Is the GOP in Racine worth our time?



Is the GOP in Racine County doing anything to change the City?

Have they spoke out  on how Black owned Bars are treated vs White Owned Bars?

Have they spoke out on Mayor John Dicket’s use of City Money on say trips to France?

Have they spoke out on say the Contracts on the City Hall Bathrooms?

The take over of CAR 25 and Dickert giving it IMHO to pals?

What have they done?

Well I get calls to donate $$ and time for the upcoming elections, yet nothing in aid to say get an investigation going on the City of Racine.

When I call attention to the issues  I am told to go away. (Still the calls come asking for $$)

Why are they not doing anything in Racine City of is it because Obama will send drones?  Is it because they have no pull in Madison?    Or maybe because its a big game and it does not mater who is in charge we are still going to get fucked.

Your thoughts




I was Blind but now I see

10 Responses to Is the GOP in Racine worth our time?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    “Is the GOP in Racine County doing anything to change the City?”

    Jim Ladwig, Rich Chiapete (worst DA ever0 are all working hand in hand with the Democrats to LOOT Racine!

    The current Republicrats only argue in public!

    Behind closed doors – they are all on the same page!

  2. Mary M. says:

    How Does Monte Osterman profit by contracting with the City of Racine – even if just a subcontractor – while he sits on the County Board, doesn’t pay the bills for his business, and his wife is the Treasurer to the Mayor’s election campaign and sits on boards and committees that spend tax dollars?

    “The Social Contract in America has been completely smashed. One sector after another is dominated by cartel-state partnerships that are forged and enforced in obscure legislation written by lobbyists. Once the laws have been riddled with loopholes and the regulators have been corrupted, “no one is above the law” has lost all meaning.

    Those who violate the intent of the law while managing to conjure an apparent compliance with the letter of the law are shysters, scammers and thieves who exploit the intricate loopholes of the system, all the while parading their compliance as evidence the system is fair and just. In this way, the judicial system becomes part of the illegitimate process of wealth accumulation.

    In America, political and financial Elites are above the intent of the law. Is bribery of politicos illegal? Supposedly it is, but in practice it is entirely and openly legal. ”

    *WInk* *Wink* Nudge, Nudge! Where’s the City Attorney? The DA? The Wisconsin Attorney General….

    It’s one great big love-fest! Too much $$$$ to risk giving up!

  3. Mary M. says:

    This is the norm in banana republics, whose ledgers are loaded with thousands of codes and regulations that are routinely ignored by those in power. In the Banana Republic of America, financial crimes go uninvestigated, unindicted and unpunished: banks and their management are essentially immune to prosecution because the crimes are complex (tsk, tsk, it’s really too much trouble to investigate) and they’re “too big to prosecute.”

    The rot has seeped from the financial-political Aristocracy to the lower reaches of the social order. The fury of those still working legitimate jobs and paying their taxes is grounded in a simple, obvious truth: America is now dominated by scammers, cheaters, grifters and those gaming the system, large and small, to increase their share of the swag.

  4. Lixxy Borden. says:

    The honest taxpayer is a chump, a mark who foolishly ponies up the swag that’s looted by the smart operators. Everyone knows that the vast majority of wealth accumulation in America flows not from transparent effort on a level playing field, but from persuading the Central State (the Federal government and the Federal Reserve) to enforce cartels and grant monopolistic favors such as tax shelters designed for a handful of firms and unlimited credit to private banks.

    When scammers large and small live better than those creating value in the real economy, the Social Contract has ceased to exist. When the illegitimate process of wealth acquisition–a rigged playing field, a bought-off referee, and an Elite that’s above the law by every practical measure–dominates the economy and the political structure, the Social Contract has been shattered, regardless of how much welfare largesse is distributed to buy the complicity of state dependents.

    The people of Racine who aren’t employed or funded by government and honestly pay their taxes are CHUMPS! MARKS! and swindled again and again by Dishonest John, Questionably Competent Tom and others

  5. Otha's Baby Mama says:

    They’re all the same, Wayne. You can’t win.

  6. Bruce and Donna says:

    You are doing the right thing by speaking the truth Racine in Ruins. The game and contracts are rigged, and at least it is being exposed on sites like this and a few others. You are doing the job taxpayers are already paying someone else to do.

    The system in Racine is beyond corrupt, and needs an investigation by an outside authority. This doesn’t have to be Detroit, and it takes more than one person who cares, but it has to start somewhere.

    Keep up the good (and often times humorous) work.

    • Otha's Baby Mama says:

      You have got to be kidding me. I guess it is mildly amusing to see the ramblings of an addled mind, but he is hardly doing the right thing.

  7. Tammy Kilborn says:

    What is the right thing? The lies and misrepresentation coming from City Hall? The bullshit half ass reporting by the Journal Times? Take a look around this godforsaken city, it certainly looks like a city in ruins to me, led by incompetent morons who care more about serving the mayor’s needs, then representing the city and it’s residents.

    • Be nice if the local GOP help start an investigation. Could not the GOVERNOR order the local DA to investigate say the City Hall Bathrooms? Or CAR 25 takeover? Might the Local GOP/Tea Party be no better the the local Dems? Silence is permission

  8. Tammy Kilborn says:

    More than half of your common council members remain silent!!!! How the hell is that representation? I mean seriously, some of those people NEVER speak on ANY issues, they just remain silent and vote the way they are told.

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