Is Downtown Racine the New Las Vegas or the begining of a Ghost Town?



It’s getting interesting in Downtown Racine!

In theory Downtown Racine will be a Booming place, we got Team Porters-we got the Marina we got the City Hall Bathrooms how much has been spend and who got the checks?

We sure know who will be paying for it!  We are!!  Yes! Are we having fun yet?

Look at all the nice folks making money off YOUR taxes in the Downtown/Marina area!

Who might be the Contractors/ Subcontractors being paid?

Are they using Union Labor? Are they using Illegals?

What links do they have to say the Mayor of Racine John Dickert?

In the Lake Front are the Contractors Dems or GOP members?  Why are so many on the County Board?

Has Racine been like Las Vegas divided up so conflict is avoided?

How munch $$ been spent and on what in TID 17?   Same with the round about. Its about who gets paid, we know who is paying the bills We are!

Have your street lights been turned off yet?  Whats your house value at not vs say 20010?

Why is it so hard to get straight answers from the City of Racine, who is being protected by not answering ? on TID 17?

Who are say the largest contractors  making money from the “rebuilding”    Who are they rebuilding it for?

Ah Racine

Sadly Vegas has interesting men with flair, who tipped big lived large and died in a hail of gun fire

We do not, perhaps all we have no more then a few interesting types looting before running off.

Things to come:

Who are the top say 5 Contractors in Downtown Racine and who they give donations to politically, might that have anything to do with wining contracts from the City?

a traffic count of cars coming into Downtown and walkers in Downtown

Number of empty Store fronts as a % of total Stores

“”             “”     Bars  as a % of total businesses.

At least in Vegas you have a chance at Winning.


This be a long term project but the % of Buildings behind on taxes. Then compare  that number to the $$ tossed away on Downtown, trying to answer the question is City of Racine what is keeping Downtown Racine alive?

Something to think about, is the DRC helping to churn buildings in the Downtown in ordr to have the illusion of value?

To ponder why are questions about   spending  on TID 17 so hard to get answers?  Might the Good old boys not what us to know that Porters might be a sucker bet?

Would you rather see street lights in Racine or Good Old Boys  go to Vegas?

6 Responses to Is Downtown Racine the New Las Vegas or the begining of a Ghost Town?

  1. Lex Steele says:

    The details are all being hidden in the TENS OF MILLIONS Racine is borrowing, re-financing, and held unaccountable for!

    Tens of millions are unaccounted for – in the “refunding” schemes!


  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    Jim, John and Tom working hand-in -hand in a Kleptocracy to subsidize the CHEEP Boaters of Racine . There is absolutely NO difference between the 2 approved political parties – except how they will keep the citizens in perpetual debt to fund their friends and cronies in failing ventures. How long until Osterman-Jerger and Gleason have a sub-contract to work there?

    The Racine Marina is LOSING money – and will continue to do so. Jim will try to hide it in the budget – just like Dishonest John does it on money losing Downtown, Uptown, West Racine, and Douglas Avenue.

    Good luck to the Marks and Fools that own the TAX LIABILITIES – formerly known as private property – in Racine County.

  3. Mary M says:

    Estimated Total Project Expenditures. The estimated cost of projects to be undertaken
    within the District is $1,785,062, consisting of $1,100,000 in development incentives,
    $634,012 in financing expense, and $51,050 in expenses for creation and administration
    of the District. The expected projects are limited to provision of a development incentive
    for redevelopment of the Porter’s site, capitalized interest and interest expense
    associated with financing the development incentive, and costs associated with the
    creation and administration of the District. The City may, however, elect to substitute
    other appropriate projects that will accomplish its objectives for the District. The
    Expenditure Period of this District is 22 years from the date of adoption of the Creation
    Resolution by the Common Council. The projects to be undertaken pursuant to this
    Project Plan are expected to be financed with an advance from other City funds on hand,
    but the City may use other alternative financing methods which may provide overall
    lower costs of financing, mitigate risk to the City, or provide other advantages as
    determined by the Common Council. A discussion and listing of other possible financing
    mechanisms, as well as a summary of project financing is located in Section 10 of this

     Economic Development. As a result of the creation of this District, the City projects that
    additional land and improvements value of approximately $3,174,000 will be created as
    a result of the anticipated redevelopment ($1,865,000 net of base value). This additional
    value will be created as a direct result of City’s participation in the project and creation of
    this District. A table detailing assumptions as to the timing of redevelopment and
    associated values is located in Section 10 of this plan. In addition, creation of the
    District is expected to result in other economic benefits as detailed in the Summary of
    Findings hereafter.

    Does that include the $160,000 TAX FREE Facade Grant?

    What about Phase TWO?

    Phase Three?

    How many Phases will there be? How many Millions of taxpayer $$$ will Micah Waters ultimately pocket?

  4. LIZZ Tayler says:

    ROll the DICE and see what comes up!

    How many Millions of $$$ in interest has Kaplan cost City residents? How many more Cops and Fire Stations will he eliminate and close? All so he can fund the cronies of the Mayor and give a pass on the legal expenses John DIckert owes to the residents of Racine. Looks like San Diego CA. has an HONEST Common Council that represents the voters and residents…. (unlike Lying’ Jim Kaplan) San Diego City Council votes to make disgraced Mayor Bob Filner pay all expenses in sexual harassment suit and will sue him for any money the city has to pay on his behalf. San Diego City Council twice voted unanimously Tuesday to make Mayor Bob Filner, 70, responsible for all the expenses in his sexual harassment suit. The council is attempting to distance itself from the leader of the nation’s eighth-largest city amid mounting calls for his resignation. At its Tuesday night meeting, the City Council voted 9-0 to deny funds for Filner’s legal expenses in the lawsuit filed by his former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson.” What a difference from Racine’s very own Lying Jim Kaplan, Dishonest John, and questionably Competent Tom. Where’s Complicit Jim and Both eyes blind Rich Chiapete?

  5. Double BA$$ Face says:

    The JT keeps closing comments and hiding stories. They are simply censoring and shilling for Lying’ John.

    I’ve pulled my subscription – and now encourage others to do the same. I will also BOYCOTT any and all who advertise with them.

    It’s time to end the perfidy of The Journal Times which is “The Voice of Lying’ John Dickert”

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