Wolfman Reports 10/28/12



.This weeks reports. His views are his own

One Response to Wolfman Reports 10/28/12

  1. Johnny Appleseed says:

    So the City of Racine is collecting abandoned former manufacturing land that has not paid taxes in years and has -0- employees and detracts from the tax base. The City then uses tax dollars to clean up the land, takes it off the tax rolls and…..

    AND NOTHING! It keeps shifting the tax burden to the remaining Bagholders who stay in the City. No wonder so many businesses in Racine have stopped paying their taxes. Their revenues are down, they are barely making it, and they can’t sell their businesses.

    Racine is becoming an isolated bedroom community – one that will soon become the exclusive property of the rich and those who can afford to pay the taxes required to maintain basic services. Get out if you can! The biggest tell is that there is no residency requirement for city workers. Those who benefit the most from the high taxes MUST live outside the City because that is all they can afford – unless they want to live in the dangerous ghetto slums.

    The future of Racine is that of Detroit – large slum areas of impoverished people who are tended by their SWPL White Democrat masters like Cory Mason and john Lehman and the rich for whom the Lakefront area and marina has been enhanced via taxes for them to enjoy. Watch for them to build gates in the City to keep the riff-raff out of North Bay, Manory Park, Downtown and the Marina area. Oh yes – the taxpayers OWN and PAY for the Marina – but there is a locked gate that surrounds it – and it is kept exclusive.

    It is what it is! Get out if you’re middle class and underwater!

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