It’s all those evil Blogers fault


Time and time again, I am told or I read that the issues in Racine is not:

Failing Schools

High Unemployment

The  Real Estate The City buys then cant fails to sell

Failing pricing of Real Estate

Failing assessment rates

Companies leaving Racine

The public distrust of The City’s spending ideas

No not any of that but the writing found on this Blog or blogs like this.

After all to  them  our leaders who I call the Good Old Boys know best, at least that’s what they tell us.

So of course to say the Mayor has no cloths is of course saying that we disagree with our betters. That to them is a evil crime to say that we disagree with those who the rich and white have declared to be the appointed ones.

I see this as one of the main reasons why the attacks on CAR 25 occur.

The Good Old Boys truly believe that a Business does not check how well the Schools in an area might be or the Tax rate of an area might be but only what is written in a Blog!




2 Responses to It’s all those evil Blogers fault

  1. enicar666 says:

    It’s amazing how fast these so-called public servants forget the proper employee/employer relationship once they get elected to office.

    All Racine DWL’s (Disingenuous White Liberals) want you to judge them by the color of their skin and what they say – NOT the content of their character and what they do.

  2. enicar666 says:

    First, the local paper runs clearly B.S opinions like this:

    “Journal Times editorial: Vacant lots better left in city’s hands”

    Misleading the people and kissing the ass of incompetent Politicians.

    Then we find the TRUTH about the Journal Times!

    “We are saying that Lee Enterprises sucks because it dupes the people… Print media is desperate for money, and in Lee Enterprises case, will take money to print on demand…Going with the current “flow” is the way to keep your job at Lee Enterprises…

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