Referendum on Mayor John Dickert and far worse Taxes we could be facing

I like to remind the Mayor that he can raise Taxes if he wants raise taxes he only needs to get a referndum passed to do so.

Want proof?  What process must a municipality follow in order to obtain permission from the electorate to exceed the state-imposed property tax levy limit?

The state law imposing a property tax levy limit on municipalities, sec. 66.0602, Stats., provides that the levy limit may be exceeded if the governing body approves a resolution to that effect and the resolution is approved by voters at a referendum. The process is set out in sec. 66.0602(4).

The link to the process is here:{FDAA9A25-FE55-486D-8EFA-08AC22895822}&DE={3EF3394F-ABDF-4BA0-8EB9-900F9DE7DDC5}

Now why has he not started the effort to do this? Is he worried that it would not pass?  Perhaps getting the Sheep thinking for themselves? Can’t have that The Sheep must not be allowed to think for themselves.

What can the Mayor do to find more money to blow on silly projects like RootWorks  in a time of great economic turmoil?  Why this is right up his alley a Wheel tax! Dickert could say its for his Green Ideas that would bring jobs to Racine.

Although very few have done so, every Wisconsin city and village is also authorized to impose an annual vehicle registration fee (“wheel tax”) on most of the motor vehicles registered in Wisconsin and customarily kept in the city or village. Sec. 341.35(1). The motor vehicles subject to such a fee include automobiles and motor trucks registered under 341.25(1)(c)., at a gross weight of not more than 8000 lbs. Sec. 341.35(1), Stats. This fee does not apply to any vehicle that is exempt from paying a state vehicle registration fee or any vehicle registered by the state under sec. 341.26., for a fee of five (5) dollars. Secs. 341.35(2)(a) and (b), Stats.

Now this be an easy tax to avoid not that we would ever want to not pay  our fair share so Mayor Dickert could bring Green Jobs to Racine. We all see the long lines of Business Owners at City Hall just begging to come to Racine WI.

Do you think the Mayor is planing to find more ways to make us pay fees/Tax us?

Just look at your recycle cart and get back to me.

Will we have a Wheel Tax? Will we be forced to buy City Garbage Carts and pay a pick up fee?

Will the city charge a fee to place TV dishes on your home?


Its all Walkers fault!




I was going to write about the Cable Commission meeting on Monday, how ever there are better  out there to do that nor do I want to in error do anything to disrupt the disrupt the upcoming fight at City Council  nor legal cases coming from that meeting.

Guess the City of Racine has more $$ then I thought for lawyers.

I will say I thought it was interesting that Mayor Dickert and Mr. Dehan both did the song and dance about how our City’s money issues is all Governor Walkers fault.

Shocked I was! I did not know he (Walker) did the City’s Budget !!

I understood that the Mayor with our City Fathers did that!

Sadly this is becoming the excuse Our fearless leader is using to deflect rage at his actions from ripping up Union Contacts to firing City Staff so shall I say more “Nicer” “useful” staff can take their place.

Just so you know City Spending went up this year at the same time our Mayor is saying we have no money as he plays games with with residents of Racine.

Sadly this is not going to change anytime soon.

Welcome to Racine where our Mayor only cares about him and his cronys

A return to who behind on taxes.

As I see it elected offices need to be up to date baring illness or some type of tragic happening on property taxes.

Doing the research on Downtown Racine, I found tome interesting information on property in that area.

I will be posting that soon with question to you the readership.  Let’s see what happens when we expose the  light of day to the Good Old Boys

11/25/12 Report

This one is not pretty.


Do not look behind the Curtain

So the City Leaders passed the budget last night and saved the Fire Station and the Community Centers that was looking at reduced hours  and the happy dance was danced, best of all evil Mayor John Dickert was put in his place the world RECALL was use others talked about running for office go us.

At one time even a few weeks ago I would have Happy Danced too.  Now however I have looked behind the curtain and I have seen what was there.  Simple we got played nothing truly was changed as we danced the Mayor got what he wanted mostly and he will come back for his Fire Station.

He was able to fire the Grant Writer, now I was not a big fan of the job but I thought the way she was fired was shitty.  I also cant wait to find out who will be taking her place, a Blond or Brunette do you think?

The Mayor was able to get us use to the idea of paying a recycling fee after we paid for the carts that fee is here will stay and will go up.  Go us!

We  where so caught up  in the effort to save #5  that the Mayor was able to do  more spending via Bonds that will cause our debit serving to go up yes Bonds have to be paid back.

Sadly we can talk recall and running for office all we want. However Recalls are hard to do and cost money, there also has to be someone will to run for say Mayor when the Paperwork gets started.   I see no one willing to do that.  Nor do I see the cash ready to be donated to someone who might be willing to.   I think that the Mayor is not more then willing to fight a recall. one he would easily win.

