Primary Races Feb 17th 2015 a Review


Very interesting Mayor’s Race last night as you know Racine Mayor John Dickert won along with Rev. Melvin Hargrove with the next Mayor to be elected in 4/15.

With the Chicago style machine Mayor Dickert looks to have created looks to this reporter Dickert will have little trouble being reelected.

After all does ANYONE think think that much news critical of Mayor John Dickert will be told in ANY media in the City of Racine other then in small media like this or Racine Exposed or the like?

Anyone want to bet on the stories critical on the Mayor will come out on WRJN?

More interesting will be to follow the Block Grant money given who they are given to, then ask yourself why? Is there more going on then meets the eye.

I will further speculate that we will hear little on the RICO case from most of our media since information to The Belle City Reporter does not shine a good light on the City or its elected officials and that does not play well here.

The last thing our Mayor wants is say Emails given as part of Discovery to be printed or even a word count of disgraceful terms used by officials talked about.

Been policy here NOT to print information given unless I can verify the information to be true from filed court documents. I do NOT put it pass others to pull all kinds of stunts on this major topic with the City of Racine, on both sides of the issue.

The most shameful comments I have herd in the last few hours about this race  from both parties on the Right and Left basically saying that living in the Racine area that they feel there is no way this City will EVER elect a Blackman as Mayor. When I asked why basically said the same thing Racine is too racist of a City to do so.

Now the above is a matter of debate and time will tell, we will see.

What is to me a point beyond debate is that few very few saw a need to vote so they sat at home.

AS one person I talked to at the Polls told me why I asked why the low turn out “You kick a Dog enough, they will run off and hide.”

So a sad day when events seam to suggest we simply do not care or see no hope.








So I have not posted here for sometime in fact started another blog to do more of a range of reporting on a huge range of issues/news both good and bad around this area vs just the City of Racine that would be Belle City Reporter but come to find out that few very few want only good or even mostly good news in a local newspaper.

Readers want to read about what is going on that “They” do not want them to know even read that yes they may have to go to the shitty job they have but others have real trouble even that “Leadership” is as fucked up as the reader thinks it is.

Then things here got real strange…