Historic Home Tour 2013

Historic Home Tour 2013


Wife and I went saw most of the homes. Nice homes well maintained showed what Racine was  like in the glory days.

Saw lots of folks in the lines to get in to see them. Nice time bit of pride is my home is far bigger then they are, even better the history of the homes and of Racine.

Now what is very cool was who I got to meet and what was talked about!

The mound issue is far from dead many both young and old are VERY UPSET about this, to a man they thought this was only some play by the Good Old Boys to reward other good old boys.

One older man and his wife told me they are now changing there wills and no way in ….. . Interesting how many others feel the same way?

at the house on “Wisconsin”?   had a great talk with others about Point Blue! Yes Point Blue the project Mayor John Dickert just may wish he was never a part of.  See as much as most of us do not recall anything about Point Blue others do and like to talk about what they know.  Lets call her Ms B

Then there was lets call him Mr. L a long time City employee long retired now thinking that there is no way the city of Racine can afford  his pension/Heath Care along with higher property taxes, this and finding he can not sell his home for even 50% of the assessed value is thinking of just walking away from it and moving to someplace far less expensive to live.

Mr. L would like to talk to the 7 about his working with the city and where some bodies are kept. Mr. L saids he also has documents he giggled and told me on the war to his car, his gift to the city that has fucked him.

Best of all that one folks started talking about issues the ball got rolling the stories starting with Porter’s to Delta Hawk  came up CAR 25 being a joke I heard.

Few have belief in Mayor Dickert anymore. I say that IMHO most that I talked to today are ashamed of him and what he has done to Racine.



Flash News!!!!



Just Received via email  !

From the Insider News


Project New Life Community Development to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Attorney Generals Office and the U.S. Department of Justice against the City of Racine’s Department of City Development.
Project New Life will file a complaint alleging the Department of City Development has exhibited official misconduct , public integrity and violated civil rights of minority agencies that manage grant resources throughout the City of Racine.  A class-action lawsuit is also being considered as an option to eliminate the on-going disparity and poor administration by the Department of City Development in grant resource opportunities between majority and minority owned agencies.
Included in the complaint is the unreasonable, biased and targeted effort of the Racine Department of City Development to “Blacklist” minorities agencies receiving funding to re-direct City funding to non-minority agencies.  This process of collusion ultimately eliminates these agencies for consideration of future funding opportunities and creates a disparity in the funding market.  Inequalities in grant management and scrutiny of minority agencies compared  with non-minority agencies is also a factor that is part of the complaint to be investigated.  Project New Life’s request to the Department of City Development for a qualified low-income veteran to occupy the property located at 1017 Marquette Street on a lease-purchase agreement was rejected by the Department of City Development.  There is no substantiated or material grounds for the rejection of this proposed plan that would have allowed the property to be occupied by a qualified, low-income potential homebuyer while providing them the best opportunity to secure a loan for purchase in the primary lending market.

A news conference to announce the filing of the complaint is scheduled for next month and will be provided to all media outlets shortly

Downtown Racine


Well Party on the Pavement is this weekend. The last big Drunk Fest  I mean push for shopping before Thanksgiving.

How ever with so few non drinking businesses and so  many bars  what is there to buy in Downtown other then booze?

So my guess is we will hear a call for City Hall to do more. With HUGE cuts coming to Racine in City spending, do you think we need Police  or some type of spending to try to get folks downtown?

What is your thought on the next business to close the doors for good?

What can you buy in Downtown Racine?


Well then


Got an email tonight that tells me that two stores in Downtown Racine maybe closing soon as I see it before Xmas.

Stores close everyday in the real world and we seen lots of store closings in Racine.

Being as I see it big downtown boasters and pals of if not themselfs Good Old boys know and like to pal around with the Good Old Boys, however a store needs customers (or a Mayor who can send $$ to them) or the doors close.

Should the info be right  a few weeks should tell us what the deal is be interesting to see the cover stories to explain yet more dead space.

FYI I and others have “hired” homeless to do customer counts to tell us how many are coming to different Stores and I got to say the numbers are telling.

IMHO now is not going to be a good time for the downtown stores.

At the same time the area around 31/11  31/20 is booming very much so. Just think few if any bar bars and I even feel safe in that area at night unlike I do in the Downtown area of Racine.

Oh Blacks and HIspanics are welcome too Wow what an idea!


Sad thing is maybe if they had not drunk the John Dickert Kool Aid they could have seen this coming and got out with  $$ maybe.

Lets see what happens



Something to think about



What is it? Easy how does the City of Racine deal with being 200 Million in debit?  How does the City begin to deal with not having close to the funds needed to cover the costs of operating?

What do we do? Will we cut Fire and Police? Will  we cut parks I understand that the City Parks department will be mostly done away with and Public Works will take over.

In fact, I talked to call him Mr. Baseball on Friday who informed me that because of the poor upkeep of the Ball Fields (that the teams pay for) many teams are going to relocate to a private Ball Field near Parkside, for less costs AND guaranteed Games and refunds for games missed due to unmade up rain dates, unlike the City of Racine Mr Baseball said that each team pays about $700 per year some may pay more. Mr Baseball thought we could see 10 or more teams go to where they feel more wanted. Can you blame them?

Back to what might be the end of the Parks Department, well that be a savings, but does anyone thing that any management would   go or just Rank and file? Do you think the Blondie marketing girl will go or stay?  Stay I think after all she may be needed by the Parks department management for close consulting .

