Is Downtown Racine the New Las Vegas or the begining of a Ghost Town?



It’s getting interesting in Downtown Racine!

In theory Downtown Racine will be a Booming place, we got Team Porters-we got the Marina we got the City Hall Bathrooms how much has been spend and who got the checks?

We sure know who will be paying for it!  We are!!  Yes! Are we having fun yet?

Look at all the nice folks making money off YOUR taxes in the Downtown/Marina area!

Who might be the Contractors/ Subcontractors being paid?

Are they using Union Labor? Are they using Illegals?

What links do they have to say the Mayor of Racine John Dickert?

In the Lake Front are the Contractors Dems or GOP members?  Why are so many on the County Board?

Has Racine been like Las Vegas divided up so conflict is avoided?

How munch $$ been spent and on what in TID 17?   Same with the round about. Its about who gets paid, we know who is paying the bills We are!

Have your street lights been turned off yet?  Whats your house value at not vs say 20010?

Why is it so hard to get straight answers from the City of Racine, who is being protected by not answering ? on TID 17?

Who are say the largest contractors  making money from the “rebuilding”    Who are they rebuilding it for?

Ah Racine

Sadly Vegas has interesting men with flair, who tipped big lived large and died in a hail of gun fire

We do not, perhaps all we have no more then a few interesting types looting before running off.

Things to come:

Who are the top say 5 Contractors in Downtown Racine and who they give donations to politically, might that have anything to do with wining contracts from the City?

a traffic count of cars coming into Downtown and walkers in Downtown

Number of empty Store fronts as a % of total Stores

“”             “”     Bars  as a % of total businesses.

At least in Vegas you have a chance at Winning.


This be a long term project but the % of Buildings behind on taxes. Then compare  that number to the $$ tossed away on Downtown, trying to answer the question is City of Racine what is keeping Downtown Racine alive?

Something to think about, is the DRC helping to churn buildings in the Downtown in ordr to have the illusion of value?

To ponder why are questions about   spending  on TID 17 so hard to get answers?  Might the Good old boys not what us to know that Porters might be a sucker bet?

Would you rather see street lights in Racine or Good Old Boys  go to Vegas?

Coffee with Mr X


Not a big Coffee drinker but when I saw Mr. X in my back yard at 5:30 AM this morning I made the time.

This morning   he showed me his finds from the City.  Old documents from garbage cans that he had yet to look at. He also told me about his Flash drives and how easy it was to have his old pals at City Hall to copy to the drive information he be interested in.

Got to love Mr. X . IMHO he is an old time City staffer who is getting his old pals (the ones who are left) to give him stuff. He must be in sales for the rapport he has with the younger staff members.

who also feed him info.

Today’s meeting was on HUD $$ being used to  as I say pay off the inner city churches.

I will be going to Madison this week to the Dally Cardinal office (for old time sake maybe stop and see if the 602 club is still there.   Talk to  my reporter pals and give them the 500+ pages of documents and 3 flash drives.

Can’t beat old hippies who love fucking with the man, as one said to me “Dickert wants to fuck with City Unions lets see how he likes a bit of payback. !” Yes many of my old hippies were IWW members

Sex Clubs of Racine

One of the big open secrets in Racine, are our Sex Clubs!

Not talking strip clubs of the past but locations where lets say fun things happen behind closed doors.  Where the Good Old boys can get a not so nice woman to play Daddy’s bad girl who needs to be spanked.  After all the wife will not understand will she?

Ever since I moved here in 94, I hear stories.  As an employee for a local contractor,, I in taking to others heard more stories.

Being part of the Ad Club I got more of them told to me.

Here are just some of the stories…………….Stories YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Interesting City Racine, an BDSM Club in the Uptown, A Key Club Downtown, and more is there now a safe place where a special Good Old Boy can go with  his Girls and hide away from the public? (but watch that making out on Main st)

Might there be a Ship that one can rent that will take you and that Girl/Guy out in to the lake for a game of Pirates? Do not have a guy/girl might one be able to be provided for you?

