Phase IV of the New Now


Well normally I wait for the same folks who claim the same things to spin about the cesspool of Racine and again get nothing done.

However I got no time for that, got things to do and places to go, you do too!

Best do any of us have the time to spend on the haters and their hate of everything most of all God Save you if you do not hate along side them every step of the way.

Can’t speak for you but I do not there is a lot of information to gather on the strange world this perhaps the most corrupt city in the Midwest if not the whole 50 States.

This information can be gathered and shared in a way that is ethical and more critical not filled with hate.

Best, far better ways to get these stories out then just waiting for eyeballs to come across a Web Page or a post to Facebook.

In fact the steps I have started to undertake will allow me access to a wide readership and resources from editing to legal aid in obtaining Open Records

Others have the same ability to do this but as I see it, far easier to hate then anything else

So I will be creating a new site to do this that.

As much as I still be writhing about the corruption is S.E. Wisconsin, I am also planing to write on efforts to fix this area of Wisconsin

I will also be cutting ties with the Equality Project of Racine, They do not speak for me nor I for them.

Budget Predictions



Budget Predictions  or we are fucked

Our fearless leader will soon send a budget to the Yes mes sorry City Alderman who will after a few Dog and Pony shows other then a few Aldermen with the courage to speak up, will like good Yes Men vote Yes just like they have been trained to do

This Budget I predict will have in it or prepare the way for

The highest rise in property taxes allowed by State Law

Increase in Recycling fee

Increase in our Sewer fee

A Wheel Tax

We will see the closing of  fire station 5

A hiring freeze at RPD (After all there is no crime in Racine)

A cut in the Racine Public Library hours (Reading is not needed in Racine just trust in John Dickert)

CAR 25 is killed this may end the broadcast of City Meetings

A reduction in BUS after all fuck the Poor and Handicapped  they do not spend money in Downtown

The Closings of Community Centers after all Minorities are only needed every few years to vote as they are told to

A raise in the Mayor’s pay

More $$ spent on the Uptown Plan and Rootworks We will see $$ spent on promoting Downtown Racine

We will not see an end to the $$ for our mostly empty civic center

Of course Gateway will jack up the tax they control and so will RUSD Please vote NO! on the Referendum  question on the ballot.

We will be told it’s all Governor Walker’s fault not that our leadership spends to much on projects we do not need but do enrich pals of our Mayor.

Looking at my Taxes over the last 10 years they have went up about 100% as my assessed has gone down.   At this rate we will be taxed out of this home.

How many have been or will be taxed out of this City?


How long can you afford to live in the City of Racine?







Mayor John Dicker’s Police State part II


But first this



Read in the Journal Times the Balloon floated about ending our CATV station?

The headline is rather interesting

Journal Times editorial: BelleTV must be sacrificed for the good of the budget


Good of the budget or the Good of the Police State ran by Mayor John Dickert also known as the City of Racine?

After all if the Station was still ran as it was under Mr. Nelson (and I do hope he joins the RICO case) I would have and perhaps others such as Mr. Meyers would have ran CATV shows on The Rico civil case the games under the “Rootworks” banner, I and others would have had guests on telling viewers information that our fearless leader would you rather not hear for only with a dumbed down public not asking questions not contacting  say the IRS , can he be free to enrich his pals I mean help the City of Racine  and after all we blogers just do not understand.

So after a long fight (but very embarrassing to the City) The Mayor was able to gain control give a pal money (far more then the operating costs  under Mr. Nelson) to effectively end the Racine in Ruins TV show on CAR 25 (but they can still be seen on You tube) in about one year the new operators would find be unable to get public backing unable to find $$ in sponsorships  (Chase Henrix still like to know what happened to his $$ he gave the City and other issues)  would find the first ever Ethics Hearing over Mary Osterman and advertising and then the City ending the Contract with the new operator but not a range of questions on many topics But I think the RICO will be addressing them.

IMHO Our Mayor does not want ANYONE he can not control having access to the Media so only the News he wishes you to know can get out to the public, so we can know how great he is.

One commenter said it best:

“Now the Journal Times is advocating and influencing city council to break laws and contracts to eliminate one of the only other local media outlets in Racine?