What else will we see go? #5 Fire Station? Of course its gone I think.maybe even more then that after all there is never any firers in Racine are there?

Same with Police how far under the 199 will the Mayor go? After all we have no crime do we?

Racine police to northsiders: Be alert; area has seen spike in burglaries


No crime not in Racine not at all.

Of course Mayor Dickert’s ideas on RootWorks/Porter’s will still get all the $$ they need. After all The City will issue Bonds and there is no issues with that   is there?

City’s bond rating downgraded


So as the City takes down street lights ask yourself how do we pay for the fun at




Launch Box

Car 25 Here you go I understand they get 30K more next year then this year!

So as we fight to pay our tax bills and to keep our jobs or business going




Mayor John Dickert might be starting to compete with Racine Businesses (and maybe allow a buddy on the gravy train) How does that make you feel?

A parting idea who might be the next City Attorney? Will you be shocked if the person has connections to the Mayor?



Just drink the Kool Aid nothing to see here My .02



A prediction after lasts night’s council meeting.

The City will go ahead and as one feared start selling Tomb Stones



My thought is that Maresh-Meredith gets the contract from the city to do the stones and then they sub out the contract to the same guy that got the sub contract to do the Marble City Hall Bathrooms.  Gee do you see links between all of them?

Funny how that all might just work out.

My Question is was that the plan all along?

Be interesting to see how this all plays out in the long run with Native curses, possibly have the BIA come in to see what is going on. I understand that the Ho-Chunk are very pissed off as are other tribes and contacted them.

The writer from New York that has called the Parks Department about this is also now looking at the Bill case with the goal of writing a few freelance stories on small town corruption.

Who knows what all might happen with this,  but IMHO Racine is getting the reputation of a corrupt town.

An Unpleasant question



How much did Racine County lose on Reefpoint this year?   How much does the county plan to spent in reinvesting in this?

Has anyone said how long before “we” see a return on all the Goverment spending on this? Or is this nothing but a game to funnel money to the pockets “The right people” on the County Board?

Is this somehow going to be used as a segue to see more spending for the rich white of Downtown Racine?

How do you think the voters west of the I will feel?

I talk to a Ho Chunk Elder.


“The Ho Chunk people are credited as being the mound builders within the region. The large effigy and conical mounds are found in southern Wisconsin and along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, these were solely the long inhabited areas of the pre-Columbian Ho Chunk people. These effigy mounds appear in the shapes of animals and birds, and many contain burials. It is important to note that all of these mounds were built with primitive equipment and by hand. They are so symmetrically accurate that it is amazing to view them today with the assistance of a compass.”


Got a call from a Mrs Newkirk from Baraboo WI last night about the City’s idea to sell what many see as an Effigy Mound, she told me that she thought the Tribe had heard about this possible desecrationf  of graves but would be sure that Tribal leadership  did.

She called not about what might happen but to tell me stories about should the area in question is a grave and is ruined by others for money what she thought might happen, not good, not good at all.

Native Americans have strong spiritual roots too and believe that true evil is punished in very painful ways.

IMHO I can think of few greater evils then   desecration  of graves outside of Murder and like crimes.

At the very least a curse I think would be laid on not only City Leadership but those who may be put in that spot to rest, in this case not to rest until the 2nd coming but as I see it, souls in agony for all time.  Wow yes I think Native Americans would not be fooling around when it came to  payback.

Myself, I not take that chance, a lot of places to be buried. Why even take the risk?

Oh well sometimes bad folks get what’s coming to them.

And so it Begins

Burning rome


From the Journal Times 9/16/2014

PD losing extra officers


“… The Racine Police Department will be faced with the task of reducing its force next spring when a grant that provided the department with three extra officers runs out,…”


“…With the city going into what is expected to be another tight budget process this fall, there is almost no chance the city would have the money to take on the cost of keeping the police force at the elevated number of 202 officers, Howell said….”


Of course as I see it the RPD  along with the Fire Department will see massive cuts. Why? Easy The City of Racine has no money and as I understand it 200 Million in debit, with more to come.

We are starting to like Detroit having to pay for the years of insane spending by our leadership.


Sadly there is little we can do. We do need to write our elected leaders, go to the city meeting and politely express  how we think. Expect however when we do to be ridiculed if not thought to be terrorists for sharing our thoughts.  After all folks like



and imagesGH

Know more then we do. The Mayor I am sure tells them so.  Perhaps he has promised them City Jobs

Maybe the ring of the words Mr. President rings in ears so loudly nothing else matters, perhaps the words are more effective then say little blue pills?

Fact of the matter is Racine has no money, Walker is not going to bail us out nor is Obama.

Even the County who has been covering unpaid property taxes by City Property owners who quit paying them will be unable to do so once the County West of the I understands how much their own taxes maybe going up just to pay for Reef Point Marina.  The county will soon be forced to quit aiding the City of Racine.

Some may hope that the New Casino in Kenosha will pay the bills for Racine sorry not happening. Its at least 5 years away if it even gets built.

No worries for our Mayor my guess is he still be going to France as the gangs rule the streets and those who can flee.

Wait until most of the population who can pay property taxes are gone leaving only those to poor to pay but needing city services as they work low paying jobs if work at all.

Also expect:

The closing of a fire Station

Closing of Rec Centers

The RPL closing two days a week.

But do not fear RootWorks and Porter’s will get what they need.



New Blog in town

Getting close to Budget time in Racine.

The knives are out here is the newest Blog


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