And the lies are spun

From the Journal Times  “…

While that’s been taking place, Mayor John Dickert has been working behind the scenes and in tandem with the county to make the project a reality.

“This is a community opportunity,” Dickert said. “This is not a city or county thing or anything else. This is all of us partnering together on an opportunity to create jobs.”

Those jobs are a vital benefit of the arena proposal, which was presented publicly for the first time to the County Board Tuesday. The $40 million events center would add more than 300 jobs as well as 450 construction jobs during the building process, according to Dickert. …”

Well now let just look at his track record on projects our fine Mayor has talked about

Team Porters   Number of Jobs 0  Site is now a field of grass

Delta Hawk Jobs promised 100 Jobs created ??  Business sold to another local company no report ever given that I am aware of, we were that if X jobs where not created the money given by the City of Racine would be “clawed back” no idea if that was ever stared nor occurred

Machinery Row a 60 Million project city loans given Grants received for the project

so far..

The loan not paid back talks to extend loan payments, from a review of city of Racine information on line not happening and from what I can find from the City and county of Racine the properties are behind on taxes! Yes Machinery Row is NOT paying taxes (gee I thought they would have to?). We are also told that work on the Brownfield issues are being done as I type this, however the most number of cars I have seen at this site is 3 so I can only think that no this is not happening.

From what I can see and read from pubic information is nothing is going on at the site and Machinery Row like Porters is well kinda dead

Of course we have the 800K “lost” loan from a building on Main st as you know from the Journal Times the paper work securing this loan kinda of sorta got lost not filed not done in the first place.

Damn Racine is good when it comes to doing/following up on  projects

Questions that should be ask include is the Brewhouse at Reef Point Marina paying rent yet?

How many “Boaters” outside the Zip code of Racine have come to Reef Point Marina? Is it covering its own costs?

How much money has Venue Works lost in running Festival Hall last report is 300K in the red. Gee how much money can they lose on this?

Our Mayor of course is saying what a great place a arena would be for the area you know the Jobs we have the folks coming to downtown Racine etc You know the lies we have been told for years and years but this time it will be different.

Of course it will be sure you know I got this great bridge for sale in New York



Pattern or Practice The event or is Racine the new home of the KKK?


Well I was invited to see the first showing of this film on this last Monday night, by the Film Maker Jim Spotdick, I went up with 4 others all involved with the alternative press in Racine WI area.

The venue was very nice and had easy parking.

It was at the Oriental in Milwaukee with three other films being played it was hard to tell how many in the long line at the Box Office was going to what film. So I had no idea how big the crowd for the film was going to be.

By the time I got a seat the film had started. I did notice that a lot of the Anti John Dickert folks was waiting in the Lobby prior to my getting in.

The film was very well made, and did a great job of drawing you into the story. Even knowing the folks in the film (Fair-Homes) I found myself shocked when they and others told their story on the big screen more so when parts of  the Committee of The Whole meetings were played to further tell what was going on.

Found myself thinking more then once “What the Hell was going on”  how could it be possible that outcomes be so vastly different between bars  when the only thing I could see was the color of the skin of the Bar Owner.

Time and again examples where given not only of the bars but others An ex Alderman   A local Newspaper Publisher and a long time activist talked of what they saw.

I had no idea that its been over a year if not two and Mr. Fair has

The film ended interesting seeing:

Ex Alderman leaving

Staff of Belle City TV slinking off like oh Rats jumping ship. Do they know what might be coming their way?

I had to giggle when two members of the Tea Party of Racine left together, and I was ask if I knew that Short man and his Partner .

I had the chance to talk to a few folks from the film for a bit and it was time to go.

The group I was with thought the film many many great points wondering if this (film) be used a a launch point for more Documentaries, we could only hope so.

All in all we had a great time seeing a fantastic film, do you think that Mayor Dickert liked his close up on his rich white city?

Project D


I and others wonder what the heath of Downtown Racine is realty like. The DRC and  their backers will tell us there is nothing wrong.

Others say from what they see and hear its not doing well. As I tend to think the latter is true I do not know for sure, but is there a way to know for sure?

Well maybe maybe not, but this is an idea that might give us an idea of is Downtown a boom place or not.

The idea

Starting say State and Main and going to Main and 6th st, look at every business, looking for

1) Building status on Property Taxes

2) The Business current or behind on Sales taxes  and the like.

3) Leans if any by venders.

After all if the Downtown is booming would a business be behind on taxes? Would not the Landlord not be able to pay property taxes?  Why would venders not be paid?

We would keep track of the number with issues and the number with no issues.  Have a running total of the amount owed in back taxes/with how long taxes are behind for.

Now this would not be a 100% for sure going to give an answer but sure would give an idea.

We could then say ask questions of the county and city council about actions both are taking with our tax $$.

Good idea? Bad Idea?

Under the Surface



As you know I write for the paper Wisconsin Daily Independent a link to this Newspaper can be found in the link section.

So far I been told to go nuts on my story idea in fact encouraged to cover the stories others will not such as the efforts of the Natives to protect the Mound at Mound Cemetery and I have been told the Paper’s checkbook is open to allow be to cove stories like Delta Hawk and Team Porters that will need open Records filed paid for.

