Flash news! Team Porter’s is DEAD!! My 2 bits


Wowers! News from the J-T

Porters project stopped — Buildings to be removed to make clear development site”

Wowers!! Just before New Years we were told We were just days away


From the story

“There is no major dispute; it’s all wordsmithing,” O’Connell said. “… The details matter, and the attorneys are paying attention to details.”

“I think by the end of the year our development agreement will be final,” he said.     That was 12/12/13

Now just around 40 days away Team Porter’s is DEAD DEAD DEAD just like some say Downtown Racine is.

Bet Mayor Dickert is one unhappy Camper after all the time and  PR spent on the great Team Porters!  To see something going from being signed by the end of the year.

So now The new idea is to tear the whole thing down and build something new Again from the J-T Story

“Mayor John Dickert said his office will work with Waters to find a new developer for the site which is slightly more than one acre. He said it would be right for developments such as:

– A corporate office building. There have been such inquiries in the past but without a sufficiently large site, Dickert said.

– A hotel.

– Ground-floor commercial structure with housing above, as the Porters project was to have been….”

40 days from almost being a done deal to this.

Questions I have include

Did the City of Racine have any idea this was coming?

Will Waters get paid anything from this?

Will this end a police/fire investigation from the pipe leak?

How much if anything did insurance pay out?

Will the City of Racine buy this now worthless I guess lot

If so  for how much?

Will this end the TIF/BID

Who will get the contract to tear it down? I bet we already know

Does this not go to more show how worthless Downtown Racine is? Did $$ not come in as was maybe needed because of falling property values?  Recall that the old Historic Century Market sold for less then I think 10% of assessed value just a few weeks ago.

IMHO this is a big sigh the Downtown Racine is dead not coming back to life and its time to stop spending good City and County money on the pals of John Dickert and Jim Ladwig

Sure liked seeing Kaplin on Belle City TV at 7 PM but is running old TV shows what we are paying 150K + for?

Fighting City Hall

The Enemy we as residents of a city in debit over taxed over regulated, may be

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

The Mayor of the City of Racine and his pals the Racine County GOP who cover for and party with him.

They may include folks like Thomas Friedel who many say runs the city perhaps Consigliere



imagesGH The Man who lives to be City Attorney many feel


Then you have the great stooge

imagesfa  My bad   200_Jim_12Feb08 look so much a like do they not? Maybe even the same love of Pop Bottles?

As much as the above IMHO done so much do put this fair City into Ruin driving many out and more to come, putting the City into huge debit with more to come.  Then planing actions such as the “Uptown Plan” that will insure this City once the home to antislavery action becomes the new home of The KKK      KKK for is not gentrification driving out poor blacks and hoping rich whites fill the vacuum raciest?

Maybe not when your city leaders and their cronys can rape the residents in the implementation of say “The Uptown Plan”  or Rootworks.?  Right?

See the big enemy here in Racine is not the Powers that be the Good Old Boys  its


The Public.  We need to  do more.

No one can do it all no one but we can do more and it may not seem much but added up they can and have moved Mountains. They can in Racine and Racine County we can remove the scum of the earth and get better folks in Goverment even if its

A Puppy.

Simple steps:

Show up to City Counsel meetings if only to show them you are paying attention

When you go say Hi to your Alderman. No need to be rude if you do not like yours  just a simple Hi, let me know if they are less then polite NOTE Alderman Helding maybe Armed he may think your being kind and saying Hi a Attack be careful.

If you feel motivate take the opportunity to speak your mind politely about issues of the City.

The Good Old Boys will not like it and disrespect you but your being there talking upsets them greatly so go for it. Just be polite.  If they are super rude call them out on it, courtesy goes both ways.

Write your elected officials via email  to their city emails that is public recorded they can not say they did not get the Email, if they answer save the answer.

See if there is a topic in the City of Racine of interest to you and study up on said subject. Talk about this subject to others, feel free to talk about why you think Dickert is a fool, many to choose.

If you like writing start a blog (You do not have to write well I am an example of that)  Word Press is free to use as is Blogger.  The Good Old Boys will not like that trust me. A simple one about your Neighborhood might be just the thing.

