Racine Fair Share

Looks like voting has began on Mayor John Dickert’s idea of having NGO’s chip in to The City of Racine’s needs.

As I see it if you like what the Mayor is doing one would send a check if not you will not.

so  what might the total be for Racine Fair Share

My Open Records request:

Good Morning.

I am requesting the following Open Records the Names of and Amounts by each given to The City of Racine’s Fair Share program. From 10/4/12 to 10/22/12.

A PDF copy would be fine.

Thank You

Wayne Clingman

The Answer:

Mr. Clingman,

Although we have had inquiries, no contributions have been made to the Fair Share program.

Thomas Friedel

City Administrator

730 Washington Ave.

Racine, WI 53403


So for the dates of the Open Record no one gave a dime.

Not any City Leader  and NGO in Racine no one.

How nice it must be to know as Mayor of Racine you can not raise Dime one for you city is such needy times.

How much do you think this program will bring in?

Update The J-T  reported that the UU gave around $,1200. AS was pounted out by an evil Bloger that’s less then one week’s salary for the City Administrator.

Yet a grass Roots effort in Michigan is doing a great job.

Here is a link to the story:  http://www.indiegogo.com/soulardarity?a=75891  could it be that few trust Mayor John Dickert?


3 Responses to Racine Fair Share

  1. Johnny Appleseed says:

    What a disaster area The City of Racine has become. Reduced to begging because they have destroyed the tax base and run up a huge debt with absolutely NOTHING, to show for it EXCEPT for more debt service. When you’re at the card table, and you don’t know who the mark is – IT’S YOU! And it’s you, the property owners of Racine who will be the bagholders, courtesy of Mayor Dickert and the Racine Common Clowncil, for the bondholders of Racine’s debt.

    Let’s compare:

    RACINE WI: Creates TIF district and gives taxpayer funds of $1.26M to Porters to create MORE retail spaces and single bedroom apartments in a cluster of old, run down buildings in Downtown Racine, which already has a glut of empty retail and apartments…. This is a challenging project and has many unknowns – including the ACTUAL FINAL COST, complete structural condition of buildings, and if there is the presence of any hazardous materials.

    ANDERSON, Ind. — In a formal announcement at City Hall on Tuesday, an industrial filtration products manufacturer said it expects to add more than 100 jobs in Anderson.

    Hy-Pro Filtration, which had previously operated out of a 52-employee, two-building complex in Fishers, said it expects to bring 107 jobs to Anderson when it moves to a 17-acre plot just north of Nestlé USA’s facility next year.

    The jobs carry an average hourly wage of $21 plus benefits and would come over the course of roughly three to four years, Hy-Pro operations manager Aaron Hoeg said Tuesday.

    Hy-Pro expects to break ground next spring and begin production later that year.

    In addition to the company’s headquarters, the new 122,500-square-foot facility would house manufacturing, assembly and warehouse facilities. Hy-Pro makes filtration products for hydraulic, lubricating oil and diesel fuel, used globally by industrial customers for heavy equipment organizations.

    According to a release from the city, the company will invest $10.5 million to build its facilities over the next three years, Anderson offered $1.9 million in tax increment financing to Hy-Pro based on the company’s employment numbers and property investment.

    According to the Indiana Department of Economic Development, Hy-Pro will also receive state incentives, including $150,000 in job training funds and a prorated $375,000 for hiring 50 new employees before 2015, provided they hire Indiana residents.

    The company chose Anderson after exploring options across Indiana and in Washington state. Mayor Kevin Smith said the addition to the local economy was a testament to the city’s labor market, low operating costs and other factors that attract new companies.

    Hy-Pro is the latest in a string of nine jobs announcements made by the mayor’s office this year, accounting for 1,067 jobs and $206 million in new investments.

    Smith said his office has been approached by other companies interested in Anderson, although he wouldn’t get into specifics.

    He said he hoped the new jobs would help fight a trend of above average unemployment for the Anderson area.



  2. ggodmuls says:

    Proposed 2013 City of Racine budget is now available. Download a copy and save it for reference.


    • ggodmuls says:

      “It’s confirmed, the 2013 proposed budget is up on the City of Racine’s website and City Hall says a fire station is to close. City of Racine. Budget numbers and documentation show that they want to close a station. The number of calls are up that the Racine Fire Department responds to. Data shows the amount of calls is up 4.5% and that aprox 16% of calls can take over 8 minutes to respond to.”


      Page 165 of the Proposed 2013 Budget indicates that Intergovernmental Revenue Sharing money is to be used as follows: Capital Outlay
      919.000.4940 Porters TID 17 Advance – $ 1,100,000.

      That would be more than enough to fund the fire department and leave some $$$ left over. Does anyone truly believe that the Porters Complex will add ANY value, especially $5M worth to Downtown after all the shops we’ve seen close Downtown along with all the vacant apartments and retail available Downtown? Wispark couldn’t even sell 233 Lake Ave – so it is giving it to the City.

      The 233 Lake Ave. building is a dilemma for the City – because by taking it from Wispark, they lose over $140,000 of tax revenue – which must be passed onto other property owners. However, by letting Wispark keep 233 Lake Ave. they risk being forced to properly re-assess the property which would lower the value of all buildings in the area and bring down tax revenue even lower.

      Ask yourself, what business would buy that property knowing that one of their first expenses was a $140,000 tax bill? Well, that building has already been marketed, and it hasn’t attracted one offer. City Hall is scared, and rightly so, of being forced to properly re-assess Downtown to reality.

      Do you honestly believe that the Porters Project, a few more retail spaces and some one bedroom apartments will be worth $5M when it is completed – OR, will it be another failed TID in the City?

      Defund Porters and save your FD!

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