Let the Good Times Roll!

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From the Racine Journal Times


A chart tells a story

By The Numbers

26 percent — City of Racine poverty rate in 2013

12.8 percent — Racine County poverty rate

65.2 percent — “Economically disadvantaged” students in Racine Unified School District

34.6 percent — Children in Racine living in poverty

Source: United Way Community Indicators report

Wow look at that 26%

Of course our “Leaders” say the right things to the sheep: “….if someone looked at the number of jobs available in the city, they might wonder how anyone is unemployed, Payne said. Many people aren’t equipped for certain positions, she said, adding many jobs don’t provide a family-sustaining wage.”

Ms Payne and Mr Delagrave just might want to look at who is hiring or claiming to be looking for employees they might want to find out if those jobs really exist or are some listed to help give an illusion that there are jobs that pay well.

Thinking myself that, if as some believe, we have companies offering ghost jobs its with the permission if not suggestion of our leadership.

After all is the Journal Times  going to look into that?


Interesting to is how we treat our Homeless those in need how well we take care of others who do nothing.

More and more I hear that HALO is turning others away not because they come looking for a place to crash drunk or drugged out turned away for that but well there is no room at the Inn even if your in a Wheelchair. Not in Racine where we care about everyone well everyone who is rich and white

Here are some Racine county and city of Racine care a lot about


Yes the rich white Boats! They will save us just ask Mayor John Dickert

How much money has the City and County spent on bringing Boats to Racine and where are they?

With 5th St being no more and being filled in  and Azarian being sold (why was this not seized for Back Taxes when the county could have….)

Some Boats will move to Reef Point and of course Reef Point will then say how great business is!

Then the question to ask is if the Restaurant at Reef Point is paying rent yet?

Forgot this is Racine where if you serve the rich and white then your golden, if your poor or God have mercy poor and Black well your just fucked but please vote for the name with the D after it.