Note If your Blond Female and have Big Tracks of land DO NOT GO INTO THE MAYOR”S OFFICE ALONE maybe on seconded thought you should. Mexico is nice this time of year. I hear too that RCEDC is a nice place to work pays well too.    Bring your resume I am sure that is what they both hire on right?



Small steps go a long way maybe in time we can gather to toss the bums out of office all the bums





Gentrification the new racism comes to Racine! Part 2



So now that our fearless leader (shown above) has the tools needed to run Ramshod in the Uptown:

He controls The Aldermen

Controls the local Old School Media

Belle City TV is ran by his pals

The County Goverment is busy raping the tax payers over Reef Point Marina to worry about the Mayor  and then the County and City said they work together on the Uptown pillaging

looks to me they do like each other


Party on!

and the vast majority of residents of the Uptown being Minorities and poor who will defend them? Other then God no one

So what to expect from my crystal ball


The Uptown plan that IMHO has already been done will sail to get made law of the city, as this happens members of the Bid board or fronts for them will open business to take advantage of this.

Expect to see a restoration company that will focus on historical rehabbing of old buildings some of the first jobs will be for buildings that just happen to be a focus of the Uptown Plan.

The Bank will come under close watch by the City of Racine as a first step to change ownership from the current owner to someone to in line with Mayor John Dickert

Gateway will open some type of Center in the Uptown,  as a sop   to Alderman Shields part of it will be used for helping Black kids to stay in School since IMHO the Good old boys do not want Blacks who can read/write do not expect much with this.

Since Gateway has an Open Check Book expect them to spend the money to get something going and then we see the good old boys say how great the Uptown Plan is doing in the Media the Mayor controls! Are you not happy!

The idea is to create a way to raise property values (Hear about the new City Assessor?) Not only to for more taxes BUT to sell Bonds! See Dickert needs more Bond sales to build his toy called Rootworks oh who came up with that idea?!  But with the falling property values in Racine  The city may not be able to sell more, but say the City value goes up  by a few 10’s million’s then the City can and will sell more bonds and Dickert’s pals must be paid, hell for that matter Jim Ladwig’s GOP pal’s must get paid.

Will the City be able to raise property Taxes and help to drive out the poor blacks out, creating empty houses for flipping opportunities for cronies from Builders to Real Estate folks .

In 5 years will we have as many poor blacks in the Uptown or will Mayor John Dickert have as I think, he wants a more white Racine.

End result tax payers get fucked, The Black residents get fucked the cronies get paid.

Part 3 more detailed look at the inter linking



Gentrification the new racism comes to Racine! Part 1

girWelcome to Mayor John Dickerts Racine!

A Racine that is poor has no money  and over 200 Million in debit!!  A City that is so lost that Streetlights come down (As our Mayor goes to Mexico)

To bring us up to speed we have been downgraded in our credit rating and could be again.  We have lost a large amount of population and still have an ave of Two Homes going into Forecloser every day!

Things are so bad that our Mayor the one one phone call away from Obama had to send a letter begging City of Racine Non profit’s to send money  to help pay the bills like the over 100K the City spend paying Mayor Dickert’s legal bills. Leaving us of course with a debit service of about 27% this means that out of every $1. of taxes coming to the City 27% goes to pay on debit!

So what does our Mayor do? Does he cut back on spending to try and hold the line on taxes? No Mayor John Dickert! No what he is trying to do real bad is raise property values so he (the Mayor) can sell more Bonds to keep his dream of Rootworks and other monuments to his Godhood.

ZOD   All Hail Mayor John Dickert!

So how will he be trying to do this?

Well his first try was with the NSP  you know working on Homes in need of fixing up, doing so then finding new owners. Those homes fixed up would bring about higher values to be taxed  IMHO this would in turn raise assessments in near by homes bringing in more $$ for Dickert games and maybe force Blacks out of houses opening them up for more real estate games the old flip game things like that.

The NSP program did not work out so good.

Did it Zod I mean Mayor Dickert?

Mind you the NSP is still playing it’s self out and why…

Easy as the Mayor goes into the Uptown plan he now has a band of Cronies who will do as he asks as long as there is some loot in it for them, now best yet Dickert has a city staff who will do as he wants when he wants and many Aldermen who will never question him on anything.

The Uptown is a great place for the Mayor to do Phase II.