This effort might include getting Mayor Becker’s old Email’s so this effort blow the lid off stuff the Good Old Boys fear and do not wish to be talked about (good luck with that) but I am not talking about that , I mean the real strange stories I hear about even now I am getting letters send to me and phone tips on a range of things from “inside the J-T” to  the expanding of the DRC  BUT!!!!!

more out there stories of the strange and bizarre of this  City, County, and if real way out  stories State.


Such as what is going on at the 3nd floor of an popular area Club


CVZ Dendy 3


What does our Mayor do downtown Racine behind closed doors?



But there is more! Perhaps a trip to find the best of Bray Rd?


John Dickert


My bad



Stories like the about and more


Is there going to be a free for all in liquor distribution in Downtown Racine?  Who or what might be behind it?  What happened the last time?

For sure this will be A podcast at a set day and time like Midnight on Wednesday’s or what have you

I think A blog be a fun thing too where say a sponsorship to explore Bray Road or look into a “Haunted House”.


Be fun lots of fun!


What do you think?

To be clear


To be clear I think given the facts The County had to buy the Marina and IMHO due to poor maintenance by others must spent funds in upgrading/ repairs.

In a few years (say 5) we should be able to recover the investment from fees charged to those using the Marina. Then be able to sell this.

I myself have spent $$ and time promoting this via Root River Pirates

Via Facebook


and Blog  (must restart this I know) and go large or go to Port

Fact is for some of this, I waited for permission and in that I messed up. I do not need any.  No one else is doing anything at the grass roots to promote this.

IMHO The “Powers that be” want be not to be part of this for as I see it I am not Rich, White, or a Ship owner well let me say FUCK THAT BABY!   I will be doing this you had a chance to have some control of how I did this but not now. Its all me, and my ideas.

Only fault was mine the blame is on me.  I simply should have acted Thank God Pirates are resultant. If not fun.

The Better the Marnia does the better the County does, also many in the County use the Lake and ever Fishing Folks outside the State the more that do the better off we are.

This Lake and Marina is for all. not for Mayor Dickert’s pals to use as a way to fleece Ship owners, Not a group of folks who think the Ship  owners owe spending their $$  in an area that as I have been told treats ship owners poorly.  God Help Nonwhite Ship Owners. (Now that be interesting)

On the other hand, if we are to host Ship Owners fees MUST be based on a break even and not hand outs idea.

As well, Ship Owners and others using the Harbor must go above and beyond to keep the Harbor,Lake, and River clean

The Laws about pollution must be enforced.  Perhaps A Racine County Deputy  could be at the Marina to insure this and the costs paid for by the fines charged. Maybe some costs shared with the DRC?

We can not afford to use Bonds on ANY part of the Marina at all UNLESS a Documented transparent need is discovered and the public brought in to the resolution, no way a Racine City Hall Bathroom scan can be allowed to occur.

Rum for all! Redheads to my cabin!

Property Reports 1/13 time to cut and run!


Jan. 31 1

Jan. 31 2

Jan. 31 3

Jan. 31 4

Jan. 31 5

Jan. 31 6

It’s all those evil Blogers fault


Time and time again, I am told or I read that the issues in Racine is not:

Failing Schools

High Unemployment

The  Real Estate The City buys then cant fails to sell

Failing pricing of Real Estate

Failing assessment rates

Companies leaving Racine

The public distrust of The City’s spending ideas

No not any of that but the writing found on this Blog or blogs like this.

After all to  them  our leaders who I call the Good Old Boys know best, at least that’s what they tell us.

So of course to say the Mayor has no cloths is of course saying that we disagree with our betters. That to them is a evil crime to say that we disagree with those who the rich and white have declared to be the appointed ones.

I see this as one of the main reasons why the attacks on CAR 25 occur.

The Good Old Boys truly believe that a Business does not check how well the Schools in an area might be or the Tax rate of an area might be but only what is written in a Blog!




Crystal Ball Time!



Crystal Ball Time!


Mark the tape my upcoming predictions


1) City of Racine will outsource Garbage and Recycling. The City will also try to force property owners to buy City of Racine Garbage Carts (like the Recycling carts) the excuse will be this actions will save the City a lot of money ( A great way to gin up a few $$ too)

2) The City of Racine will be sued by at least one  Ex city worker for wrongful discharge. Last City Consul Meeting should be our first clue about who it might be
3) Racine will keep the record of having the highest Unemployment in the State of Wisconsin.

4) within 60 daysd of the Roundabout at Racine City Hall being opened for use. Some driver will jump the curb and hit City Hall. Alderman Fair will be blamed.

5)  Tax records of properties owned downtown Racine  will show many properties in Tax arrears.

6) At least one Alderman will resign or chose not to run for reelection, the excuse used will be that the evil Bloggers simply do not want to think   positively about Racine.

7) Crime will start to go higher as continuing unemployment starts to force folks into very difficult times.

8) The City at the same time they are firing City Union workers will want to build a Pool

9) The City of Racine budget will call for both Fire and Police to be fired.

10) One of the last major employers in the  downtown will start shifting work to other locations, as this Company starts to build a  new location in the County.

Those are my predictions for the rest of 2012.