is Mayor Dickert runing with the hare and hunting with the hounds


News Flash Racine!

What is going on?

Mayor John Dickert who loves spending our money on:


City Hall Bathrooms $400K +  at least one newspaper is looking into finding what the real costs might be via open records

His Legal Bills 100 K +

Settlements over his law suits ???? We are waiting to find out

Round abouts City Share is ??

NSP Law suits still making their way in the courts that cost???

Many have screamed about the City and its spending after all Mayor John Dickert himself said we have no money when he busted the City Union contracts even though we will see this Monday 10/22/12 how much The Mayor wants to spend on Rootworks

{Sidebar the Good old boys talk about Bonds NOT being tax $$ however Bonds must be paid back with interest}

Now we read that Mayor John Dickert has joined a group that as the J-T tells us ” Dickert part of new Wis.chapter of group for national debt cuts”  wow why might this be?

Is it because the Mayor seeing the handwriting on the Wall that Obama will lose (YES!) and there is no money come to save Racine, that Walker has great cause not to doing thing for our Mayor other then I hope to start an investigation on how Racine works so in some strange way thinks that by joining this group he could make new pals and get the $$ he so badly needs?

This week we will see the City of Racine Budget for 2013. Be interesting how can he be a member of this national debt cuts group and try ANY type of silly spending?  Is this just something for his Resume to run to fill Ryan’s seat when he becomes V.P.?


Your guess is as good as mine



11 Responses to is Mayor Dickert runing with the hare and hunting with the hounds

  1. No Way says:

    I find it interesting that people in league with those who started the bullshit lawsuits complain about the cost to the taxpayers.

    • How darw anyone take the City to court to address wrongs. We simply nerd to believe that Mayor Dickert loves us and go along with anything he does!

    • enicar666 says:

      Who started the “bullshit lawsuits” – and please name those lawsuits?

      Lawsuits are only won if the Plaintiff has merit – place the blame where it belongs – on the wrongful actions of the Mayor and the Common Council! If they hadn’t acted wrongfully – no lawsuits would have taken place. Incompetence seems to be a way of life with the 4 Stooges who are running Racine – Mayor John Dickert, City Attorney Robert K. Weber, Alderman Greg Helding and Alderman Jim Kaplan.

      Meanwhile, Alderman Greg Helding and Alderman Jim Kaplan defy all logic and sense and disagree with Judge Schroeder’s ruling on the John Dickert lawsuit and force the taxpayers to pay John Dickert’s personal legal bills. REALLY? Just who do the Aldermen represent? Certainly NOT the taxpayers of Racine!!!

      “KENOSHA — A judge said Wednesday Mayor John Dickert’s suit against the City of Racine is to be dismissed.

      Dickert had filed a third party complaint against the city for it to assume the cost of any damages that may be awarded in a slander lawsuit against him.

      Kenosha Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder in court Wednesday noted the plaintiff, William Bielefeldt, had repeatedly stated that he was bringing the slander case against the mayor in his personal capacity.

      “Therefore there is no reason for the city to participate (in the suit),” Schroeder said after the motion hearing Wednesday. A written ruling with more detail is to follow.”

      Meanwhile the City of Racine brags about “Redevelopments” like this:

      “Caledonia businessman Akil Ajmeri is one developer who has set his sights on central Racine.

      Later this month, he is expected to close with the city on the purchase of a 1.3-acre vacant lot at 1130 Washington Ave. — the site of the former Schaefer Pontiac dealership.

      Ajmeri, who owns several area gas stations, Subway restaurants and liquor stores, all doing business under the name Ayra’s, plans to turn the site into a $1.2 million development that would include a gas station, a Subway, a convenience store that sells alcohol and another retail shop.”

      REALLY? A redevelopment to get excited about? This is the “high point” in Racine for 2012?

  2. enicar666 says:

    Brian O’Connell goes on to say this….

    “He said similar successes can happen with the undeveloped land the city currently owns once the market improves.

    “I am often amazed by people who offer that kind of a (negative) comment, because behind that comment is a really pessimistic vision for the City of Racine and other older cities — that you do not see redevelopment, that it is a strange downward spiral,” O’Connell said.”



    Naturally, the JDT didn’t think to ask THOSE questions….

