Ryan Part II




I have been asked to give more of my thoughts on Ryan,  was I not a big fan?

I sure was and happy to have voted for him in the last election.

Was very happy to have talked to him one on one on two different occasions. I was very very happy that when one of our talked he needed to get me more information, he did so and very quickly.

When I asked his State office for help researching Farming Grants the office did a great job providing the information on that as well.  That by the way is the job they are paid to do (Someone tell that to the Tick Cory Mason)

Rep Ryan’s NSA vote   that attacks our rights as Americans, negates that. Not only that but shows me that IMHO he is willing to sell out our other rights just to get along with the powers that be in D.C.  Do our rights mean anything?  Will he start to back Obama Care should the GOP leadership ask him to do so?

All our rights are critical NONE  are up for debate, NONE.

My Father did not join the Army in WW II so my Mom could be wire Tapped. My Step Father Lee did not join the U.S.M.C. at 17 and fight in Korea and be badly wounded so I could be wired tapped or his text messages read by the Obama Police State  just in case this 84 year old Marine was a terrorist.

They fought to keep America free.

If Ryan wants my vote he need to:

1) Apologize for his vote to save the NSA

2) State in Writing he will at once do what he can to end the NSA spying program on the America Public

3) Carry out #2 above


One Response to Ryan Part II

  1. Fire on the Mountain says:

    Truth becomes Treason in the Empire of Lies.
    Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, Eric Snowden

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