The Mayor of Racine is Fucked and BTW You are too.


Wake up story in the J-T  9/23/14

Union: “Punitive” deductibles


Read the story its about The Police and Fire Unions having to pay more for heath insurance

The major take away is this …” Looking to address a projected budget deficit of between $4 million and $6 million,”…

Wow that is a lot of money Thinking that does not include any funds needed to repay one of the many property tax cases in the courts now, nor any court cases filled with the city on many issues in the public eye to include old CAR 25 staff that may file over what happened with them or even a civil rights suit or two

So many balls in the air, balls that could cost the City even more cash that we do not have for as our Mayor loves to say we have no money


11a1ltd  Mayor oh my bad


Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Mayor John Dickert with His Pal Van.

Sadly we are deep in debit very much so a debit even with out new increases in Water Rates (For Bonds issued for RootWorks?) an upcoming Wheel tax perhaps increases in Recycling fees perhaps more street lights coming down, this will not even come close to paying for the short fall in the budget this year or in years  to come.

As well can our Mayor not continue to find ways to fund his pals in Downtown Racine? You know the ones who gleefully talk about city workers having to pay ”   $6,450 for a single plan and $12,900 for a family plan.” yet can not pay taxes they owe sad I say very sad.

Yet I am guessing that this will continue after all Downtown Racine is just so alive just filled during the day with folks shopping right?

I will say if you like to drink there are a few bars just jumping

Now be interesting to see if our City credit rating will go down making the cost to sell bonds higher, costs BTW we pay for.

Yet the City can find $$ for TIF 18, Rootworks, nice Bathrooms in City Hall, programs that allow the RPD to spy on our Facebook/Twitter Mayor Dickert’s trips and the like

The Short Fall must be paid for and how?

Will we see Mass Police/Fire lay off? Civic Center closed? Community Centers closed? More Street Lights come down?

and as more leave the city this will only get worse, wait Rootworks and the Uptown Plan will save us! Right do you not believe our Mayor that folks are demanding Condo’s on the Root River? Or Companies call him everyday looking to move to Racine?


Very very sad is the wake up call coming to anyone who thinks that simply coming to City hall and bitching will make the City do what you want, sorry better bring checks with you.

Of course we will here of many wanting to run for office and I say go for it we need good folks in office from City up please run we need more to do so.

Know that it can and will be a fight may not be one to have if you have a think skin or no money to run an election fight.


Oh what will happen to Racine in the years to come? Who will be left to pay for the Rich and white to play in Racine?


Duty to resist Editoral

Note I am fully aware of the Racine’s Police Department ability and desire to spy on members of the public on the orders and I feel strongly for the benefit of the Mayor of Racine John Dickert.

When I was in the Army we had each year classes on War Crimes and over and over we were told that if  followed an Illegal order to say kill someone loot pillage or allow others to do so without telling someone you could and would be held to be just as guilty as the person (s) giving or carrying out the order

This not only from events of WW II but Vietnam you may recall

220px-My_Lai_massacre   Mỹ Lai Massacre

Now we have in Racine as many see things a corrupt local government lead by this man







Mayor John Dickert.


and as we know from this story

that the RPD will be watching us… Why Who? We do know that from time to time dumb thugs will post insane things on say Facebook that at times dumb thugs will post BS on Twitter but to the point where the RPD must keep tabs on everyone?  Or might it be nothing more then a way to Mayor John Dicket monitor those on his list of political foes?  Perhaps a  way to monitor my actions in investigating this as I say Corrupt Mayor of a sad sad town?

I am shocked and disappointed that our Police Chief has not come out in Public on the planned use of this program, I am told that the Chief has talked to members of the Faith Community on issues he sees in Racine, I do hope on of them is issues of corruption and what his thoughts are on the Police and Fire Commission and they way he was treated by them.

Be so sad to see Our Chef just be



Real leadership means standing up to power.


See if The Civil RICO turns into say an FBI investigation no one in any office  will be safe from an investigation


We all must stand up to the actions of our Mayor John Dickert and his pals


Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

A vote for them is a vote to reward pals to insure Racine stays #1 in Unemployment spend Millions on the Downtown as we see Racine Police effectively laid off, See Bus service cut for the poor who need it most and Gentrification take place in the Uptown





After all Minorities and elderly need city services and cant


Haul-Bloggers-the-anti-social-mediaThere are things we can and should that in an upcoming post


My view

The J-T Headline This AM

“Schools seek $8.5 million – Unified to ask voters for 15 years of additional revenue”




How dare RUSD ask for 1 more $$ yet alone 8.5 Million in a time that MORE in Racine are Unemployed, The City of Racine it’s self is not filling openings on the Police Force to basically lay off 10 police officers  and the City of Racine facing a RICO lawsuit court fights over tax assessments, and not being able to keep what few events at the Civic Center coming back.

