Paul Ryan think we need to be spyed on?

My thanks to the Wisconsin Reporter

From The Hill 6/11/13

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) dubbed a secret National Security intelligence program as “creepy.”

Ryan’s comments come less than a week after two secret data collection programs were revealed to the public. One of the programs, run by the NSA, involves collecting data on calls of millions of telephone users.

“It comes across as creepy,” Paul said according to Wisconsin Radio Network. “I understand FISA court orders to go after some known person, and their phone records and whoever they’re communicating with. But to do a blanket dragnet nationwide, that seems to go way beyond the scope of the law that I’m familiar with called the Patriot Act.”

I thought this met that given a chance that Ryan would stop this shit after all The Public are NOT terrorists.  IMHO this is nothing more then more Obama turning the USA into a Police State  and a huge attack on the Constitution.
Of course Rep. Ryan who I thought was for Freedom etc would stop the NSA from doing this shit.
Case in point
“…America is not just a nationality; it’s not just a mass of land from Hawaii to Maine, from Wisconsin to Florida. America is an idea. It’s the most pro-human idea ever designed by mankind. Our founders got it right, when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our rights come from nature and nature’s God — not from government. Should we now subscribe to an ideology where government creates rights, is solely responsible for delivering these artificial rights and then systematically rations these rights?”
So imange  my surprise to read that Ryan voted to to allow the NSA to keep spying on us!
Just like Obama wanted him too!
Do we need to be policed? Our Emails read? Phones taped?  If so why so?
Mind you many like me now NO LONGER TRUST PAUL RYAN.  IMHO anyone who thinks the NSA should be doing wiretapping on the public should not hold public office!
Now say that on Facebook and see Americans for Prosperity  come at you to protect there guy.
 If the AFP want a civil war in the GOP I am happy to give them one.  They are NOT now or ever been The Tea Party nor do they tell me how/who to vote for.
Until I get an answer that makes sense I will not be voting for Paul Ryan again.  IMHO you should not  vote for him either.  Hell let Mayor Dickert get the office after all they both love Obama and his Police state indexPR
Has Mr. Ryan switched to the main stream GOP?