IMHO only a fool would play with other women close to home.  Only a Fool use a BDSM Club whose owner MIGH(?) be a drunk (Should said Sex Club exist)

I do like Mr X! If only for the cool electronic devices he owns!   Did you know that a low powered Laser can be used to record sound in a room?  That the light of said Laser need not be visible?   That the Laser it’s self can be as far away as 500′?

The NSA is not the only users of high tech!


Block Grants as pay off money. What I hear


Mr. X my  guy and I just met at our new contact location. He  is letting me know about meets using not phone or Email but by post cards. I get a post card I know where/when to see him.

Today we talk of Block Grants and who is getting them and why. I will have to see if Racine County is over seeing how the Block Grants are spent and why.

Might Mayor John Dickert be using Block Grants to pay off say the Churches in the inner city?  Is it time to write Senator Johnson a letter asking the Feds to investigate? I do!  Or should Block grants be used to say buy off Black Churches?    If true and I will be looking into this to see what I can find out Should not Racine expect better?

Info Needed!


Wanted the name of the P.I. working for the DRC about 2 years ago.

Stop the Press!





Was not going to say anything but I let the Cat of of the bag.

Back in the day when I was drinking I mean studying at U.W. Madison, I knew a good number of folks who worked at the Daily Carnal the far left wing newspaper,  to include my then Girl Friend now Ex Wife.

In the past few weeks, I got back in touch with many of them, just to rehash old times the world we live in, if America is a Police State (We are)   stuff like that.

Some I told about this Blog and others in Racine, the how and why on some of them that I knew. After giggling at my spelling/grammar, some point were brought up:

We the local bloggers are not a good thing for the Good Old Boys   because anyone with Internet might read what say Racine Exposed has to say and think like many do that Racine is a corrupt little town this would not be good say if the Mayor was going to run as Governor.

As more and  more info is sent to the GAB, perhaps the GAB looks at the Blogs and is pushed into action, I understand that many State Politicians  look at the Blogs and just might help to make that happen.

So the neat thing is that a few of them (Old  Cardinal Reporters) teach mini courses some even teach at UW Madison  or simple write blogs of their own, and will be helping me research Racine City Hall write Open Records  as well them that teach are planing to use the full power of the U.W. System to fuck with the Mayor about the  fun and games at Racine City Hall.

Yes old hippies with nothing better to do then to keep fucking with “the man”


Ryan Part II




I have been asked to give more of my thoughts on Ryan,  was I not a big fan?

I sure was and happy to have voted for him in the last election.

Was very happy to have talked to him one on one on two different occasions. I was very very happy that when one of our talked he needed to get me more information, he did so and very quickly.

When I asked his State office for help researching Farming Grants the office did a great job providing the information on that as well.  That by the way is the job they are paid to do (Someone tell that to the Tick Cory Mason)

Rep Ryan’s NSA vote   that attacks our rights as Americans, negates that. Not only that but shows me that IMHO he is willing to sell out our other rights just to get along with the powers that be in D.C.  Do our rights mean anything?  Will he start to back Obama Care should the GOP leadership ask him to do so?

All our rights are critical NONE  are up for debate, NONE.

My Father did not join the Army in WW II so my Mom could be wire Tapped. My Step Father Lee did not join the U.S.M.C. at 17 and fight in Korea and be badly wounded so I could be wired tapped or his text messages read by the Obama Police State  just in case this 84 year old Marine was a terrorist.

They fought to keep America free.

If Ryan wants my vote he need to:

1) Apologize for his vote to save the NSA

2) State in Writing he will at once do what he can to end the NSA spying program on the America Public

3) Carry out #2 above


Paul Ryan think we need to be spyed on?

My thanks to the Wisconsin Reporter

From The Hill 6/11/13

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) dubbed a secret National Security intelligence program as “creepy.”

Ryan’s comments come less than a week after two secret data collection programs were revealed to the public. One of the programs, run by the NSA, involves collecting data on calls of millions of telephone users.

“It comes across as creepy,” Paul said according to Wisconsin Radio Network. “I understand FISA court orders to go after some known person, and their phone records and whoever they’re communicating with. But to do a blanket dragnet nationwide, that seems to go way beyond the scope of the law that I’m familiar with called the Patriot Act.”

