Hot Dogs and Stone My thoughts


Lets say I sell Hot Dogs in Racine. Folks like my Hot Dogs and buy them. Good!

With my Hot Dogs I got to pay for my stand, my stock, Taxes (unlike some downtown property owners)  My house take care of my kids the whole 9 yards. In Racine I have to sell more Hot Dogs for everyone wants well kinda Free Hot Dogs, the Mayor (so he can say Go to France) The County so he can pay the taxes for the Downtown property owners who will not, Obama Got to pay for Obama Phones and Obama care!

Oh! I just found out that the Mayor need me to pay more taxes and more fees to pay his Legal Bills and the City’s He just cant keep out of court. What is a Mayor to do? Easy I need to sell more Hot Dogs for him (and the County so Downtown Property owners do not have to pay property taxes!)

Cant sell the Hot Dogs? Raise the prices and the Chicago folks will buy them!  Sell lots for Root Works must be paid for!

Well when I cant sell the Hot Dogs I go out of business, walk away from my house and let the County take care of that and the City the house!

Now my Brother is liked by the Mayor maybe we went to school together, maybe we wife swapped.  Who know He just likes my brother. He sells Stones nice stones. He too has to sell to make ends meet. However since the Mayor likes him maybe my brother gets “Help” to sell stones to the City at a nice price, maybe he is able to sell stones to the city even after some of the stones sold before where oh eggs.

Maybe others are told it be a good idea to by stones from my brother if you need them or not. Maybe it’s expected of you to buy Stones from my brother if you get a City Contract after all, the Mayor likes my Brother should the Mayor not help him?

So maybe in return my Sister helps the Mayor out by sitting on a Committee and Being a Good Girl does what the Mayor wants on this Committee. really do you expect my Sister to think?  After all she is a good girl she knows what to do! Thinking is for the Mayor, not girls.

Thank God for the Mayor my brother landlord may have issues with taxes, My brother is sure the Mayor will not allow anything to happen!

Got to go time to watch the John Dickert is God Network!

Long Live King John



Must be nice to be Mayor of Racine, as the City removes Street lights, lays off Union workers, ends signed Union Contracts, wants to close Fire Stations, Raises Taxes and Fees.

Begs the residents to give money, begs us to preform the jobs that the City would be doing but no longer can.

IMHO is thinking of ways to raise money anyway it can…

Is this to keep Fire Stations open?

Is this to keep Police on the Job?

Is this to keep the Trash pick up? (Wait did not the Mayor just beg us to help do that at the Beach)

Take trips to France

Or just maybe so Our Mayor can say go to China next, do we not have a Sister City in the PRC?

Do you not think our Mayor/Wife/Kids/ GF?  deserve to go to China? Is not your job to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAY YOUR TAXES?

In Racine WI, are there now two classes of folks our rulers and us who serve/serves them?



Time to stand up Racine 1st we remove Kaplin and then every Yes man of Mayor Dickert.

There is a lot of pressure  we can use from cronys  behind on taxes asking no demanding the County take the property  to showing up at meetings are just saying NO! to Voting the bum out when we can.  However it must start now. I t must start with us.

Or should we do the work we pay taxes for to be done so Mayor John Dickert can go to France/China or God know where?

Do NOT enable Mayor John Dickert



As I see it Mayor John Dickert is addicted  to our tax $$, like most active Addicts, he makes foolish choices, In his case we can use Delta Hawk  Team Porters. as examples of the Mayor spending Millions  and we the people getting jack in return.

As I understand it Delta Hawk  was going to hire what 100 workers? How many have they hired?

Porters, does anyone have a clue of when this gets started or just new excuses why Porters has not?

The $$ been spent on both how do we get any of it back or do we?

Sadly the only way we can maybe wake him up to get treatment, is by quit enabling him.

How?  Well this is harsh the only thing I can think of is by quit doing ANYTHING that may help the Mayor stretch Tax $$. Things like  the clean up the beach after the 4th, see the City should have done the clean up but due to our Mayor $$ issues the City had a furlow day  to make up for the 2 million the City needs to pay the Unions (recall the City fucking over the Unions and the resulting suit) so the Mayor turns to the public for help and like the fools we are we help there by allowing the Mayor to get by with Shit and feel no pain. We need to quit that. IMHO he needs to understand that there is a “Price” to be paid for every mistake in spending, every time a pal makes bank because Dickert is Mayor. Held to account, for his addiction.

So no more clean ups, no more contributing to funds that help the city. Our Mayor needs to  understand his spending needs to stop NOW.

How much do you think his trip to France cost? Do you think anyone other then the Mayor will benefit?

Sidebar note:  Tonight the good old boys within the Aldermen, got the clue that they can be called to account by recall.

Who should the next one be?





From Racine Community Media

BREAKING NEWS: ALDERMAN JIM KAPLAN RECALL OFFICIAL!!! Racine- Over 260 signatures needed to recall 4th District Alderman Jim Kaplan have been verified by the City Clerk Janice Johnson Martin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has also verified the signatures and legitimacy of the signatures. Updates will posted as available.

IMHO he loses.

I as is my right will do what I can to get an Hispanic elected

Where is The Team Porter Money? My .02

My thoughts



Where is Porters?

I like to know what is the status of the Porter Project?  Every time I ask I get a new story.

