Racine WI, is not doing well. Crime issues, poor schools, very high unemployment and others.

IMHO our local paper, The Racine Journal Times , nor Radio  Station WRJN, are interested in any real reporting.  To me they fear not being one of the Good Old Boys, perhaps they fear loss of city business. Maybe both.

Since I moved here we have had scandal after scandal some funny, think Mayor Smith’s Wife and the Ice Cream some tragic Mayor Becker and his thing for 14 year olds and some that the Good Old boys think are dead and buried.

The effect of this is to drive up taxes and drive away business and home owners, leaving the city of Racine in ruins.

My idea is to document the fall of a once great city soon to be just like Detroit, if not worse.

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  1. johnwilkesbooth says:

    So you blax have a little underground website?
    you ask how much $ is going to spent on white boaters in reefpoint marina?
    Well I want to know how much more of my hard earned white tax dollars is going to be wasted on feeding, and housing the lazy black people of this dump

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