Paul Ryan think we need to be spyed on?

My thanks to the Wisconsin Reporter

From The Hill 6/11/13

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) dubbed a secret National Security intelligence program as “creepy.”

Ryan’s comments come less than a week after two secret data collection programs were revealed to the public. One of the programs, run by the NSA, involves collecting data on calls of millions of telephone users.

“It comes across as creepy,” Paul said according to Wisconsin Radio Network. “I understand FISA court orders to go after some known person, and their phone records and whoever they’re communicating with. But to do a blanket dragnet nationwide, that seems to go way beyond the scope of the law that I’m familiar with called the Patriot Act.”

I thought this met that given a chance that Ryan would stop this shit after all The Public are NOT terrorists.  IMHO this is nothing more then more Obama turning the USA into a Police State  and a huge attack on the Constitution.
Of course Rep. Ryan who I thought was for Freedom etc would stop the NSA from doing this shit.
Case in point
“…America is not just a nationality; it’s not just a mass of land from Hawaii to Maine, from Wisconsin to Florida. America is an idea. It’s the most pro-human idea ever designed by mankind. Our founders got it right, when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our rights come from nature and nature’s God — not from government. Should we now subscribe to an ideology where government creates rights, is solely responsible for delivering these artificial rights and then systematically rations these rights?”
So imange  my surprise to read that Ryan voted to to allow the NSA to keep spying on us!
Just like Obama wanted him too!
Do we need to be policed? Our Emails read? Phones taped?  If so why so?
Mind you many like me now NO LONGER TRUST PAUL RYAN.  IMHO anyone who thinks the NSA should be doing wiretapping on the public should not hold public office!
Now say that on Facebook and see Americans for Prosperity  come at you to protect there guy.
 If the AFP want a civil war in the GOP I am happy to give them one.  They are NOT now or ever been The Tea Party nor do they tell me how/who to vote for.
Until I get an answer that makes sense I will not be voting for Paul Ryan again.  IMHO you should not  vote for him either.  Hell let Mayor Dickert get the office after all they both love Obama and his Police state indexPR
Has Mr. Ryan switched to the main stream GOP?

Is a Cult taking over Racine? Is John Dickert a Cult? Editorial



Let me first point out that IMHO you have every right to be part  of any Religion you like , if you want you can believe in Frogs running the world or even that Obama is doing a good job up  to you.

You can give all your $$ your house what have you, I do not care.

I do care if say the Mayor of Racine belongs to a “Church” that some might call a Cult no so much that the Cult might thing silly things like Racine is a great Place or the like,nor if The Cult doctrine might say allow The Mayor to have a Girl Friend because he has needs    or that if say the Mayor have intercourse, but does other things


because well that show IMHO bad Judgment like say spending Millions on Public Works projects after saying we have no money.

Its O.K. he is doing God’s Will

I also be upset if the Mayor say gave Members of His Cult I mean Church Contracts appointed members to City Committees etc, because not for the skills they may have

Take a sec to read this

You may be interested in this ” :

and watching this

What  Church does our Mayor  belong to? How about Alderman Jim Kaplin?

Should I and others expected to be say excommunicated because we do not think that its God will and plan that John Dickert runs Racine but oh  say


Jer 23:14-15

They commit adultery and live a lie. They strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his wickedness… Therefore, this is what the Lord Almighty says concerning the prophets: ‘I will make them eat bitter food and drink poisoned water, because from the prophets of Jerusalem ungodliness has spread throughout the land.'”

Might this be say Delta Hawk/Porters Millions given yet nothing in return for the City?

Jer 8:10-12 From the least to the greatest all are greedy for gain; prophet and priest alike, all practice deceit. They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace. Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.”

Are we not still one of the highest Unemployment? Are we not taking down Streetlights as our Mayor goes to France?

But if The Mayor been told “It’s OK your doing God’s will” who would not continue to do God’s Will?  Think of the Hot Women maybe they are told to do God’s Will too in something else?

Think of the Checks the Church could get from the new Members!

Time I think to call the big guns




I so do like wars of religion




Is the GOP in Racine worth our time?



Is the GOP in Racine County doing anything to change the City?

Have they spoke out  on how Black owned Bars are treated vs White Owned Bars?

Have they spoke out on Mayor John Dicket’s use of City Money on say trips to France?

Have they spoke out on say the Contracts on the City Hall Bathrooms?

The take over of CAR 25 and Dickert giving it IMHO to pals?

What have they done?

Well I get calls to donate $$ and time for the upcoming elections, yet nothing in aid to say get an investigation going on the City of Racine.

When I call attention to the issues  I am told to go away. (Still the calls come asking for $$)

Why are they not doing anything in Racine City of is it because Obama will send drones?  Is it because they have no pull in Madison?    Or maybe because its a big game and it does not mater who is in charge we are still going to get fucked.

Your thoughts




I was Blind but now I see

Hot Dogs and Stone My thoughts


Lets say I sell Hot Dogs in Racine. Folks like my Hot Dogs and buy them. Good!

