Gentrification must happen My Harsh .02



Gentrification is a dynamic that emerges in poor urban areas when residential shifts, urban planning, and other phenomena affect the composition of a neighborhood.[1] Urban gentrification often involves population migration as poor residents of a neighborhood are displaced. In a community undergoing gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases. This generally results in the displacement of the poorer, pre-gentrification residents, who are unable to pay increased rents, and property taxes, or afford real estate. Often old industrial buildings are converted to residences and shops. New businesses, which can afford increased commercial rent, cater to a more affluent base of consumers—further increasing the appeal to higher income migrants and decreasing the accessibility to the poor. Often, resident owners unable to pay the taxes are forced to sell their residences and move to a cheaper community


Or in other words Blacks and Hispanics get the fuck out of Downtown Racine.

IMHO this is what must happen here in Downtown Racine if we are not going to go the way of Detroit.

Something must happen to get a middle class in the Downtown area that can pay a tax base to keep funding the City of Racine’s operations and move along the poor who only suck up services and the keep RUSD down and suck ass.

Now mind you the poor did not seek to do this but after 50+ years of being trained to taken care of by the Democratic Party what can they do?

So with the root (Hey Root!)  of this action being Root Works in Downtown Racine we will see this:

Condos on Mound Street:

Mixed Development at Azarian Marina site. The Marina itself will be bought by the City

Again all on the Back of Root Works that will proved the cover for the gentrification that will take place and met to

That effort also must cover the West 6th St area if only because of the large numbers of the poor who will keep the well off away from the newly build condos.  I have no idea what project will do that. RootWorks it’s self will only affect the area to the Mount St area.

If this does not happen or the City fucks this up well lets say we are just fucked.

I am no fool. As I see this yes pals of the Mayor will make bank Hey at least my home might have better resell value.