Coffee with Mr X


Not a big Coffee drinker but when I saw Mr. X in my back yard at 5:30 AM this morning I made the time.

This morning   he showed me his finds from the City.  Old documents from garbage cans that he had yet to look at. He also told me about his Flash drives and how easy it was to have his old pals at City Hall to copy to the drive information he be interested in.

Got to love Mr. X . IMHO he is an old time City staffer who is getting his old pals (the ones who are left) to give him stuff. He must be in sales for the rapport he has with the younger staff members.

who also feed him info.

Today’s meeting was on HUD $$ being used to  as I say pay off the inner city churches.

I will be going to Madison this week to the Dally Cardinal office (for old time sake maybe stop and see if the 602 club is still there.   Talk to  my reporter pals and give them the 500+ pages of documents and 3 flash drives.

Can’t beat old hippies who love fucking with the man, as one said to me “Dickert wants to fuck with City Unions lets see how he likes a bit of payback. !” Yes many of my old hippies were IWW members

3 Responses to Coffee with Mr X

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    It would appear that Jim Ladwig and the County Board are on board with the Dickert “Tax and Develop” Downtown crowd.

    “Racine County — which owns and operates the marina — is submitting its application for a permit to treat the weedy problem using an aquatic pesticide, according to a public notice submitted to The Journal Times on Tuesday.

    Neubecker said she intended to get the permit application into the mail today.

    Boats would be fine if they stayed in the water but people would be barred from swimming in the marina while the treatment takes place, Neubecker said. Warning signs will be posted.”

    What’s the chance that treatment makes it to Racine beaches? What’s the chance that the Racine Health Department will check and warn Swimmers? The currents will SURELY take it to the beaches and the Health Department can’t warn Swimmers of what it doesn’t test for.

    “The weeds are a problem for boaters with air conditioners where the units pump in water to keep them cool. When that water is weedy, it results in a clogged system that doesn’t work right.

    The extra algae growth happens once a year to every two years and marina operators address the issue as needed, Neubecker said. But, “This year is just a little bit worse for weeds.”

    What’s the chance that the Boaters are paying for this – about ZERO! Racine County Taxpayers will be forced to support and subsidize the Boaters just like City of Racine and Racine County taxpayers support the Downtown Racine businesses that don’t pay their fair share of taxes, some who REFUSE to pay their taxes (409 Main St – Osterman-Jergers) and others who sit behind TID tax shelters, or like Team Porters, receive millions in taxpayer $$$$ to subsidize their failure!

    There is no difference between the Rupubli-Thugs and the Demon-Spawn in Racine County.

    Watch the yearly spending on the Marina to increase year after year while revenues are less than expenses – same thing going on with Racine’s heavily subsidized Festival Hall.

    Dishonest John can reward friends and cronies with taxpayer funded prevailing wage jobs at the Civic Centre – Jim Ladwig can do the same at the Marina!

  2. Tammy Kilborn says:

    What will all the aldermen, who carried out all Dickert’s dirty work do when he winds up in prison?

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