    Here ya’ go Mr. O’connell, Mayor Dickert and City Administrator – let’s look at some SUCCESSFUL CITIES!

    “NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. announced Friday it will add a third shift at a vehicle assembly plant in Tennessee, adding more than 800 jobs. The staffing for the expanded work hours bring the total new Nissan jobs in the state to more than 2,000 since the middle of last year. About 5,600 people currently work at the Smyrna plant that first began production in 1983″

    Meanwhile, German automaker Volkswagen AG announced in July it would boost production at its Chattanooga plant by 30,000 cars next year with the help of about 1,000 new workers added this year.”

    “BB&T to Add 1,700 Jobs in Greensboro, N.C. The $179 billion-asset company in Winston-Salem, N.C., said Tuesday it plans to add roughly 1,700 jobs in back-office, administrative and support functions in Greensboro. The new workers will be among 2,500 personnel BB&T expects to house in a 390,000 square-foot building near the Piedmont Triad International Airport the company has leased for the next seven years.”

    “North Carolina: Denver Global Products Inc., a subsidiary of Chongqing RATO Power Company Ltd., said Monday it will build manufacturing, distribution and research and development facilities in Lincoln County.

    The company said it would create 450 jobs and spend $30.2 million on capital investments over four years. The company is eligible for up to $2.7 million in Job Development Investment Grant funds, as well as local incentives.”

    “KERNERSVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A partnership between two behemoth builders of excavating machinery said Friday it plans to add 340 jobs at a North Carolina plant in return for incentives of more than $5 million while promising salaries below the local average.

    Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp. said it will expand its Kernersville, N.C. plant that now employs more than 700. The plant is a part of a 24-year partnership between Tokyo-based Hitachi Construction Machinery and Moline, Ill.-based Deere & Co. to manufacture both Hitachi and Deere brand excavators.”

    “Polaris Industries Inc. on Friday formally announced plans to more than double its product development center in Wyoming, Minn., while adding another 300 workers to the facility over three years.

    The company will spend $20 million to build a 144,000 square-foot addition to its existing facility, which sits on 620 acres 30 miles north of Minneapolis.”

    “Connecticut-based Odyssey Logistics & Technology said Tuesday that it will add 100 jobs to expand its Charlotte operations, which currently employ 170 in the city.

    Odyssey first opened a Charlotte office in 2003 with 13 employees. The company has expanded several times in Charlotte, which now is its biggest single operations center, handling technology, customer service and other corporate functions.”

    SO – The City of Racine gets a gas station with a convenience store and a Subway, and well, that’s just peachy-keen get excited about…..

    SAD – Racine is a PATHETIC SHELL BEING LOOTED BY PETTY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. When you set the bar LOW enough, everybody can pass over it.

    • Is this Story by the J-T(City’s owning so much real estate) a ploy to prepare us for the City’s plan to buy more property say as part of the Rootworks plan?

      • Scott E says:

        The City of Racine appears to be preparing to make a large purchase?

        What could it be? Might it be the Azarian Marina?

        Executive Committee Meeting: Monday, October 22, 2012 6:00 PM City Hall, Mayor’s Office

        “It is intended that the Executive Committee will convene in closed session pursuant to section 19.85
        (1) (e), Wisconsin Statutes, to address the request of the Director of City Development to acquirenon-residential real estate, which requires a closed session for bargaining reasons.

        Click to access 5615_A_Executive_Committee_12-10-22_Meeting_Agenda.pdf

      • Never said I did speak for them nor do I want to looks like by the reaction, the Cat is out of the bag.
        Now how does Mayor John Dickert justify closing say a Fire Station (because its in the slum?) laying off Police for this? How does he pay for it when in a few short weeks the money from Dickert’s pal Obama drys up?
        Can’t wait until the cost of Dickert’s legal biils/Settlement come to light.

  3. Another Concerned Citizen says:

    If those lawsuits were “bs”, why did they settle?

    • No Way says:

      Nuisance suits are routinely settled to avoid spending money defending them. Sometimes, like in the case Spodick brought a few years back, the plaintiffs drop them because it turns out they have no case.

  4. Another Concerned Citizen says:

    Be sure to include Brian O’Connell on the list of names of those city officials that need to be replaced. The proof is in the pudding, where is there any development in the city? What happened with the west Racine gas station proposal a few years ago?

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