I thought this met that given a chance that Ryan would stop this shit after all The Public are NOT terrorists.  IMHO this is nothing more then more Obama turning the USA into a Police State  and a huge attack on the Constitution.
Of course Rep. Ryan who I thought was for Freedom etc would stop the NSA from doing this shit.
Case in point
“…America is not just a nationality; it’s not just a mass of land from Hawaii to Maine, from Wisconsin to Florida. America is an idea. It’s the most pro-human idea ever designed by mankind. Our founders got it right, when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our rights come from nature and nature’s God — not from government. Should we now subscribe to an ideology where government creates rights, is solely responsible for delivering these artificial rights and then systematically rations these rights?”
So imange  my surprise to read that Ryan voted to to allow the NSA to keep spying on us!
Just like Obama wanted him too!
Do we need to be policed? Our Emails read? Phones taped?  If so why so?
Mind you many like me now NO LONGER TRUST PAUL RYAN.  IMHO anyone who thinks the NSA should be doing wiretapping on the public should not hold public office!
Now say that on Facebook and see Americans for Prosperity  come at you to protect there guy.
 If the AFP want a civil war in the GOP I am happy to give them one.  They are NOT now or ever been The Tea Party nor do they tell me how/who to vote for.
Until I get an answer that makes sense I will not be voting for Paul Ryan again.  IMHO you should not  vote for him either.  Hell let Mayor Dickert get the office after all they both love Obama and his Police state indexPR
Has Mr. Ryan switched to the main stream GOP?

Is a Cult taking over Racine? Is John Dickert a Cult? Editorial



Let me first point out that IMHO you have every right to be part  of any Religion you like , if you want you can believe in Frogs running the world or even that Obama is doing a good job up  to you.

You can give all your $$ your house what have you, I do not care.

I do care if say the Mayor of Racine belongs to a “Church” that some might call a Cult no so much that the Cult might thing silly things like Racine is a great Place or the like,nor if The Cult doctrine might say allow The Mayor to have a Girl Friend because he has needs    or that if say the Mayor have intercourse, but does other things


because well that show IMHO bad Judgment like say spending Millions on Public Works projects after saying we have no money.

Its O.K. he is doing God’s Will

I also be upset if the Mayor say gave Members of His Cult I mean Church Contracts appointed members to City Committees etc, because not for the skills they may have

Take a sec to read this

You may be interested in this ” :

and watching this

What  Church does our Mayor  belong to? How about Alderman Jim Kaplin?

Should I and others expected to be say excommunicated because we do not think that its God will and plan that John Dickert runs Racine but oh  say


Jer 23:14-15

They commit adultery and live a lie. They strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his wickedness… Therefore, this is what the Lord Almighty says concerning the prophets: ‘I will make them eat bitter food and drink poisoned water, because from the prophets of Jerusalem ungodliness has spread throughout the land.'”

Might this be say Delta Hawk/Porters Millions given yet nothing in return for the City?

Jer 8:10-12 From the least to the greatest all are greedy for gain; prophet and priest alike, all practice deceit. They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace. Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.”

Are we not still one of the highest Unemployment? Are we not taking down Streetlights as our Mayor goes to France?

But if The Mayor been told “It’s OK your doing God’s will” who would not continue to do God’s Will?  Think of the Hot Women maybe they are told to do God’s Will too in something else?

Think of the Checks the Church could get from the new Members!

Time I think to call the big guns




I so do like wars of religion




Is the GOP in Racine worth our time?



Is the GOP in Racine County doing anything to change the City?

Have they spoke out  on how Black owned Bars are treated vs White Owned Bars?

Have they spoke out on Mayor John Dicket’s use of City Money on say trips to France?

Have they spoke out on say the Contracts on the City Hall Bathrooms?

The take over of CAR 25 and Dickert giving it IMHO to pals?

What have they done?

Well I get calls to donate $$ and time for the upcoming elections, yet nothing in aid to say get an investigation going on the City of Racine.

When I call attention to the issues  I am told to go away. (Still the calls come asking for $$)

Why are they not doing anything in Racine City of is it because Obama will send drones?  Is it because they have no pull in Madison?    Or maybe because its a big game and it does not mater who is in charge we are still going to get fucked.

Your thoughts




I was Blind but now I see