Sunday in Racine a sign of the times

Went to a book store on Sunday with the wife to hang out and perhaps get a book or two.

As I was there I saw a young man in his 20’s well dressed in a shirt and tie come in and ask one of the workers if the store was hiring, he was told he had to apply on line, I thought that be the end the guy would leave life goes on… but not yet, this young man started begging for any job they might have at any wage, going on to the dumbfounded staffer that he had not worked in years had not U/C left got some help from Food Stamps but with kids he was facing being homeless maybe living in his car.  The staff member said nothing he could do. He then left a sad thing to see.

Are jobs that hard in Racine to find that we are having to beg to find one?

I know a few years ago I heard a speaker say there were homeless families living in Cars in Racine, at the time I thought sad but without the sad facts in my face easy to look the other way and forgot all about that.

The Homeless I see are as far as I can tell drunks or druggies and have done this to themself’s

Sunday bothered me then and keeps on bothering me.

We are told by our Mayor that if we only spend more $$ the streets of Racine will be made of Gold, our County  Executive tells us if only we spend a few million on Reef Point Marina Gold gold gold!  Strange the City spends good money on the Downtown now the county   has on the Marina, yet the old Gold I see are in the hands of the good old boys.

Porrter’s has bombed, Delta Hawk has not worked out like our Mayor said it would. Now we are told that Rootworks will save us, or the Uptown project will.

I am not thinking  so I am just seeing more homeless and that man begging for a job in a city that has none but wanting to sell our souls hoping that the Boaters are coming.


Racine and the Ukraine

We live in Racine WI. where I have seen my taxes go up 100% the value of my home fall and even if I wanted to sell this place who would want to buy this well maintained home in the slum called Racine?

Our Mayor goes on trips to Mexico as Street Lights come down because the City has no Money, City Backed/funded projects die or go in to the black pit from Porter’s to Delta Hawk yet the City gears up for more like Rootworks or the upcoming Uptown project.

Many bitch few do anything more, some may turn energy to trying to fix up what they can, some get the hell out (Racine has lost many 1,0000 over the last few years) more and more are fleeing.

Others rage on what they see going on with this city Goverment at times like the Film by Jim Spodick Pattern or Practice or blogs like Racine Exposed show as some might the petty corruption of this small town on a Great Lake.

Sadly even with some of the Aldermen starting to push back on this administration nothing will be effective until numbers start showing up at City Hall demanding an accounting of the actions of this Mayor and his staff. More sad is if the past is anything to go by that is not happening soon, after all we might miss Prime Time TV!

Then we have the Ukraine a small country who just took to the streets fought back with Stones and Molotov cocktails Police troops with guns and won. Well over 100 died in battles in the cold at night but they won. 

I am not saying we should start tossing   Molotov cocktails far from it, I am saying, if we want change we need to understand that its time to get off our asses. Maybe you may choose to leave Racine simply walk away to some that might be the best option, others may work on a small area of the city to make that area better that’s fine. Others run for office help others to do so or maybe do a blog or Podcast.

IMHO we all need to do something unless we are just happy to be sheepwhat time is that movie on tonight?


My heroes


The County Roads or Rich White Boaters?

So today my wife and I drove to Janesville, we took mostly County roads to Hwy 43.

I must say that some of the roads were almost unable to be driven on the roads near Raynomd  very very bad. We know this is due to the long hard winter, that is no ones fault now nearing Spring we can all see how much damage they have suffered, again no ones fault that the roads are bad.

However with the coming warm weather will the County fix the roads or will money be pissed away on the Marina?

Will Jim Ladwig take care of the roads in Racine County or will the Mythical Boats who are thought to be the saving grace of Downtown Racine see the money?

I would hope that the piss poor roads would get priority over spending for the Rich white boaters (who many think are not coming) after all we the voters have to drive on the roads to work, to school, to wherever do we not?

Should not we who live here have farms here who have no other choice then to use the roads come first?

How in the name of God can Jim Ladwig do anything else then do the basic job of Goverment and fix the roads?  What excuse could he have not to?

