Coffee with Mr X


Not a big Coffee drinker but when I saw Mr. X in my back yard at 5:30 AM this morning I made the time.

This morning   he showed me his finds from the City.  Old documents from garbage cans that he had yet to look at. He also told me about his Flash drives and how easy it was to have his old pals at City Hall to copy to the drive information he be interested in.

Got to love Mr. X . IMHO he is an old time City staffer who is getting his old pals (the ones who are left) to give him stuff. He must be in sales for the rapport he has with the younger staff members.

who also feed him info.

Today’s meeting was on HUD $$ being used to  as I say pay off the inner city churches.

I will be going to Madison this week to the Dally Cardinal office (for old time sake maybe stop and see if the 602 club is still there.   Talk to  my reporter pals and give them the 500+ pages of documents and 3 flash drives.

Can’t beat old hippies who love fucking with the man, as one said to me “Dickert wants to fuck with City Unions lets see how he likes a bit of payback. !” Yes many of my old hippies were IWW members