Economic turmoil going on as we speak with a long time Racine employer moving out of the city taking 300 jobs with it.

Yet RUSD is asking for more money to “run” the schools WTF!!!

Schools that cant get Minority kids to graduate, scores of the RUSD Schools should be getting “Leadership” at RUSD fired for such poor piss poor ability to teach kids have no shame in demanding more of YOUR money.

As I see it, RUSD as one of the commentators said today 8/14/14  should ask County Executive Jim Ladwig for some of the profits from Reefpoint Marina, perhaps from the restaurant that is paying NO RENT (must be nice) Maybe ask the DRC for a percentage of the millions spent on the booming downtown (Boy will they not be shocked with the higher property taxes coming via TIF 18 and Machinery Row)   I am sure the store owners will line up to chip in the stores on 6th St will insist on being first to do so!

And Porters being so so successful with Roll out the big bucks as will Delta Hawk for all the Jobs they have brought to Racine!


As I see it, the City of Racine is as I call this blog a City in Ruins run now by a Mayor that history will say was one of the most corrupt in the Midwest ever.

Yet RUSD wants more of your money, After all cost lots of money to pay Administration 100K+ to fail to teach kids so we have have a vast pool of unemployable workers to work at min wage jobs or become addicted to State benefits to keep the Democrats in power.

Could be worse our other elected officials could be just having one great party Oh…



Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

A Ride with Mr N Dream or Nightmare


On my way home from Neighborhood Night Out for West 6th St (or was it moved further West to reduce the numbers of Blacks and Hispanics attending) I thought a short walk for me and behold a very nice SUV pulls up and a well dressed man asks me to get it that lets say a Mr N wants to talk to me with a look that tells me that it be a real good idea to get in the car so away I go!!

Went to the Lake Front where Mr.N was waiting and after a bit of chit chat Mr. D offered me the facts of life in blunt terms you may not like what he told me I sure do not I will say that it makes sense so here it goes:

Racine as a City has no money

Racine as a City in millions in debit

The City of Racine can NOT tap into the reserve fund

The Needs of the City of Racine is I think Mr. D said “A Mill Stone around the County’s neck”

The Court cases over Tax assessments may cost the City Millions

The City of Racine is projected to be #1-2 in unemployment for YEARS to come

There is very little real development going on in Racine

Value of the City is still declining

A good chance that our Bond rating will continue to slide

The last few ideas that the City tried Delta Hawk and Team Porter’s well simply put failed (and how much did the city lose on them?)

Reef point is a Money Loser for the County and may not be breaking even after all Rent is NOT being collected on the Restaurant.

Some of the above I know is true other parts I am willing to believe for fun let’s say Mr D is right I was he went on

RootWorks/Machinery Row is seen AS THE ONLY CHANCE IN HELL  The City has, not that  RootWorks/Machinery Row may even happen but as it was explained to me (and I am unsure of how much of this would work) events would allow the City of Racine  to sell Bonds both for the Project and Water Bonds  ad use Intergovernmental funds (Water $$ from the cities around Racine)  by the City of Racine where Shell Games could be used to  keep the City afloat. Should any activity take  place this can be hyped as great even if nothing really is going on  faith in the City must be kept so more of the few owners of homes to not run away.

I asked him about members of the Public even Aldermen asking questions on the Grant for Mound Ave, questions being asked about oversight of RootWorks.

Mr. N answer The County nor the State cared since this I think he said “Scam”   was the last chance that Racine has to even slow the process of becoming the new Detroit causing even more of a drain on The County or State and with Walker running for reelection and perhaps the White House Racine was not going to be an issue.

Waking up from this nightmare I stared my day until saw the same SUV pull down the Street so was this all a dream?

What do You think?



The 100 days and History



The book above is a great read if you have not read it yet do so, tells an interesting story about the fall of Nazi Germany

what I found most interesting is how others around Hitler knew the war was lost others continued to believe that everything was going to be great and that the Germans were going to win somehow.

Sadly if you said anything that might suggest that the war was lost or had any ANY part of you that did not believe 100% in Hitler you could as was the case for many killed.

Today’s post started after talking to a Reporter outside of Racine and a Racine elected official who asked the same question “Why do I care about keeping track  of the Fall of Racine as it was put.

