You may have read that the City of Racine has no money, you may have read in the J-T that the city of Racine is 4 Million short, Ron Thomas Char of the Cable Commission said  more like 6 million, who knows with court cases going on what the real number may end up being, hell The Mayor himself has said we have no money

So much so that a very basic service  that many need in the city of ruins the city of Racine our bus line may be cut even more, as it is using the BUS to go to work go to the store maybe the Dr is next to impossible.

As much as the    Transit and Parking  Commission might want to fight more cuts, from the J-T this morning  “Alderman Ray DeHahn didn’t mince words last week when he told his fellow  Transit and Parking Commissioners that he couldn’t support any more cuts to city bus service”. If the Mayor wants to cut say by by. After all who rides the Bus?

Who other then the poor, the handicapped, and others who can not drive or perhaps afford a car? How dare they ask our Mayor John Dickert for the basic service a City provides those who need help?   Should not the rich white boaters come first? Should not doing everything as many believe he is doing  to make Downtown Racine  as White as possible?


Mayor Dickert at City Hall?


How else can Our Mayor attract the wealthy Boaters- the Condo buyers he needs to gentrify Racine?


The Mayor is right we have no money, we are seeing hikes in fees (Water rates have went up) I expect we will see more sewer bonds sold and games with TIF 18 should it get started to help fund the the plans of Mayor John Dickert and other then to find ways to enrich his pals  (see Racine City Hall or Belle TV)  what might they be?


Party! After all not like his pals need a BUS.

Now lets Party!



Just do not ask for anything for the Poor, or the Minorities


Is The Cut in RPD making Racine even less safe?



I have nothing but respect for the Racine Police Department.

A group of Men/Women who go above the call of duty everyday, often putting their life on the line for the public who knows little about what goes on with the job of being a cop a public getting most of the information from watching reruns of C.S.I.

A hard job that I could not do and so far one that the City feels a need for a strong well maned Police force until…… Until UNTIL our Mayor as I see it in a pathetic move to save tax $$$ has effectively laid off a number of them by not hiring to fill the ranks of the RPD that has loss members due to retirements etc but not started the long process to fill the ranks, as I understand RPD as hired a few that should be hitting the schools soon but again RPD is still down numbers.

The Chief has little to say about hiring, I am sure that he wants the very best Police Force he can get, however, The Mayor from what I have observed much rather spend city $$ on the Rich White Boaters or activities that line his pals pockets    then say, insuring that the inner city of Racine has the Police/Fire coverage they need, after all they are not: Rich, White or welcome in The great Downtown of Racine, was not that the point of driving out the Black owned bars or Bars where African Americans or Hispanics might feel welcome?

How else can Racine attract the wealthy? You know the folks who you see lined up outside the Mayor’s office demanding Condos on the Root River, You know the River that needs to be dredged in order to be used in that area.

So let me ask you, should the Mayor of Racine cut the RPD   to help fund projects like Rootworks or perhaps hold off on the fun and games until the RPD is up to speed, or will we not only keep track of Rootworks by not only the $$ spent but the dead bodies?


My view

The J-T Headline This AM

“Schools seek $8.5 million – Unified to ask voters for 15 years of additional revenue”




How dare RUSD ask for 1 more $$ yet alone 8.5 Million in a time that MORE in Racine are Unemployed, The City of Racine it’s self is not filling openings on the Police Force to basically lay off 10 police officers  and the City of Racine facing a RICO lawsuit court fights over tax assessments, and not being able to keep what few events at the Civic Center coming back.

Economic turmoil going on as we speak with a long time Racine employer moving out of the city taking 300 jobs with it.

Yet RUSD is asking for more money to “run” the schools WTF!!!

Schools that cant get Minority kids to graduate, scores of the RUSD Schools should be getting “Leadership” at RUSD fired for such poor piss poor ability to teach kids have no shame in demanding more of YOUR money.

As I see it, RUSD as one of the commentators said today 8/14/14  should ask County Executive Jim Ladwig for some of the profits from Reefpoint Marina, perhaps from the restaurant that is paying NO RENT (must be nice) Maybe ask the DRC for a percentage of the millions spent on the booming downtown (Boy will they not be shocked with the higher property taxes coming via TIF 18 and Machinery Row)   I am sure the store owners will line up to chip in the stores on 6th St will insist on being first to do so!

And Porters being so so successful with Roll out the big bucks as will Delta Hawk for all the Jobs they have brought to Racine!


As I see it, the City of Racine is as I call this blog a City in Ruins run now by a Mayor that history will say was one of the most corrupt in the Midwest ever.

Yet RUSD wants more of your money, After all cost lots of money to pay Administration 100K+ to fail to teach kids so we have have a vast pool of unemployable workers to work at min wage jobs or become addicted to State benefits to keep the Democrats in power.

Could be worse our other elected officials could be just having one great party Oh…



Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Wanggaard wins we lose thoughts

Wanggaard as you know won the primary and goes on to the election in November as it looks now,  Wanggaard  will win however its a long time from this day to that, who knows for sure what will happen not me.

As I look at this race, to me I am worried for I have talked to Van a few times I have asked him to help the effort to look into Mayor John Dickert and the games in the City of Racine and from   Wanggaard I received what I thought was the idea if he could help he would help in some way.

Well for a man with a law enforcement background he to my understanding has done nothing to aid any effort of looking into what I and others see as corruption in the City of Racine.

I find it hard to believe that  Wanggaard is unaware of the issues on Rootworks that even City of Racine Alderman are asking questions yet to my understanding Wanggaard has not expressed concern over this “Development” plan even with all the tax $$ that might be spent on say Machinery Row. I would hope that a member of the GOP one who voted to take what I call rights from Public Union members away to save Tax $$ would be interested it what is going on over again the millions of Tax $$ that could be spent but again nothing. Why?

Might this be it

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Should Wanggaard who will he work for?

The City of Racine?  Mayor John Dickert? Downtown Racine? The Boaters who we have spent Millions on?

Should not Wanggaard look into RootWorks or simply let the rape of Racine county go on unchallenged? Should Union Grove or Waterford suffer for the City of Racine?


I live outside of this area but if I could I would not vote for Wanggaard I expected better from him perhaps I should have known better


Does the Shade of Rose Mary Woods Live in Racine City Hall?

Sandy Wiedner Calls Mayor John Dickert out on lies.

Hear the Phone call that started a chain of events that is far from over


I understand that Alderman Wiedner HAS asked for a copy of the Tape the Mayor said he has, AS I see the Mayor’s  Claim it defames the Alderman. I think she has ever right to a copy of this tape should it exist.

Good Question does it exist? Wiedner tells us she never did what is claimed by the Mayor, easy to prove  there is a tape or is not a tape.

From what I understand the City Attorney’s office has said they can not force the Mayor to produce this tape, unsure why.

Will Wiedner take this matter to court? Will the other Alderman back her up or other then one or two be good Sheep

I myself hope she takes the Mayor to court over this and it becomes another reason to vote him out of office, when will he answer for his misdeeds?