Mostly made up of Poor Blacks who have no place to turn for help.  Q.A Alderman of the 6th  is owned and operated by John Dickert. Sheilds of the 3nd has no power being only one person

The Black Churches will not do much as I see it they get a lot from the City of Racine and will not bite the hand that feeds them

See for the Uptown Project the great remove of the Black Population to take place

our leader KKK  John Dickert needed

Complant Aldermen (mostly and now working on removing two free thinkers)

Control of Local Media has the J-T /Has WRJN/ has Belle City TV  only The Mayor’s  works get told to the sheep that is Racine.

Groups of Business Leaders from the Good Old Boys  to help him allow him to loot and loot well.



The Uptown or Get out of Racine if your Black!


When to the Uptown Public Input Meeting last night and here is my observations

The J-T’s story http://journaltimes.com/news/local/residents-weigh-in-on-uptown-redevelopment/article_69beb6dc-84f3-11e3-8589-0019bb2963f4.html

1) We are fucked, nothing we can do to stop this (but something we can try more on that) The City  of Racine is grasping at straws at gentrification ideas why? The only way to get property values up and keep the few Home owners who pay taxes and maintain homes to stay because it may not be worth the fight   example from the story “We’re surrounded by rental properties that aren’t taken care of,” Merwin said. “There’s got to be some kind of incentive for landowners to keep up their properties.”

Sadly I see them looking to get $$ for doing what they should be waiting to do, but when your the only one doing anything it gets old fast, now what would they say if asked thoughts about businesses in Downtown Racine who are not paying taxes and they are …

2) A good 25% if not more of the crowd was made up of City of Racine Elected Officials, City of Racine/County of Racine Staff and the Crew of crooks I mean Consultants from   Vandewalle & Associates. Mind you Uptown Racine from what I was told by Matt from the City of Racine is mostly Black and below age income OK WHERE WERE THEY? Not in that room not at all.

I saw maybe maybe 2 maybe that I thought was a goal NOT to have the blacks who live in Uptown be part of this

You see the goal of this is


Or Drive the Poor our bring in the rich or like Racine is famous for bring in the rich Whites who will pay property taxes (even if Downtown Racine may not be) spend Money in the dead down town bonus if they buy hats or boats.

3) The Speakers tried hard to sell the idea of the Dream if only we did this Racine become a place to go that rich whites would come to Racine and blow $$! Right of course they will!! The City Administrator said so!  Would he lie to you???   Has not Delta Hawk Hired millions? Has not Porters brought millions downtown? Did not the spokesman from RCEDC say that 6000 work in the Downtown? Where?  might they counting the total # of employees  say at J-W if the HQ is in the Uptown?

4) At every Table for the breakout IMHO EVERY leader at the tables were from the Bid or Vandewalle so you  know that only the agreed upon in advance ideas are going to make it into the plan such needed things for a majority Black Low Income area as Coffee Shops (at least they can be bus boys) Open Air Food stores (Gee it was hard as hell to get a food Co-OP to even look at West Racine  what kind of bribe will it take to get a food store in the Uptown?

“a public gathering place on 14th Street and Washington Avenue” right! to do what mill about?

So sad see this plan that IMHO, Vandewalle know what they will have it say for Dickert has told them will in a nut shell do:

Enrich Dickert pals who know what is to come and have businesses ready to rape I mean pillage I mean take advantage of this plan.

Now I think we cant stop this plan from being created we can do this

Write a letter to our members of Congress asking them to investigate the City of Racine for Racism due to questions brought up from Pattern or Practice a Film on Racine Issues in the City of Racine and until this is done not to give any Grants to the City or County of Racine for


Reef point Marnia

Uptown Plan

Should the Feds show up or even get interested that will stop the plan dead.

Question does anyone know if Kim Kane running for the 2nd district alderman went to Mexico with Mayor Dickert?

Pattern or Practice The event or is Racine the new home of the KKK?


Well I was invited to see the first showing of this film on this last Monday night, by the Film Maker Jim Spotdick, I went up with 4 others all involved with the alternative press in Racine WI area.

The venue was very nice and had easy parking.

It was at the Oriental in Milwaukee with three other films being played it was hard to tell how many in the long line at the Box Office was going to what film. So I had no idea how big the crowd for the film was going to be.