This is completely corrupt and full of lies. This is breaking the agreements that provide for public access and resources. This is stealing from the community.

The public access channel has no virtually no impact on the budget, and this is a corrupt ploy to pit public services and the community against each other.

Look at how this all happened:
– Dickert did not want black people or any naysayers on the channel, and also wanted to reward his friends for supporting his campaign.
– Dickert created an illegal no bid contract for his friend to take over the channel.
– Dickert lost that argument because it was completely illegal and pushed through without any input from city council or committees, and then city council created new laws for bids.
– Dickert removed people from the cable commission and stacked it with friends and cronies.
– Dickert and his cronies tried ousting the staff and took away all support.
– Dickert and his cronies lied to create a new vision to get rid of the staff and take over the channel.
– Dickert and his cronies wrote the RFP for themselves and their friends to get the rigged contract to take over the channel.
– Dickert and his cronies messed up the first RFP and secretly negotiated with certain people and companies to properly rig it a second time.
– Dickert and his cronies gave inside information and held secret meetings to select friends to ensure they would go along with the revised bid rigging process.
– The purchasing manager retired in the middle of the process and the new person claimed she didn’t know the process or anything about it.
– Dickert and his cronies held illlegal meetings and broke open meeting laws and created crony subcommittees to get rigged recommendations to help justify the bid rigging process.
– Dickert and his cronies lied to city council and the public about everything from the budget to advertising to sustainability to employee performance and more.
– Dickert himself conducted interviews during the bidding process and made false accusations throughout the process.
– City attorneys, staff and Aldermen were coerced, bribed or bullied into lying about the process and reasoning for the rigged contract.
– Dickert and his cronies pushed theough the corrupt rigged contract, and gave even more equipment, resources, projects, support and money including an illegal extension and change orders for the contract adding at least another $30,000 or more.
– Dickert and his cronies provided direct kickbacks to commission members in thousands of dollars in advertising and use of equipment for their own profit.
– Dickert and his cronies continue to lie about staffing, costs, equipment, savings, and public access to resources and services while they use the channel to promote other corrupt agendas.

This should be for the community, not for Dickert and his cronies. Everyone involved in this should be questioned in the RICO case. The Journal Times is just printing more lies for them. It’s great to know that our newspaper hates our community.”



As you may know our Racine Police Force now has I understand a program to track what folks are saying on Social Media as I said before we have all read stories on fools who post on say Facebook crimes they did.

Sadly, I am thinking this program is being used to see what I and others are saying on Social Media to see what “The Enemies of the State” are saying and perhaps doing in the Police State of the City of Racine, after all as we have been told its the fault of the Blogers that so much is wrong in this fair City.

Not the fault of say poor planing by Team Porters or Banks having questions and pulling $$ from Machinery Row development, as I keep hearing is the case. No its blogs like mine I must STFU so Mayor John Dickert can bless the City of Racine with his Godhood.

mdw  Has she been blessed?


tumblr_n2l3tzYzb61spj0ojo1_1280 Or has she been blessed?

After you get your Tax Bill and have to pay A wheel Tax will you feel blessed?


Are you not happy to live in a City who has effectively laid off police but can find money to create a Police State to protect the rein of Mayor John Dickert?

Thank God the RICO case will blow the lid off the City and our petty secrets

Who writes the Stories….. My thoughts



Attacking the J-T for not being a real newspaper is like attacking this blog for my spelling and grammar, you can but why bother?  Nothing is going to change and you might as well do something far more useful like oh read a book, or take a walk.

Going back in time as I did when I talked to a Reporter from the Journal Times, our own Cara Spoto I recalled a story I was told time and again that before I moved here 1995 or so, before being printed the paper was sent to the Johnson’s for an O.K. that nothing they did not want made the paper, after all I was told we are or where a Company town, that is how most are run, no idea if its true or not but here is a good book on the subject of Company Towns:

Company Towns in the Americas: Landscape, Power, and Working-Class Communities


I find it very interesting how in Racine news does look like the City or say the Dickert Machine is trying to control the flow of information by such acts as:

Ending CAR 25 first by outsourcing to Sky Falls Media ending production of shows by myself and others not liked by our God Mayor John Dickert

KKK   Our Mayor Conducting a City Meeting?