Yes it might upset the Downtown Racine folks if the County put more $$ into the roads and that took $$ from the Harbor. Too bad so sad.

Perhaps I should take some photos so you can see how bad they are.

Mr. A Visits

My good pal Mr. A from Sidney is visiting this area  as he is move from the Land of Kangaroos to this great State, he is taking the time to see what is where can the best place for him to set down roots.

Racine was ruled out fast for he believed after Reading about our great Mayor and the Unions + the whole BS on Washington Ave that he could buy property in downtown Racine (He liked the old Park 6 place and would have paid cash for it, then put another 50K in the place to build his business) He did not think he could trust the city not to fuck him.

He has left Racine to visit other areas of the State and visit his partners on the West Cost, however before he left to give me his thoughts on this city and the fight on Mayor John Dickert and I did not like what he had to say.

1) The Mayor has an organization, that has goals

2) The goals are worked on

3) Workers are held to account awarded or punished.Long term pals of the Mayor get rewarded.

4) One may not step out of line or else.

5) 99% of Racine does not care about the politics of the city until or unless the City effects them.

6) The Anti-Dickert group has few clues.

7) There is little leadership shown nor is there one or two leaders of said group. Just a bunch of folks doing what ever with no effort to coordinate  actions.

8) The local anti-Dickert Bloggers are effective but I need to do a better  job in spelling and grammar.  Mr. A loves Racine Exposed.

9) That my Podcast are better then my writing

10) After reading the City budget and the Mayor’s plans for the City, that the best thing to do if we live here is to get out as fast as we can, Mr. A thinks Detroit be an O.K. Place.

As much as I am unhappy of what Mr. A. said I have a lot to think about.

We are waiting

It’s a bit past mid-month of February and well we are waiting to see the fantastic proposals  for Belle Harbor Marina! After all so much going on in Racine to bring developers right? 

Our County Executive has said this about this great location in the City of Racine from

Racine seeks development for marina

…“We’re looking (for) something that will obviously bring value and people to downtown Racine,” County Executive Jim Ladwig said.

The request for proposals, expected to be issued Sept. 20, lists residential, hotel and retail development, along with public access to the riverfront, as preferred uses for the site.

“We’d love to see a hotel, something that brings people in,” Ladwig said.

Racine has one downtown hotel, and it isn’t always enough to serve the city’s needs, he said. For example, it didn’t have nearly enough rooms to serve visitors and participants during the Ironman 70.3 Racine Triathlon this summer.

The county already has seen a lot of interest in the site, Ladwig said.

“I could put up a ‘for sale’ sign and sell it real quick,” he said. “What’s more important to me is having site control and being part of the bigger redevelopment.”…

Really?  Comes as news to me! after all the 2 largest Boating type businesses West Maine and Skipper Bid’s have left the City.   A third gave it up in 2013. If there was truly money to be made in the area of servicing “the Boaters who will save Racine” they never would have left right they be making money from all the Boaters coming to Racine, but they are not coming are they? Oh of course Azarian would have sold right?

We are also waiting for the fall out of the Johnson’s layoffs to hit downtown Racine. How many and what will close Downtown first?

and with Spring Coming lets have a contest!

The person predicting but not going over the number of slips rented (and not going over) at Reef point Marina on June 1st 2014 will Win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Chart Room!

Your number must be in by 3/1/14  Prize mailed 6/15/14  Must be 18.

In case of a tie the tie breaker will be Name the who will win the Alderman of the 2nd in Racine.

Good Luck!

Document you need to read then ask …



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A Document you need to read then ask where did the money go? Did it do Racine and good?