With my Hot Dogs I got to pay for my stand, my stock, Taxes (unlike some downtown property owners)  My house take care of my kids the whole 9 yards. In Racine I have to sell more Hot Dogs for everyone wants well kinda Free Hot Dogs, the Mayor (so he can say Go to France) The County so he can pay the taxes for the Downtown property owners who will not, Obama Got to pay for Obama Phones and Obama care!

Oh! I just found out that the Mayor need me to pay more taxes and more fees to pay his Legal Bills and the City’s He just cant keep out of court. What is a Mayor to do? Easy I need to sell more Hot Dogs for him (and the County so Downtown Property owners do not have to pay property taxes!)

Cant sell the Hot Dogs? Raise the prices and the Chicago folks will buy them!  Sell lots for Root Works must be paid for!

Well when I cant sell the Hot Dogs I go out of business, walk away from my house and let the County take care of that and the City the house!

Now my Brother is liked by the Mayor maybe we went to school together, maybe we wife swapped.  Who know He just likes my brother. He sells Stones nice stones. He too has to sell to make ends meet. However since the Mayor likes him maybe my brother gets “Help” to sell stones to the City at a nice price, maybe he is able to sell stones to the city even after some of the stones sold before where oh eggs.

Maybe others are told it be a good idea to by stones from my brother if you need them or not. Maybe it’s expected of you to buy Stones from my brother if you get a City Contract after all, the Mayor likes my Brother should the Mayor not help him?

So maybe in return my Sister helps the Mayor out by sitting on a Committee and Being a Good Girl does what the Mayor wants on this Committee. really do you expect my Sister to think?  After all she is a good girl she knows what to do! Thinking is for the Mayor, not girls.

Thank God for the Mayor my brother landlord may have issues with taxes, My brother is sure the Mayor will not allow anything to happen!

Got to go time to watch the John Dickert is God Network!

Long Live King John



Must be nice to be Mayor of Racine, as the City removes Street lights, lays off Union workers, ends signed Union Contracts, wants to close Fire Stations, Raises Taxes and Fees.

Begs the residents to give money, begs us to preform the jobs that the City would be doing but no longer can.

IMHO is thinking of ways to raise money anyway it can…

Is this to keep Fire Stations open?

Is this to keep Police on the Job?

Is this to keep the Trash pick up? (Wait did not the Mayor just beg us to help do that at the Beach)

Take trips to France

Or just maybe so Our Mayor can say go to China next, do we not have a Sister City in the PRC?

Do you not think our Mayor/Wife/Kids/ GF?  deserve to go to China? Is not your job to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAY YOUR TAXES?

In Racine WI, are there now two classes of folks our rulers and us who serve/serves them?



Time to stand up Racine 1st we remove Kaplin and then every Yes man of Mayor Dickert.

There is a lot of pressure  we can use from cronys  behind on taxes asking no demanding the County take the property  to showing up at meetings are just saying NO! to Voting the bum out when we can.  However it must start now. I t must start with us.

Or should we do the work we pay taxes for to be done so Mayor John Dickert can go to France/China or God know where?

Do NOT enable Mayor John Dickert



As I see it Mayor John Dickert is addicted  to our tax $$, like most active Addicts, he makes foolish choices, In his case we can use Delta Hawk  Team Porters. as examples of the Mayor spending Millions  and we the people getting jack in return.

As I understand it Delta Hawk  was going to hire what 100 workers? How many have they hired?

Porters, does anyone have a clue of when this gets started or just new excuses why Porters has not?

The $$ been spent on both how do we get any of it back or do we?

Sadly the only way we can maybe wake him up to get treatment, is by quit enabling him.

How?  Well this is harsh the only thing I can think of is by quit doing ANYTHING that may help the Mayor stretch Tax $$. Things like  the clean up the beach after the 4th, see the City should have done the clean up but due to our Mayor $$ issues the City had a furlow day  to make up for the 2 million the City needs to pay the Unions (recall the City fucking over the Unions and the resulting suit) so the Mayor turns to the public for help and like the fools we are we help there by allowing the Mayor to get by with Shit and feel no pain. We need to quit that. IMHO he needs to understand that there is a “Price” to be paid for every mistake in spending, every time a pal makes bank because Dickert is Mayor. Held to account, for his addiction.

So no more clean ups, no more contributing to funds that help the city. Our Mayor needs to  understand his spending needs to stop NOW.

How much do you think his trip to France cost? Do you think anyone other then the Mayor will benefit?

Sidebar note:  Tonight the good old boys within the Aldermen, got the clue that they can be called to account by recall.

Who should the next one be?





From Racine Community Media

BREAKING NEWS: ALDERMAN JIM KAPLAN RECALL OFFICIAL!!! Racine- Over 260 signatures needed to recall 4th District Alderman Jim Kaplan have been verified by the City Clerk Janice Johnson Martin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has also verified the signatures and legitimacy of the signatures. Updates will posted as available.

IMHO he loses.

I as is my right will do what I can to get an Hispanic elected