Sex Clubs of Racine

One of the big open secrets in Racine, are our Sex Clubs!

Not talking strip clubs of the past but locations where lets say fun things happen behind closed doors.  Where the Good Old boys can get a not so nice woman to play Daddy’s bad girl who needs to be spanked.  After all the wife will not understand will she?

Ever since I moved here in 94, I hear stories.  As an employee for a local contractor,, I in taking to others heard more stories.

Being part of the Ad Club I got more of them told to me.

Here are just some of the stories…………….Stories YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Interesting City Racine, an BDSM Club in the Uptown, A Key Club Downtown, and more is there now a safe place where a special Good Old Boy can go with  his Girls and hide away from the public? (but watch that making out on Main st)

Might there be a Ship that one can rent that will take you and that Girl/Guy out in to the lake for a game of Pirates? Do not have a guy/girl might one be able to be provided for you?

IMHO only a fool would play with other women close to home.  Only a Fool use a BDSM Club whose owner MIGH(?) be a drunk (Should said Sex Club exist)

I do like Mr X! If only for the cool electronic devices he owns!   Did you know that a low powered Laser can be used to record sound in a room?  That the light of said Laser need not be visible?   That the Laser it’s self can be as far away as 500′?

The NSA is not the only users of high tech!


2 Responses to Sex Clubs of Racine

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  2. Robert Deavers says:

    It is still open

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