By the time I got a seat the film had started. I did notice that a lot of the Anti John Dickert folks was waiting in the Lobby prior to my getting in.

The film was very well made, and did a great job of drawing you into the story. Even knowing the folks in the film (Fair-Homes) I found myself shocked when they and others told their story on the big screen more so when parts of  the Committee of The Whole meetings were played to further tell what was going on.

Found myself thinking more then once “What the Hell was going on”  how could it be possible that outcomes be so vastly different between bars  when the only thing I could see was the color of the skin of the Bar Owner.

Time and again examples where given not only of the bars but others An ex Alderman   A local Newspaper Publisher and a long time activist talked of what they saw.

I had no idea that its been over a year if not two and Mr. Fair has

The film ended interesting seeing:

Ex Alderman leaving

Staff of Belle City TV slinking off like oh Rats jumping ship. Do they know what might be coming their way?

I had to giggle when two members of the Tea Party of Racine left together, and I was ask if I knew that Short man and his Partner .

I had the chance to talk to a few folks from the film for a bit and it was time to go.

The group I was with thought the film many many great points wondering if this (film) be used a a launch point for more Documentaries, we could only hope so.

All in all we had a great time seeing a fantastic film, do you think that Mayor Dickert liked his close up on his rich white city?

Your Being Fucked Editoral NSFW

Hope you enjoy sex and a lot of it, for your sure are being fucked and its not ending soon


Not really willing to give it up for the Downtown or the mythical Boaters who are not  coming to Racine now and not going to be coming back well


Sorry you do not have much of a say in this do you?

See the City and County of Racine have real issues mostly because the city of Racine has no money the City of Racine is over 200 Million in Debit that’s right over 200 Million the City of Racine is time and again #! in Unemployment and from reading Racine Exposed  we know that property values are dropping to the point that some buildings once worth over 500K that last year sold for less then 10% of that.   With that add the idea that the county has made little or no effort to seize for back taxes not homes but buildings in the downtown some owing over 5 years of taxes, this tells myself and others that property in Downtown Racine has little or no value.

So with all this going on what are we seeing our local leaders doing?  Cutting Costs  ? Selling unnecessary   Real Estate?


See  the City and County have a plan, the plan as I see it is invest $$ in the Marina  and we will pretend its working!

See right now our great County Executive spend good tax money to buy Reefpoint Marina. 6.2 Million  ( http://journaltimes.com/news/local/county-moves-closer-to-reefpoint-purchase/article_d4582b34-40aa-11e1-98b0-001871e3ce6c.html)   and the $$ quote ““Certainly, the economy’s not getting any better at the moment,” Pretasky said. “It was kind of a neutral investment; it hasn’t really done anything.””

Yes done anything well it has a restaurant that must be a huge generator of Rant right?

Sorry no see the county Budget tells us it pays no rent

2014 County Budget Revenues

Yes NO RENT must be nice no rent. I am sure Union Grove thinks this rocks.

Now in Union Grove there was a Feed Store selling to Farmers and others in Union Grove the place closed last year. Sad truly Sad a store serving Farmers closed. Might it been nice if THEY GOT FREE RENT?  Or can only places catering to “The Boaters” in the Downtown, the same downtown that many building owners  are behind on taxes get free rent well not free, see the tax payers are paying for that are we not?

But that’s not all!

Belle City Harbor yes the County want to get someone to develop this http://www.goracine.org/crepository/purchasing/Attachments%5C13-pw-012%5Cspecs.pdf

This great place where the Water is to low for most boating uses so the river would have to be dredged an older area so who knows how much Mr. X would have to come up with or maybe the County come up or the City/County with the money after all you exist to pay your taxes right!

See and that’s the end game.

What will the Local Governments  do well that’s easy.

Working together a plan will be thought of consultants will be hired bids will come in and $$ will be spend

The cynic in me thinks   that the plan will say great things and the powers that be will get on Dickert’s Network and lie and lie.

Money will be given to Good Old Boys who own companies so a few Union guys get $$ to spend change orders be given  to make sure the max Rape of the Tax payer will be done but at the end of the day all that happens is that you get fucked for a few Good Old Boys get $$ hey lets play a game:

Any bets that if the project is from the county the GOP folks from the county get the $$ and the City it be Mayor John Dickert pals?

