What to expect



Stories lined up not in order

: Unit City Shock troops

Delta hawk what is going on with documentation

Team Porter’s with document

Note the about two Delta Hawk and Team Porters will require use of Wisconsin Open Record laws I have told my Editor of the need of our lawyer to do the filings and pay the costs.

Old Mayor Becker’s Emails will see if we can interest others to share the $700 cost the Racine POst was quoted, also a transcript from his trial  as well as the J-Way Emails about Uptown.

The Uptown Project


Is the DRC taking over Douglas St Bid Uptown Bid how much $$ might that be wort to them?


CAR 25 (this is a hush hush blow the fucking lid off the City. naming names and talking about more links to what some might  call a cult kida story)




Update on Media Pass

So I went to City Hall not knowing what was going to happen, would I be allowed to sit at the Media Table



Or would I be told I could not sit at the media table?


So I get there and take my place .


The President of the Council




Tells me and I think my recorder caught it


“That since there is no written Policy I would be allowed to stay.” WE also had a short side bar about the Photos I posted as above and a bit more about if my newspaper was a newspaper or a “blog”  I guess my editor will be talking to the City about that, but now it be very hard to write a policy that would exclude me from this Table. If they did IMHO I think they get sued fast. I will be asking via open Records for copies of Emails that may exist over who may have asked that I be excluded I will post them here if they exist for all to read.

Others in the room told me that when I left to talk to the Fire Chief the Mayor freaked to them. Oh well get use to it.




Photos from tonights Budget meeting



Keep your eyes open far more to come!




Outside the meeting room Holding my press pass in my hand,. Photo can be seen




Alderman Terry Mc Carthey telling me as President of the Council he is allowing me to sit in the Press box until  my “status” is approved By the City Attorney because of questions others had.  Would not tell me what questions or who had them.

Walked away as I was still trying to find out what was going on.

I explained that I emailed my information a few days ago and had got nothing back on the email.

The Alderman told me I would know my status by the next meeting.



Note here I am taking my note on the meeting. The Lady next to me  is from the Journal Times IMHO the Mayor’s pet paper and part of his propaganda team.

Is that the real issue that the WDI is NOT part of his (the Mayor’s) Propaganda team?

What do you think?


This be very interesting



Copy of my Press Pass from WDI




Did you hear right?



You sure did!


I now write as a Free Lance Reporter for Wisconsin Daily Independent this can be found here http://wisconsindailyindependent.com/   This happened becase of this Blog here that I write and the fact that this is read. wow.

This Blog with it’s misspellings and bad grammar is read and enjoyed, who knew?

Well I do kmow.

I am writting this to tell you why the lack of posts here. I have been spending my time writing for $$$. Yes I get paid for this writing I do for them.

That has given my the confidence to send Emails to find other opportunities to write for $$, that has lead to my being offered help in putting together 2 E Books one will be called LOve Letters to Monsanto and the other   Hey Hollywood ! More on that down the line. Still goes to show two things

God has a sense of humor  and the stones we toss in the water ripple father then we ever know.

So The posts here will be more on events the main effort (the Paper) may not be interested in.

Oh I get paid for this too boy Thanks God, all due to you.




I sent an Email to the City telling them nicely that I expect to be accredited and be allowed to sit in the Press area at Consul  meetings

FYI not only do I get paid the Paper will help write and Pay for FOI documents and has a lawyer to help craft them and deal with BS.


Thanks and to God the Glory


Is there no News in Racine?



Read the J-T lately?

If you have you maybe wondering what’s going on? where is the news in the J-T about

tonight’s Protest by the Natives over the the cities idea of the sell off of what may be a sacred Mound  to pals of the Mayor? (and I understand that someone is calling the buyer The New Tribe …. that;’s a tape I want to see if that person was that silly or not) 50+ will be coming WTMJ I understand is coming. A state wide Newspaper is coming but nothing I have seen in the J-T about this. Why?

I understand that the Racine Equality Project has filed an ethics violation over the voting on selling this area off (the Mound)  and that is not in the paper.

Heck I understand that Sleepy



Above is dead and maybe “On Ice” as Mr. X put it with the Mayor’s pals and that was not in the paper that I saw. Is the Iceman going to be planted at the Mounds? Is this the plan?

Why might this be?

Might it be the idea that no news will be printed that might make Racine or the God of Racine Mayor John Dickert look bad?

imageslm   Is this the God of Racine in his true form?