As I see  it there are for a lack of a better word infiltrators  with in the Tea Party and other groups who may be planing or talking a recall, (not that one would talk place)  and every plan idea or effort is reported to the Mayor by  the infiltrators , The Mayor knows he has nothing to fear, from a recall.

Since The GOP has given up on the City of Racine there is no effort to remove infiltrators why bother? Since the GOP knows I think who they are the infiltrators are left in place in the City where they are monitored.

Sadly since so many to include me where distracted by the Shinny, The Mayor not only got want he really wanted  but by once again spending more money then we have going more into debit, add to that his piss poor ideas on Real Estate Games ,will cause more to get the hell out of Racine leaving less to pay for more  so next year or perhaps before then he will be able to close #5 and the civic centers he wants to  and look like a leader.

What I think is disgusting is this statement “I will thank everyone who participated in the process; 2014 won’t be any easier, as we all know, “ Alderman Q. A. Shakoor II, said.   I myself saw no leadership prior to the Budget in looking for new ideas and only a small amount of time  looking into trying to  fix things like #5 and  I expect no time will be spent by any of them  between now and 11/14 in saving Racine from our Dictator I mean Mayor John Dickert

The Circus



Welcome to the Circus called the City of Racine!

You know the place by the Great Lake where a once great City is falling apart.

Now like many old cities like Detroit we have seen better days and sliding into ruin, what makes this sad to happen here is well our leadership is serious denial. Hell they have jobs The Mayor and his Kin as City Administrator is making the big $$. The members   of

Our City is still #1 in Unemployment but that is not addressed. The city has given money to a company Delta Hawk  that is expected to hire 100 over the next three years (2011-2014) so far they have hired I was told 13,truly we the Sheep of Racine do not know we have yet to be told.

We have one of the worse schools in the State and the School leadership RUSD  blames everyone but them.   Dr Ann Lang in fact said “Black parents are not intelligent enough to make informed educational decisions for their children.” Oh she is only the superintendent of RUSD. Does she not just love the Minority kids who must go to RUSD Schools?

The leaders who take the cake are the Members of the Racine City Council who for other then a very few believe they have been given the task by a higher power maybe God (In one case) maybe by Mayor John Dickert (In others)

Even with some actions of this body being better as part of say a Soap Opera like Peyton Place or Law and Order, the sad part is the City is ran by them or at least they think they run it.

A saying I think is true is we get the government we deserve.



As we start thinking about 2013. What do you think the City should be doing?

They do have a lot to chose from from trying to get the fiscal house in order to a real plan to attract employers to the City.

Will  we see real action or smoke and mirrors ?

What do you think or is Racine so far gone there is no hope?

Oh! Takled to a Kinsman a long time member of MPD. He is saying that in Law Enforcement circles it is said that we have more crooks in City Hall then in jail. Wow.

Downtown Racine


Going to compare the amount the city of Racine has invested in Downtown Racine area to say the South side of the city.

I like to know. I like to know how much the City has flushed into that area and look at who has benefited.

Other then that area of town has anyone else? In order to have a chance at getting the City to care must you cater to the rich and white?  Not like many (or anyone) who are minorities  get any benefit from Downtown Racine Hell with the empty buildings does anyone other then Realtors ? The economy being what is  will anyone becoming into Racine anytime soon?  With  our being #1 in Unemployment (again) is there any reason to come to this City?


Documentary on Racine one the Mayor will not like


A group of folks are doing a documentary on Racine WI and how the City Govermet as they see it treats Black owned bars.

I an not part of the project, I do think this a film that should get made so the State perhaps the County knows what is going on in Racine.

Here is the teaser for the inde go go project.


Check it out please share with others.

By showing other view points is how we might get change done

The Sheep are getting pissed off.

Tonight there was a Public Hearing over the City of Racine’s budget for 2013. In the past this would mean a few die hards bitching thats about it.

Tonight it was different, Tonight The Sheep showed up and boy are they pissed.

Over 100 I think was in attendance   White Black Hispanic Men Women and kids.  Many spoke on the Fire Station closing others on the Community centers some spoke well others like me not so much one man could hardly speak but they spoke and  after speaking the crowed clapped (The Good Ole Boys didn’t like that) .

Looked like to me that the whole City Hall Bathroom scam is well known in the City, I pointed out that the City last week moved to give RCEDC over 150K in money (100K for Launch Box that will be a story I talk about) 50+ For Brownfield stuff as the City of Racine rips up contracts with City Unions

(Did Launch Box get that $$ because well who the cheerleader is?)

Very interesting groups talking outside.

I  hope the idea of coming to City Council becomes the thing to do. With luck the Sheep are becoming Wolfs