To now after Sky Falls ended it’s involvement with CAR 25 the City is running it in such a fashion that well CAR 25 is dead other then City events (and few of them) taping of Public Comments at Cable Meetings nothing is being made how long before City Meets of any type will not be taped?

After all is not City Meetings best done in the Dark? Do we truly need to know who gets the Contacts for City Hall? Or who will make Bank on TIF 18? Of course not!

imagescc    New City Worker ready for interview by Mayor of Racine ?


Even WRJN might be under the control of The Dicket Machine then too who bothers to tune that in?

Now Ms Cara Spoto  did not believe the Story about J-Wax and I am not 100 % convinced myself  who knows?

I will say this:

I find in very interesting that our Newspaper has yet to IMHO cover the following

CAR 25 and where is the equipment from the Station?

Who produced the 4th Parade and how much did it cost? Was Marsh-Merath a Sponsor for how much?

What happened to the $$ Chase Henrix paid to the City of Racine to sponsor CAR 25?

The City Hall Bathroom Scandal

and others

The strange timing of stories over the RICO case, makes me think that the City of Racine is playing a huge part in what gets printed when by our fine Newspaper



Our Fearless Reporter Cara Spoto  might find learning about Project Censored useful I did

Project Censored specializes in covering the top stories which were subjected to media suppression either by being ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media each year.

Project Censored is a research team composed of more than 200 university faculty, students, and community experts who annually review between 700 and 1,000 news story submissions for coverage, content, reliability of sources, and national significance.

Has John Gotti Possessed Mayor John Dickert? or my .02 on today’s news on the RICO


Before we dance with joy in the streets fans of John Dickert, please note the Story of the man above

John Gotti in case you may have no clue being far too busy say selling hats or thinking of ways to get $$ from the public lets review


From Wikpedia:

John Joseph Gotti, Jr. (October 27, 1940 – June 10, 2002) was an American mobster who became the Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. Gotti and his brothers grew up in poverty and turned to a life of crime at an early age. Operating out of the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, Gotti quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the crime family’s biggest earners and a protégé of Gambino family underboss Aniello Dellacroce.

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicted members of Gotti’s crew for selling narcotics, Gotti took advantage of growing dissent over the leadership of the crime family. Fearing he and his men would be killed by Gambino crime family Boss Paul Castellano for selling drugs, Gotti organized the murder of Castellano in December 1985 and took over the family shortly thereafter. One of the key details was waiting for the moment after the death of Aniello Dellacroce, who died a few weeks earlier from natural causes. Dellacroce had risen to the position of underboss when Carlo Gambino moved Joseph Biondo aside.

This left Gotti as the boss of one of the most powerful crime families in America, one that made hundreds of millions of dollars a year from construction, hijacking, loan sharking, gambling, extortion and other criminal activities. Gotti was one of the most powerful crime bosses during his era and became widely known for his outspoken personality and flamboyant style, which gained him favor with much of the general public. While his peers avoided attracting attention, especially from the media, Gotti became known as the “The Dapper Don” for his expensive clothes and personality in front of news cameras. He was later given the nickname “The Teflon Don” after three high-profile trials in the 1980s resulted in his acquittal, though it was later revealed that the verdicts were the result of jury tampering, juror misconduct and witness intimidation. Law enforcement authorities continued gathering evidence against Gotti that helped lead to his downfall.

Gotti’s underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano is credited with the FBI’s success in finally convicting Gotti. In 1991, Gravano agreed to turn state’s evidence and testify for the prosecution against Gotti after hearing Gotti on wiretap make several disparaging remarks about Gravano and questioning his loyalty. In 1992, Gotti was convicted of five murders, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, extortion, tax evasion, and loansharking. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole and was transferred to United States Penitentiary, Marion. Gotti died of throat cancer on June 10, 2002, at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri.

As you can see time and again he seams to have got over on the law and to some was untouchable

Perhaps after his death Gotti somehow was able to gain control of John Dickert to some how keep his (Gotti’s) activities going?

