Sheriff Sales 195-2010 City of Racine


Per request I will list the number of Sheriff Sales for the City of Racine from 1995-2010. This list I received  from the City of Racine Assessors office.


1996- 39

1997- 62

1998- 64


2000- 81

2001 103











If the reports of Banks not foreclosing to make them look better are true what might the real numbers be?



Wolfman Reports!




Once again the Wolfman reports on what he sees going on in the City of Racine

today he is looking at property values

His views are his own


Property Values For City of Racine 07/29/12 per Sales, Page 3C Racine Journal Times


Note that many of the properties are FORECLOSURES – so it is not a valid sale – it is “DISQUALIFIED” and so stated in the record. Most homes in Racine that  are foreclosed upon also have large equity loans attached – note that huge difference between the assessed value and the mortgage.  Some of these are strategic defaults. If you are stuck in a home that is seriously underwater it may be to your advantage to give the keys back to the Bank, or the Mortgage Note Holder. Consult a professional first before strategically defaulting.


City of Racine Property Tax Assessment:


Address                                               Sale Price             Assessed Value                Sale Validity/Foreclosure

4144 Bristol Pl.                                    $168,000              $240,600                              Valid/Private Party

1008 West Lawn                                  $155,700              $114,000                              Foreclosure/Disqualified

921 Wolff St.                                        $155,100              $106,000                              Foreclosure/Disqualified

521 William St.                                    $140,000              $165,000                              ?/Disqualified?

2910 Northwestern                               $126,000              $126,000                              ?/Disqualified?

456 Mulberry Ln.                                  $122,500              $180,000                              ?/Disqualified?

4921 Maryland                                     $115,000              $122,000                              Private Party

3353 Sixth Ave.                                    $109,500              $113,000                              Private Party

2516 Taylor                                          $105,000              $119,000                              Private Party

3501 Indiana                                         $99,000               $126,000                              Private Party

1819 Franklin St.                                  $94,500               $84,000                                 Foreclosure/Disqualified

3501 Spruce St.                                   $92,000                $118,000                              ?/Disqualified

1520 Kentucky St.                                $86,000                $68,000                                  Foreclosure/Disqualified

1103 Roosevelt                                     $76,920                 $80,000                                ?/Disqualified

818 English                                          $66,200                  $98,000                                 Private Party

1551 Taylor                                          $40,750                  $76,000                                  Private Party

2612 Geneva St.                                  $36,000                   $100,000                              ?/Disqualified

436 Park View Dr.                                $35,000                   $68,000                                   Private Party

2055 Howe St.                                      $25,100                  $95,000                                  Private Party

1135 Park Ave.                                     $20,000                   $80,000                                ?/Disq/Foreclosure?





Thanks Wolfman!

My notes In 2010 from a Document I have from the City Assessors office there were 412 Sheriff’s Sales  in the City of Racine, in 1995 30 in 2005 116.


Is the Ghost of Joseph Steffens Walking City Hall?





When I stared this Blog and TV Show (You can see show #1:

I never thought it be so interesting for me to do.

I pay attention to what is going on in the City (as I have found out many of you do).  So I thought I be just talking about the typical stuff you know RUSD, Crime, the silly games in Downtown Racine, that sort of thing. Just a way for me to vent.

Then a very strange thing happened I stated getting tips on what others saw going on or knew about.  As much I like like talking to others about this City a good 90% of the tips I received was well confused rumor or even made up stories.  One or two could I think be called planted, as a temptation to get me in legal hassles.

However, there was some information given to me that has checked out as more far more then the above.   As I am not surprised that the local “Media” did not pick them up at the time, these  stories  are very relevant today and IMHO helps to show my idea of the City of Racine being a City in ruins.

As I started looking into some of the possible leads turning into stories, I could not help but think is this City as corupt as this stories may lead you the reader to believe?

That will be up to each of you, all I can do is tell the stories and present my evidence.

I on my Root River Blog and talking about RootWorks kid around and talk about my dieing from a Car Bomb.  Maybe it will be from a robbery gone bad.

There is indeed a lot of interesting games going on.





Fritz Todt comes to Racine!


So let’s see what the news is about the City of Racine and jobs!

From the Journal Times July 25th, 2012:

“The City of Racine’s rate also eased from 13.3 percent in June 2011 to 12.7 percent last month. Racine had the state’s highest jobless rate among cities, just ahead of Beloit at 12.5 percent.