Easy the History needs to be know what happened who do I think it was and what did they do or not do to lead Racine to ruins.

and as History goes

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
George Orwell

“Study the past if you would define the future.”


“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”
Aldous Huxley, Collected Essays

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
Winston Churchill

See at some point in time someone may want to know why what was a great City (Racine) in 1910 by 1990 had major issues and by say 2025 like other cities had to declare Bankruptcy.

Why did folks start to leave Racine in large numbers,why did elected leaders still spend millions on a small area of Racine (Downtown) and leave much of the rest fall apart.

I know Documents from the ongoing RICO case will help but so will blogs like this one and others

In the mean time nothing to worry about in Racine the streets are Gold!



No Debit unless I benefit is that the saying for GOP in Racine?



As we know, both the Nation and City face horrific debit issues. I believe the USA is 15 Trillion in debit and the City of Racine 200 Million and more debit coming for both.

We hear all the time about how debit is bad for this Nation/City. Both sides of the isle agree that Debit as we had more issues from massive debit are harder to deal with.

For example the City of Racine was downgraded may be  downgraded again causing the public to pay more for the City’s spending spree.

Many leaders in the GOP have called for smaller Goverment and cuts in spending Paul Ryan and Sen Johnson from Wisconsin being just two of the many in D.C. doing so.

Our Local Leaders like our County Executive has said   “We do not have the means nor the will to raise taxes”

Our Local Tea Party folks have been very much talking in the past about lowering taxes

But then when it comes to Downtown Racine its Kate bar the door

Now Ladwig wants to spend $$ on Machinery Row


With an est 65 Million cost and no idea  about of developer cash how much will come from the County? 10% 25% 50%? More?



The county is already spending money in the Reef Point Marina and giving away free rent to attract and keep business at Reef Point.

How much more will the county spend on Belle Harbor to ready that for more “Development”

Of course I would expect the local tea party to be raising hell about this nothing I have seen.

Why where is the outrage on this perhaps huge spending increase that only benefits a very few in Racine mostly in the say few blocks of Downtown Racine?

I would hope that the  Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine who’s stated mission is We, the Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine was created Jan 2010. Our Watchdog mission is to hold local Racine City, County, and RUSD elected officials accountable. Primarily: Balance the Budget. No new Taxes, Fines or Fees. No new regulations.

as found on  have said nothing Nothing?

Wait the City of Racine under John Dickert I am sure via a T.I.F will spend a bunch of cash and what else? Loan Guarantees? Outright Loans?

God only knows what the County will do how much our County Executive will kick in.

For this project that helps few in Racine and no one as I see it West of  I-94

So why is our local GOP/Tea Party so quiet?

Well this might be the Answer in part


Kinda of hard to bitch when the GOP is marching lock step with the Tax loving Democrats one parties with pals, as seen above.

How long will we be looted to help an area of Racine that IMHO simply be left to blow away in the wind, for after years and millions spent on this area we still see empty store fronts little foot traffic and other then when its party city USA, the few  Cars you see driving to find the fastest ways out of town.


Sunday in Racine a sign of the times

Went to a book store on Sunday with the wife to hang out and perhaps get a book or two.

As I was there I saw a young man in his 20’s well dressed in a shirt and tie come in and ask one of the workers if the store was hiring, he was told he had to apply on line, I thought that be the end the guy would leave life goes on… but not yet, this young man started begging for any job they might have at any wage, going on to the dumbfounded staffer that he had not worked in years had not U/C left got some help from Food Stamps but with kids he was facing being homeless maybe living in his car.  The staff member said nothing he could do. He then left a sad thing to see.

Are jobs that hard in Racine to find that we are having to beg to find one?

I know a few years ago I heard a speaker say there were homeless families living in Cars in Racine, at the time I thought sad but without the sad facts in my face easy to look the other way and forgot all about that.

The Homeless I see are as far as I can tell drunks or druggies and have done this to themself’s

Sunday bothered me then and keeps on bothering me.

We are told by our Mayor that if we only spend more $$ the streets of Racine will be made of Gold, our County  Executive tells us if only we spend a few million on Reef Point Marina Gold gold gold!  Strange the City spends good money on the Downtown now the county   has on the Marina, yet the old Gold I see are in the hands of the good old boys.

Porrter’s has bombed, Delta Hawk has not worked out like our Mayor said it would. Now we are told that Rootworks will save us, or the Uptown project will.

I am not thinking  so I am just seeing more homeless and that man begging for a job in a city that has none but wanting to sell our souls hoping that the Boaters are coming.