After all for sometime The City of Racine we find out more and more on actions that upset many in this fair city CAR 25-Mound Cemetery,Team Porter’s, Rootworks, and so on and now today’s action in the RICO case BUT as much as the Journal Times of Racine done a more piss ass story then usual even for them I have a copy of the order,I also used my phone and talked to a Mr. Green (source of legal info) Mr. X who knows many of the Bar Owners in question and the order the Order I copied it below.

“IT IS ORDERED that the plaintiffs’ complaint be and the same is
hereby DISMISSED without prejudice; the plaintiffs shall file an amended
complaint within 21 days of the entry of this order; the defendants shall have
21 days after the plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint to file their
respective answers or appropriate motions.”


As it was explained to me that the Judge wants more information if this is to go ahead, that in a Amended  complaint that we could find Affidavits of information, Documents and even taped statements.

Again as it was explained to me this is a very very complicated case this is far from over

nor is the cost of this to the tax payers of Racine.

We too, need to recall what was the outcome of Gotti life of crime he died in prison was all the money worth that?  How do we go about finding out on how to remove Gotti from our beloved Mayor should we find out we need to?

Mr. Green did say this should this get refiled is it a new case with a new pool of $100K of city $$ or more of the old case with the insurance picking up the tab?

Also if it does get refiled how do the poor slugs not covered by the City of Racine keep paying $100-$200 maybe even $300 an Hour for Lawyers?


And for you





Open Records What I am looking into



In an effort to bring to the readership of this Blog the best information I can find I will post my Open Records and what I get back in return, feel free to suggest  areas of inquiry .

The City has 10 business days to respond.

I am requesting under Open Records the following  information  on Car 25/Belle City T.V.


1) The list of Video/Editing  Equipment owned by the Car 25/Belle City T.V and the location of the equipment.


2) A Copy (PDF is fine) of the invoice from  WVTV(#18) WCGV (#24) for work on the 4th of July Parade held in Racine WI 7/4/2014. and the cost of broadcasting the same


3) Under who’s orders was the last City of Racine Cable Commission Meeting held on 7/21/14 Recorded by City Staff and why?


4) A copy of the recording.


Please advise on the cost of copies ect


I look forward to this information.


Wayne Clingman

With this Email we had a few emails asking for more information very good now the City knows what I mean by #4

The sad last days of the Racine Cable Commission



I went last night to what may be one of the last few meetings of the City of Racine Cable Commission lasted about 30-40 mins

Once again Mr. Henrix asked what happened to his $250 he paid and has proof he paid to the City for his Sponsorship and never heard anything back only been a year.

Only been 6 or so months he has been asking about his donation. Wait in 6 month the two Aldermen who sit on the Commission nor Ron Thomas who was an Alderman and talks to the Mayor can tell him what happened? What?

The meeting itself was short after all CAR 25 is basically shut down only showing programs it obtains or Mayor Dickert’s PR events

The 4th Parade was brought up and when Alderman of the 6th had questions She was IMHO told to shut up. What?  Even after She nicely told the   Commission could sit in at ANY City Meeting and ask questions she was still told to STFU.

Its gets better  one of the Agenda points was a new Ordinance on the CATV Station but they did not have one to talk about even better Mr. Thomas brought up that in May our City Administrator wrote an Email about the  Commission and it’s role after the Station was removed from the hands of  Sky Falls but just yesterday Morning our Mayor called him (Thomas) and said with the City being short 6 Million 6,000,000  (and laying off Police by not hiring to fill open positions) The Mayor explained he had no idea what was going to happen with CAR 25.

  Alderman of the 6th stated that the Commission could write the Ordinance and go forward with this, but Mr. Thomas  said he think about it.

Interesting observations;

The Public Speakers where taped by the City why?

From what I saw much of the equipment I am used to seeing at CAR 25 looks missing. Where is it? Who is using it and for what?

How much did the City Pay 18/24 In Milwaukee to do the 4th Parade?

Note to the Commission Members:

1) The Mayor is not going to restore the Bus Service

2) The Mayor can not turn back time for former Football Heroes.