This will be talked about at tonight’s COW meeting 2/13/14





            The area-wide Sewer Service Agreement was signed on April 25, 2002 by the City of Racine, the Racine Wastewater Commission, the Town of Mt. Pleasant and its Utility District, the Town of Caledonia and its Utility Districts and was later signed by the Village of Sturtevant and the North Park Sanitary District.  Other communities are also expected to sign during the first 120 days after April 25, 2002, which is the “Effective Date” of the Agreement.  Revenue sharing payments required by the Agreement are based on a model developed by the City’s consultant, Ruekert-Mielke, Inc.  Payments are based on factors including the municipal budget, population and equalized property values.  Payments are calculated based on information from the prior calendar year, with notification of the amounts by July 1 of each year.  Payments are due by March 1 of the following year.  The Wastewater Commission is required to bill the parties for such payments by January 15 of the year payment is to be made.  The Wastewater Commission will distribute revenue sharing payments to Net Recipient Parties within 15 days of payment by all contributing Parties, except if there is a late payment, proceeds will be distributed based on the amounts received.  For each area participating, there will be 30 payment years beginning in 2002 with payments due March 15, 2003.  New areas entering the agreement will have 30 years of revenue sharing payments to make beginning at the time the area enters the agreement. 

            The agreement requires the City to use these revenues for capital improvement projects and thereby be able to increase its equalized value.  Such projects are envisioned to include infrastructure improvements as well as redevelopment projects.  Additionally, the Agreement requires certain expenditures to be made for designated projects and a designated area.  The City is required to spend not less than $6,000,000, 2001 net present value at 5% annually, of the total revenue sharing payments from Mt.. Pleasant in the area designated in Exhibit I of the Agreement (see attached) within 10 years after signing the Agreement.  Such expenditures must include the Oakes Road extension, which is to be improved during the same year that Mt. Pleasant participates in reconstruction of Chicory Road, which is a project that the City is pursuing.  Additionally, the City must spend its pro-rata share of upgrading and improving Three Mile Road at the border of Caledonia and Racine, contingent on Caledonia expending funds for its share of the Three Mile Road project. 

                        In addition to revenue sharing payments received from the outlying communities, the City will receive transfers of assets from the Wastewater Utility, subject to the Utility retaining an amount of funds that is reasonable and prudent in light of the needs and circumstances of the Utility.  The transfers will include reimbursement for equity contributions made by the City to the Utility or the Wastewater Commission after the effective date of the Agreement, plus interest; the amount of $660,000 per year to reimburse the City for assets originally transferred to the Utility, with a total transfer of $6,690,407, of which $3,300,000 was paid through the end of 2001; payment for Racine County’s funding shortfall for library services, beginning with a 2002 payment of $467,527; a payment for zoo funding in the amount of $285,000 in 2002 with a 3% increase per year through 2007 and the amount fixed for future years, and a payment for Wustum Museum services in the amount of $115,000 for 2002 with a 3% increase per year through 2007 and payments fixed in that amount thereafter.  These items total $1,527,527 for transfers in 2002.  It is anticipated that sufficient reserve funds exist in the Wastewater Utility accounts to support these payments for at least 20 years.  The agreement also anticipates that Racine County will increase its funding for library services and the amount funded by the Utility reserve funds would vary based on the County’s participation in payment for library services.  The items in this paragraph are not subject to expenditure limitation for capital projects.  It is anticipated that these funds will be used for offsetting current expense in each year’s City budget.

     -Dan Wright, City Attorney

And the Excuses are With corections

So our Mayor Mayor John Dickert  the one that is so busy being Mayor he needs a City Administrator (who is his kin too)

John Dickert

Our Mayor and Senior Adviser for HSR the Web page


Our City Administrator  as acting Mayor after Garry Becker resigned

Well put out the word of why its OK that he is doing both (but wait he may have a third job!)

1) All elected officials do the example use by one souse he was told is Robin Vos, and his Popcorn company.

2) Its not taking him away from City dealings

3) The Income from being Mayor is low note in 2012 he made 72K   is that low?

Really?  There was a meeting in Milwaukee ( not Madison) about the State Surplus and how local units of Goverment  wanted to see the funds used for Roads  repair all or most local governments  got together about what they thought should be done with it. Where was our Mayor the Lobbyist? Well Chicago! No one was in Madison representing Racine    to my source knowledge. Oh what was our Mayor doing???  Hanging out with the Gov of New Jerry

Wow was it critical City Business that brought our Mayor to Chicago   or was in work for HSG have you seen the web page   How do we know? How can we know?

Be interesting to see how this develops.

Oh two words Wisconsin Reporter