Racine and the Ukraine

We live in Racine WI. where I have seen my taxes go up 100% the value of my home fall and even if I wanted to sell this place who would want to buy this well maintained home in the slum called Racine?

Our Mayor goes on trips to Mexico as Street Lights come down because the City has no Money, City Backed/funded projects die or go in to the black pit from Porter’s to Delta Hawk yet the City gears up for more like Rootworks or the upcoming Uptown project.

Many bitch few do anything more, some may turn energy to trying to fix up what they can, some get the hell out (Racine has lost many 1,0000 over the last few years) more and more are fleeing.

Others rage on what they see going on with this city Goverment at times like the Film by Jim Spodick Pattern or Practice or blogs like Racine Exposed show as some might the petty corruption of this small town on a Great Lake.

Sadly even with some of the Aldermen starting to push back on this administration nothing will be effective until numbers start showing up at City Hall demanding an accounting of the actions of this Mayor and his staff. More sad is if the past is anything to go by that is not happening soon, after all we might miss Prime Time TV!

Then we have the Ukraine a small country who just took to the streets fought back with Stones and Molotov cocktails Police troops with guns and won. Well over 100 died in battles in the cold at night but they won. 

I am not saying we should start tossing   Molotov cocktails far from it, I am saying, if we want change we need to understand that its time to get off our asses. Maybe you may choose to leave Racine simply walk away to some that might be the best option, others may work on a small area of the city to make that area better that’s fine. Others run for office help others to do so or maybe do a blog or Podcast.

IMHO we all need to do something unless we are just happy to be sheepwhat time is that movie on tonight?


My heroes


The County Roads or Rich White Boaters?

So today my wife and I drove to Janesville, we took mostly County roads to Hwy 43.

I must say that some of the roads were almost unable to be driven on the roads near Raynomd  very very bad. We know this is due to the long hard winter, that is no ones fault now nearing Spring we can all see how much damage they have suffered, again no ones fault that the roads are bad.

However with the coming warm weather will the County fix the roads or will money be pissed away on the Marina?

Will Jim Ladwig take care of the roads in Racine County or will the Mythical Boats who are thought to be the saving grace of Downtown Racine see the money?

I would hope that the piss poor roads would get priority over spending for the Rich white boaters (who many think are not coming) after all we the voters have to drive on the roads to work, to school, to wherever do we not?

Should not we who live here have farms here who have no other choice then to use the roads come first?

How in the name of God can Jim Ladwig do anything else then do the basic job of Goverment and fix the roads?  What excuse could he have not to?

Yes it might upset the Downtown Racine folks if the County put more $$ into the roads and that took $$ from the Harbor. Too bad so sad.

Perhaps I should take some photos so you can see how bad they are.

We are waiting

It’s a bit past mid-month of February and well we are waiting to see the fantastic proposals  for Belle Harbor Marina! After all so much going on in Racine to bring developers right? 

Our County Executive has said this about this great location in the City of Racine from

Racine seeks development for marina

…“We’re looking (for) something that will obviously bring value and people to downtown Racine,” County Executive Jim Ladwig said.

The request for proposals, expected to be issued Sept. 20, lists residential, hotel and retail development, along with public access to the riverfront, as preferred uses for the site.

“We’d love to see a hotel, something that brings people in,” Ladwig said.

Racine has one downtown hotel, and it isn’t always enough to serve the city’s needs, he said. For example, it didn’t have nearly enough rooms to serve visitors and participants during the Ironman 70.3 Racine Triathlon this summer.

The county already has seen a lot of interest in the site, Ladwig said.

“I could put up a ‘for sale’ sign and sell it real quick,” he said. “What’s more important to me is having site control and being part of the bigger redevelopment.”…

Really?  Comes as news to me! after all the 2 largest Boating type businesses West Maine and Skipper Bid’s have left the City.   A third gave it up in 2013. If there was truly money to be made in the area of servicing “the Boaters who will save Racine” they never would have left right they be making money from all the Boaters coming to Racine, but they are not coming are they? Oh of course Azarian would have sold right?

We are also waiting for the fall out of the Johnson’s layoffs to hit downtown Racine. How many and what will close Downtown first?

and with Spring Coming lets have a contest!

The person predicting but not going over the number of slips rented (and not going over) at Reef point Marina on June 1st 2014 will Win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Chart Room!

Your number must be in by 3/1/14  Prize mailed 6/15/14  Must be 18.

In case of a tie the tie breaker will be Name the who will win the Alderman of the 2nd in Racine.

Good Luck!