3) The Mayor MIGHT give old school Union types Jobs but would it be worth your soul?

Ethics my .02


As you know I was the man who filed the Ethics complaint   on Mary Osterman, this was heard this last Monday the 5 of May 2014

I am thankful for the help I received from the City Attorney Mr. Weber.I am alsio thankful for the backing of the Racine Equity Project on my bringing questions I had on the actions of Mrs. Osterman to light so it could be looked at.

My guess is once I found out that all Witnesses  were not called that nothing would be found the old nothing to see here.

Then too was there any other outcome going to happen see below


ethics 2


The Link Murphy above is the chair of the Ethics Board

Mary Jerger is Mrs Osterman   We all know who the Mayor is

Can we expect any other outcome then The Good Old Boys looking out for one of their own? Would not the correct thing to do not be to have Mr. Murphy recuse himself as did others with conectionsto the Mayor like Mr. Nicholson?


I protested to the City Attorney that morning of the Ethics hearing that Mr. Murphy had not recused himself, I will be following up on my options for his (Murphy)not doing so.

The biggest mistake I made was not having a lawyer with me.

I do not know if I had one anything would have changed, but only by having one with me or helping would I know for sure.

Now I understand this

1) The Lawyers suing the City I understand will be getting a copy of the Court Reporter’s transcript to see if/how  the Ethics hearing may help them

2) An Ethics Charge may be filed (not by me) on the Ethics Board it’s self

Gee all for what?

Belle City TV has been cut way back due to Sky Falls Media/City parting ways

Due to the upcoming budget issues (like huge lack of funds) CAR 25 just simply may go away.

I understand that we should expect more to be brought into the RICO case and if so they would have been part of the CAR 25 silliness.

How much did CAR 25 end up costing the City of Racine?

What do you think of all of this?


Ethics Board 3/31/14

The Board meeting was nothing to write home about just how the hearing of evidence will be handled  in the next hearing the first week in May. The Hearing will be closed to the public unless Mary Osterman wants it open, however I am told by the City Attorney that the records and documents are PUBLIC RECORD this could prove to be useful to the folks suing the City  with the RICO action.

Far fewer at this (Members of the Public) then the last time no Journal Times  no Real Racine TV

I know I will be called as a witness as will members of the City Cable Commission and staff of Belle City TV with records being asked for like I said the records will be public records after the hearing is over may be very useful to the RICO folks.

The big event this morning was when Mr. Spodick, Scott  Nelson, and I are walking down the hall to leave City Hall and down the West Steps is Mayor John Dickert   who starts I will call verbally attacking Mr. Spodick about Back Taxes this goes on for about say 2 minutes as he leaves the building.

We wait inside until we know the Mayor has left the Parking lot.  We thought be best to just let him yell and walk away from anytime of conflict

Wowser! The Mayor feels he can yell at members of the Public when he feels like it? Is this something we should expect from our Mayor?

Might the Mayor of Racine feel the pressure of the RICO action? The Ethics Hearing over CAR 25?  Is stress getting to the point of our Mayor needing to seek treatment over said issues? That be sad if stress got to the point of the Mayor not say yelling at someone he may not like to say punching someone out. Now that be a lawsuit! tumblr_n2l3tzYzb61spj0ojo1_1280

The last few days



The last few days has not only shown what an joint effort can do from







Then we have this headline From the Racine Journal Times   3/19/14

Board finds probable cause in BelleTV complaint

Quite the story and its not over yet.

Best of all it was not the local paper who discovered what was going on and raised hell but just folk, as much as I filed the paperwork others helped by looking up information and answering questions I had.

We have a ways to go with this story and its not done yet. I have no idea what the outcome will be for all I know the Board will find nothing wrong or perhaps  OSTERMAN quits the Cable Commission that may end things I have no idea what will happen.

However I must focus my attention to the Root River and the plan of the City of Racine called Rootworks   in just the last few days and hours information has come my way that will IMHO make (Ethics issues/  OSTERMAN) this seem like look like child’s play.

So I will not be posting so much here but on my other blog called Root River Revitalization   to cover that.