Jobless rates do not reflect underemployment or people who are working part-time but want full-time employment.

While the rates looked slightly better than last year’s, unemployment rates are greatly affected by changes in the labor force, defined as the number of people actively seeking work. From June 2011 to this June, the estimated number of jobs in Racine County declined by 600, from 77,200 to 76,600.”

Wow! What a great job by Mayor John Dickert! Mind you, it’s not his job to create jobs, that is up to businesses to do. Or it would be if it was not for our Dear Leader saying in the Racine paper and on the campaign trail that he would do so much to bring/create jobs. Programs such as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to help the trades find work and help neighborhoods, I mean that’s the pitch he gave us.

Now, I will be looking into the numbers of jobs “created” and see what the claims are.  I do know this, the City of Racine has spent and is spending money on legal fees; such as Contractors suing over what they see as different treatment for different contractors and a former city worker suing John Dickert (not the Mayor but as the candidate) leading to the Mayor suing his own city. That case alone cost $100,000 if not more. We are still waiting to see who paid the settlement and what that was.

Over the years here under Mayor Dickert we have seen companies/ projects that wanted to come to Racine get turned away because they did not fit the micromanaged ideas from our city government.
Because of this we have a lot of empty space, from the Transit Center (KRM HA HA) to State St that like the Civic center just be bringing boom times.  Now just grassland or maybe better described as “weedland” with trash heaps.

The micromanaging is so bad, that something called Launch Box was created so small business can better navigate all the hurtles of starting a business in Racine. Might this be one of the reasons why so many go to Kenosha?

Racine In Ruins TV


The TV show for Racine in Ruins TV show Take a look!

The Death Spiral

The Death Spiral

The City of Racine is in a death spiral, this city is slowly moving towards a point of no return, if we are not already there.

See, with the numbers of property owners and businesses in a decline, soon the city will not be able to afford basic city services.

We are seeing some of this now as Mayor John “One phone call away from Obama” Dickert is “forced” to turn off city street lights. From the Journal Times dated January 25th 2012; “We don’t have the money. … If we leave the streetlights there, we need to find a way to fund it.” and of course he blames Walker “We wouldn’t be doing this if it was not for the cuts from the state. We have no choice,”

Of course the city has cut other things like the Transit and now the city voided contracts with the city unions, because we have no money.

I understand that there still many houses in foreclosure and more homes going into foreclosure. These are homes that are no longer paying into the city. I also understand that homes in tax arrears are at an all-time high.

We have a huge issue in this City with un/underemployment; it’s hard to pay your mortgage or taxes without a job or a low paying job.

Yet, as I see it, all the city is doing is, well nothing. With the “choice” of Ms. Hall for council with her crazy environmental ideas (she was and still may be a member of a group that wants the job killing Cap and Trade and the end of burning Coal this will also raise our bills ). Not going to be much help in welcoming business to Racine, far better at welcoming higher taxes/fees and more government.

So, more folks will leave the city even if it means walking away from a house. What chose do they have? The high price of gas that will go higher if folks like Alderman Hall get her way, maybe because she is a high paid lawyer she can afford say $3.50+ gal for gas. The rest of us, well we just need to call on the Obama!

This, of course, will force more out of work and more to leave. The City of Racine will continue to see homeowners and business leave. I would not be shocked to see even Case move out of the city. Why should they stay?

Who then will be here to pay for The City of Racine: the illegals, the crack-heads on the corners of the West 6th St area? At  lest we have good tasting water

Will William Mulhollan Zombie Rape Racine?

Ever think of what would happen, if you say, take a foolish mayor running a city deep in debit; so deep that the mayor voids union contracts and that street lights are removed. Combine this, with say, a company from The People’s Republic of China who is looking to “invest” in Wisconsin.Now say that this Mayor sees Lake Michigan as not a great resource for all, but a big pot of money for him to loot.  A body of water that gives Racine the best tasting water! (

What may happen? Well that’s easy! Let’s build a water bottling plant! After all, the PRC has such high standers on water.

Why worry?

Mayor John Dickert knows best for us all, silly rabbit! Next you’ll say that the Mayor sued his own city!

Oh and our Green Mayor might want to know this

He must love his law suits, if he tries this there will be some for sure.