Does your Ass hurt yet?


Misc Info

A little bit of misc stuff

Open Records request

I got this from the City about my Open Records on Belle City TV Issues


Mr. Clingman,


        Thank you for your email.  We will have a cost estimate for you by early next week and the records will be available by the end of next week.





Deputy City Attorney

City of Racine, Wisconsin

However still nothing. What are they trying to hide?

Doing a Podcast now Real News Racine

Tuesdays Thursdays at 9:00 AM

You think Mayor Dickert likes the show?

Mayor for Life!


All Hail, the Mayor for Life John Dickert!

I use to think that The God John Dickert was looking for a a way up the ladder a place up the food chain sat Congressmen or State Senator, maybe Lt Governor.

No longer do IMHO John Dicker is happy and will stay happy as Mayor, for what I see as his goals he does not need to do anthing more then stay Mayor, being Mayor even of a dieing city gives him everything hew needs.

He is a Mayor of a large City as such he is paid well, should he be dishonest there is great oppertunies for $$


Just like Butler made If Dicker wanted to.

Perhaps kickbacks from City Contracts just a few % from City Contracts would make him rich

Being the Mayor with power

imagesml                                          imagesbp88


Women would be no issue , none at all In fact as I see it he is at the top of the world, so why would he trade this His Godhood for anything else?

Mind you the off chance that Obama asked him to come to D.C. since he (Dickert) trying hard to be the Leader on the Water issue of the Midwest and mind you its a huge issue going to get at lot of attention and lots of $$ tossed at it, look to Dickert to try hard to be a part of and group of politicos  who make up groups in the Midwest.

In this way when he does leave office he can be a lobbyist for a Water Group or Company and think of the Money then.

So in the mean time expect lots of public works to His Glory (think Root Works) ways to put pals in places as to protect him

mr m or mr sleepy

and he will do what it takes to be pals to them in the GOP who as I see it are just like him

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Its not hopeless we can and should call out his issues



Because the more issues that stick with the public the less likely he keeps the image he has, the one thing he needs most of all.

Are you going to Mexico this winter?


Value of location Reefpoint Area


Interesting times we live in.

We are told the Harbor is just a booming place that soon the Lake Front will be filled with Boaters  here  to spend $$$ and save this city


Docks of Gold right?

But yet the facts may not bear that out.

After all if this area was or will be very soon prime real estate rents be high if property can be found at any price.

Yet look at what Racine County can gets for the rent of the space for Reefpoint Brew House

from County of Racine Web site

2014 County Budget Revenues

0 $0 not a penny.

Interesting the shills on the Journal Times T say that its a busy place say its a busy great place

From the Journal Times 1-10-14

“I have been to the Reef Point at all sorts of different times of day and evening and later at night as well. They almost always seem to have a good business, and crowd on hand enjoying their wide selection of beer, food and view.

Was out there twice last week and the crowd was pretty good sized even later at night.”

Looks like Business is doing well yet they pay no rent.  Sources tell me they will not in 14 not sure for 2015.

Is that what it takes now to bring a business to the Downtown is to use the tax payer’s $$ to insure an income? Is that right?

Why might this be going on?

As I see events, the County going into Reef point knew it was a losing deal. Now County Goverment must try to sell the idea that Reef Point is a great thing to the public Downtown Racine Crowd that there is still hope for them as the City continues to fall apart. See we know that property in the Downtown area is falling fast and hard case in point 522 6th St once assessed at over 500K sold this year for less then 10% of that. As more know what might be going on in values the more folks who might leave the cult of John Dickert and the steady  loss of business become a rush for the doors.  Cant have that so lets use Smoke and Minors and create a belief that things are O.K. after all “We have this real cool place…”

This might sell in the Downtown of Racine not so much in Yorkville or Union Grove. How might they feel about their taxes going to pay for space for a Restaurant they will never use in a Harbor that may never make $$, that still needs (from talking to the few boaters at the Harbor and Harbor employees major investment) and who do you think the County Executive will look to find the money

Is the county’s job to do this?

Might this be yet another sign of Reef Point being an Harbor we need to walk away from and sell to the “Massive” numbers of boaters that are begging to come to Racine?

We see in Milwaukee what a Harbor can do, why not here? Lets take a look at that shall we?