Once it was Financing.  That has been fixed.

Next that Johnson’s and the DRC wanted to do a Market Study.  I am unsure what that has to do with getting the work started on Porter’s, however I am told that the study was done.

Now what is the hold up?  I and others have yet to see workmen start anything at that location.

What is going on?

With a Million + on the line and as I understand it nothing in writing to keep him here, this I think a critical question

Does this answer the question?





or this



Blackjack anyone?


Dickert’s Nightmare! My view NSFW

What might Governor I mean Mayor Dickert nightmare be?


Might it be me getting a pardon then wining local office?   No

Might it be oh say a Mythical thing (like a Greek Myth  from Hell)  dating Q.A. and pulling a Train at City Hall and not invite the Mayor?  No, I think he tapped that


Then what could it be?

I think its this:

The City of Racine running out of money before the end of the  year. IMHO   that is is biggest nightmare and fear.

If it would happen, how does the City get this fixed? What are the options?

Can he sell Bonds? Maybe but is that not one of the issues why our rating was dropped?

How many more steps does the Mayor want to see Racine drop?

Could we draw on the contingency funds? That might work but then with all the Assessment cases going to court and the City losing whats going tom pay to that?   The Union contracts  case is far from over what’s going to pay for that?

How does the lack of funds impact RootWorks?

Other Real Estate games the Mayor may want to play.

Will the real Governor of Wisconsin come and save Racine? Please.

Will Obama sent a check?  Well he might send a Drone.

Do we do a Car Wash?

Recall that a local Blogger was saying Racine was going into Bankruptcy and he was called Nuts for saying that.

It just might be true, The City of Racine  may be running out of $$ by say Fall.

See my Cat took a meeting with a very unhappy City Worker. The walls have ears.  Documents need to be shredded.   Anyone hear of Tempest?    Is this all made up?

Or will we see Dickert’s nightmare come true?

Will Racine be the first City in Wisconsin to go bankrupt?

Does the County know how bad off the City of Racine is? If this nightmare comes true how does it impact the County, because it does

Time to call your Alderman and find out what is the economic health of Racine.


Note. The 30 Million in contingency funds is still intact Its my understanding that the regular funds are going fast.

Do the Aldermen know?

Question would be why? On what?

Hispanic Business District



Let’s start a Hispanic Business District!

We kinda have one now on the lower part of Douglass going to State st.

All it would take is a bit of a push not so much from the City that does not like Hispanics (other then at voting time) but folks like you and me encouraging Hispanics we know to look at that area of Racine to put a business in,  and for us to go to that area of Racine and shop at the stores there now!

I do that know and I have found more then one neat place to shop. You may too!

I far rather spend my money in that area, then say some upper class snotty store in the Downtown or any place owned by a crony  of Mayor John Dickert.

Now I would talk this idea up to the Alderman but IMHO Jim Kaplin


is no friend to Hispanics and his actions towards them a major factor, in his recall.  Should that go ahead this would be a great opportunity to elect an Hispanic to City Council!

I also think that most of the members of  the  council will shit vs embrace what Hispanics would bring  to Douglas St, if encouraged to do so.


At one time I served as VP at The Tricounty  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce under Tony Martinez






Poll at Bookstore

So wife and I went to the bookstore, there I ask about 20 customers about Racine.

None thought the Mayor was doing a good job.  None think that Porter’s will ever get started.

5 go downtown a lot and think its getting better at how it (the area) treats folks.

All thought that pals of the Mayor made bank somehow on the City Hall Bathrooms and will on the third floor remodel.

50/50 on if the Mayor goes to jail before he leaves office. Out of that # most think that it will be over some type of kick back.

Racine where the man on the street thinks is a  corrupt city.

Questions I like answered

Questions I like answered

What’s going on with Porters?  Did Mr. Waters get any money from the city if so when and for how much?

Will the looming failure of Anchor Bank stop Porters?

When will the City/County buy Azarian’s? This being so necessary for Rootworks. Is the rumor the John Dickert is running for Governor  have anything to do with the delay in this? 

I know of at least three stories that if true would cause great harm to the Governor I mean Mayor of Racine so why tell me and not  oh say the FBI or the GAB? 

How do so many folks fit around a table when they play Poker with Robin Vos?  Please that story is just old and silly. 

Anyone reading the stories of early Vegas or the Mob know the numbers of folks killed over a small amount of $$. So what happens when say 20 Million is on the line for a new Point Blue?

How much $$ can get “lost” or “redirected”?  Who might benefit?

How does the Mayor get rich folks to come to Racine until he moves the poor ones out? How does he protect Root Works from the Poor? Do you see the DRC welcoming Poor Blacks to the Lake Front? How many do you see at Party on the Pavement?

Cover up



A new age of cover up in Racine has started. Information once easy to find is being moved.

Some of my contacts at City Hall have reported strange conversations being held, some even say they have warned about being seen with others that the Good Old Boys do not like.

Should we next expect that old meetings of the City Fathers will go missing? Are CAR 25 tapes being look at and removed if they are thought damaging to Mayor John Dickert?

How far will he go in his run for Governor? How far would you go for say 80K? 600K?

I now park my Truck behind my house so I know if its been messed with.

There is a lot on $$ at state in Racine, a lot of Money.