JDnaziIs this The God ay his desk?


Many have said to include Mr.X that CAR 25 was gutted to create the John Dickert Propaganda Network.

Dr. Joe might fit right in Racine City Hall

imagesJG   Dr. Joe


Sad to say that Mayor John Dickert might be keeping the local press from reporting the real news but I think not much he can do to stop WTMJ or 58 from doing live TV from Racine nor can he stop outside Newspapers from covering the real news and maybe looking for more in Racine WI


Flash clue



And he is pissed as hell


Note this Blog post will go in front of 5K  not including Shares or retweets Mayor John Dickert cant stop the new media

Mayor Dickert our Mayor


Yes the Mayor of Racine has just got to be so happy!

In the past few weeks the fair city of Racine WI, that some call the most corrupt small city in Wisconsin has been on the News I think three times over the issue of Mayor John Dicker wanting (and some would say creating a way) to sell a Burial mound  in Mound Cemetery to a local family that (I think is getting quite the deal).

The AP story was used a much NBC Network did something on this too. Oh Happy Oh Joy

Even though Our as he claims “Native American” Mayor controls I think the Journal Times  has other pals controlling CAR 25 and I have yet to hear anything coming close to criticizing His Holiness from WRJN (then since I am alive I usually tune in Pandora) yet and yet the Story is still out there from WTMJ #58 Facebook posts and events twitter this story is going all over.

How do you think this makes Racine look in the eyes of others?

When I was in Baraboo this lat week folks from that area and the Dells knew,  about this, better so did pals in Madison, even being Democrats   they thought that our mayor was well less then smart thinking he could get away with this.

Yet he does I see no signs of Mayor Dickert backing down, I have no idea why he is all in what could be in it for him?

Might it be


$$ for his reelection or run for Governor?

Some other deed that the Family the Mayor wants to sell the Mound to can do for him?

Is the Mayor thinking to meet his city budget issues by digging up Gold Teeth and needs help?

Stealing Body parts and selling them to the PRC?

All of the above make no sense yet he is all in on an issue that will bring more media to Racine and NOT show the city in a good light.

Now I am hearing from Mr. X that a “retired” City leader has been asked to give his public blessing to this sale, in hopes this all goes away.

I hope the Mayor knows that unlike the Black Bar owners the Natives have a lawyer ready to step in and bring the city to a court perhaps a FEDERAL Court.

If that happens will Dickert call Obama after all he is only a phone call away

Mayor Dickert’s Nightmare



Yes it’s those pesky Natives! Looks like the Natives are not going away and neither is the coverage of the story by State or National media.

The J-T might be in the Pocket of the Mayor but Not WTMJ 4 nor is NBC. In fact as the story grows from the A.P. feed more and more eyes are looking at Racine

and with today’s filing of an Ethics complaint on the voting on the Mound issues even more to report about such this


WTMJ might ask about what I and others see as Conflict of interest as in how can members/backers of John Dickert be expected to look at an Ethics complaint on the man they back?

Maybe a good question for WTMJ to ask with Link or Doug on Camera boy how do you think this makes Racine look like?

The Natives something I wish others would do and that is get organized and hire Lawyers

Posted today

For Immediate Release Concerning Racine Mound Cemetery

On 09OCT2013, Counsel for Ogichidaa Mawansomag ensured delivery of communication to the Mayor of the Great City of Racine voicing specific concerns associated with the sale of the property in question; as well as expressing the client’s intent to move toward injunction and possible litigation should the Site be disturbed.

The communication in question asks the Mayor or his representative to contact Counsel or William Brown on or before 15OCT2013 to arrange for discussions in order to foster an environment of cooperation and avoid potential litigation (and cost) to the Great City of Racine.

Ogichidaa Mawansomag (William Brown – President) has recently formed as an Organization in order to promote and protect Native American Sites and Culture in the Midwest. The Board of Directors and current General Membership is comprised of individuals located in the Midwest, and includes residents of the Great City of Racine. Counsel for the matter in question is being provided by David Armstrong (Director, Indian Law Office) of Wisconsin Judicare Inc.

Do you see a deadline of 10/15/13?  I do! Best yet this group covers the Midwest might they be interested in Lake Michigan and the games at Rootworks?  I do not know I will have to ask them!

With any luck this group will come to Racine now that bring some coverage to the City of Racine! Maybe not the kind the Mayor wants.

Somehow I do not see Mayor John Dickert running for Lt Governor  with this going on. Do you?