Racine Fair Share

Looks like voting has began on Mayor John Dickert’s idea of having NGO’s chip in to The City of Racine’s needs.

As I see it if you like what the Mayor is doing one would send a check if not you will not.

so  what might the total be for Racine Fair Share

My Open Records request:

Good Morning.

I am requesting the following Open Records the Names of and Amounts by each given to The City of Racine’s Fair Share program. From 10/4/12 to 10/22/12.

A PDF copy would be fine.

Thank You

Wayne Clingman

The Answer:

Mr. Clingman,

Although we have had inquiries, no contributions have been made to the Fair Share program.

Thomas Friedel

City Administrator

730 Washington Ave.

Racine, WI 53403


So for the dates of the Open Record no one gave a dime.

Not any City Leader  and NGO in Racine no one.

How nice it must be to know as Mayor of Racine you can not raise Dime one for you city is such needy times.

How much do you think this program will bring in?

Update The J-T  reported that the UU gave around $,1200. AS was pounted out by an evil Bloger that’s less then one week’s salary for the City Administrator.

Yet a grass Roots effort in Michigan is doing a great job.

Here is a link to the story:  http://www.indiegogo.com/soulardarity?a=75891  could it be that few trust Mayor John Dickert?


Can you help a Mayor down on his luck part two


A few thoughts on Mayor John “Can you help a Mayor down on his luck” Dickert

plan for begging for cash

So on WRJN on Thursday the beggar himself was  talking about his plan to get groups to donate to the City of Racine. During the Show  someone called and said she was going to write a check and wanted to know how to make it out and where to send it. Great! He got a sucker on the line. It dawned on me that all the donations as the amount and who made them would be subject to OPEN RECORDS and I plan on making a request for that information. I think it be very interesting to find out who sent a check and if perhaps they serve on a City Board of some type or are appointed to a board after they give.

Might Mayor John “I love Obama” Dickert be selling offices? What do you think?

Could a great way to get a city contract be to donate cash to the City of Racine ?

What do you think?

Should not the City of Racine Mayor stay away from any thing that looks even a bit shady?  I would hope so but after all this is Racine WI.
What might this money be used for? If I send in $20 I want that used for say RFD or RPD not to pay for one of the many court cases the City in involved in.

Worse be if any money I send in goes to pay for Dickert’s settlement with “Bill” siomething myself and many others think the Mayor should have paid.

Again I say how in God’s Green Earth does Mayor Dickert spend one dime on any new spending when he is not only saying the City has no money but is begging we who live in Racine to give his City money.

How do you think that goes over at the Galas the Mayor goes to?  Oh since the City is out of money will the Mayor be donating part of his pay back?