Stop the Press!





Was not going to say anything but I let the Cat of of the bag.

Back in the day when I was drinking I mean studying at U.W. Madison, I knew a good number of folks who worked at the Daily Carnal the far left wing newspaper,  to include my then Girl Friend now Ex Wife.

In the past few weeks, I got back in touch with many of them, just to rehash old times the world we live in, if America is a Police State (We are)   stuff like that.

Some I told about this Blog and others in Racine, the how and why on some of them that I knew. After giggling at my spelling/grammar, some point were brought up:

We the local bloggers are not a good thing for the Good Old Boys   because anyone with Internet might read what say Racine Exposed has to say and think like many do that Racine is a corrupt little town this would not be good say if the Mayor was going to run as Governor.

As more and  more info is sent to the GAB, perhaps the GAB looks at the Blogs and is pushed into action, I understand that many State Politicians  look at the Blogs and just might help to make that happen.

So the neat thing is that a few of them (Old  Cardinal Reporters) teach mini courses some even teach at UW Madison  or simple write blogs of their own, and will be helping me research Racine City Hall write Open Records  as well them that teach are planing to use the full power of the U.W. System to fuck with the Mayor about the  fun and games at Racine City Hall.

Yes old hippies with nothing better to do then to keep fucking with “the man”


4 Responses to Stop the Press!

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    They Live is a 1988 American science fiction film written and directed by John Carpenter. It follows a nameless drifter referred to as “Nada,” who discovers the ruling class is in fact Lying John and Questionably competent Tom (aided and abetted by Compromised Jim) managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast, concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media.

    They Live!

    AND feast on the Fruits Of Your Labor – while being entirely UNWORTHY!

    On your back!

  2. Mary M. says:

    So how many more Whores and Cuckolds exist in Racine’s “Upper Classes?” Not to mention the chronic problem of CHILD MOLESTERS?

    Does Teresa crave a Big Black Mandingo?

    Meet the“>Mandingos

    They’re gentlemen in the street, thugs in the bedroom, and your wife’s steamiest fantasy. John didn’t always like black guys. He was prejudiced—he admits it. As one of the few white kids at his school in the middle of Racine. WI., he fought a lot with black kids and was occasionally beaten up. When he later ran a Realty office, he was robbed: A black guy held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger—but the gun didn’t go off.

    t’s a measure of how far he’s come that John (not his real name), now 50, is telling me this while we’re watching a black guy have sex with his wife, Teresa (not her real name), 47, at an interracial orgy. In John’s house. On his bed. The man screwing John’ss wife is Branford (not his real name), a 30-year-old massage therapist who’s not holding back—this isn’t lovemaking, this is a proper pounding. Forget Teresa—that’s just how John likes it.

    • Is City Hall becoming a dating service? Are the pals of the Mayor who benefit from City spending pimping Women to the Good Old Boys?
      What could be found out by A Tempest near City Hall?

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    Thanks Dishonest John and Questionably Competent Tom for raising property taxes and borrowing (to finance friends, families and cronies at taxpayer expense) to the levels where small business isnb’t profitable.

    Be sure to add in Bryan Albrecht with his unelected taxing authority board and David “Dunce” Hazen for continuing to tax and spend tens of millions without referendums due to loopholes in the law. Their failure to educate Racine’s future generations and grow the tax base is silently ignored.

    Where is Complicit Jim (Ladwig) and “Both Eyes Blind” Rich Chiapete? All in the backrooms making plans together, Good bye Dino’s – Goodbye Racine! Goodbye JT!

    Only the Thieves in Racine remain in charge!

    Get out while you can!

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