Are you ready Racine for what is coming?


Are you ready for what is coming? You know you want it after all you been fucked by :

Point Blue

Team Porters

Machinery Row ( Wait til you hear the new idea AND who will pay the bills)

From the Journal Times 8/21/16


The Racine County Board on Tuesday will hear the results of a recent study centered on the possibility of constructing an arena in Racine.

Moreover, the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting mentions the possibility of a hotel in connection to the arena. On Friday, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave declined to provide details about the hotel in advance of the meeting.  …”

As much as Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave declined to provide details (and why should he he only works for us but looks like he is controlled by Mayor John Dickert)

I will speculate:

    1. The location is Downtown Racine thinking the old WE Energy site on Lake St
    2. The hotel a long time goal of Mayor John Dickert and will include a convention center thinking this be the filled in 5th St Marina that the County can not sell nor has found any interest in. What better way to dispose of a White Elephant then sell it to the tax payers?
    3. The Sports arena will include an indoor Ice rink something else a long time goal of the Downtown Racine crowd wants badly maybe something called for in the Root Works plan
    4. The Ice rink we will be told would be used by An NHL farm team we will be told would be moved or started in Racine
    5. That the convention center of course would be ran by the same company Venu Works that only loss 300K last year and has trouble filling the Festival Hall in Racine
    6. the cost (about say 50 Million) would be split between The City of Racine County of Racine and forced loans I mean donations from the Racine Business community
    7. That local Sport player (s) from Racine we will be told will buy naming rights, to honor another local sports hero.

    That there are a few 100K in grants to kick the project off (and pay the developer?)

Of course the report will say  there is a HUGE need for a Sports Complex and Hotel/Convention center. We will be told that many from Chicago would come to Racine to see the Sports team Ice Skate then spend $$ in Downtown Racine, after all just go downtown and see all the cars from IL, and the line of cars coming to Racine on Hwy 11 to visit this Hell hole I mean great city.

Now how will Machinery Row impact this when new details on that project comes out?

Overall just know your not taxed enough and need to pay more to allow the pals of John Dickert to make money off you now be good and bend over because its coming



Budget Predictions



Budget Predictions  or we are fucked

Our fearless leader will soon send a budget to the Yes mes sorry City Alderman who will after a few Dog and Pony shows other then a few Aldermen with the courage to speak up, will like good Yes Men vote Yes just like they have been trained to do

This Budget I predict will have in it or prepare the way for

The highest rise in property taxes allowed by State Law

Increase in Recycling fee

Increase in our Sewer fee

A Wheel Tax

We will see the closing of  fire station 5

A hiring freeze at RPD (After all there is no crime in Racine)

A cut in the Racine Public Library hours (Reading is not needed in Racine just trust in John Dickert)

CAR 25 is killed this may end the broadcast of City Meetings

A reduction in BUS after all fuck the Poor and Handicapped  they do not spend money in Downtown

The Closings of Community Centers after all Minorities are only needed every few years to vote as they are told to

A raise in the Mayor’s pay

More $$ spent on the Uptown Plan and Rootworks We will see $$ spent on promoting Downtown Racine

We will not see an end to the $$ for our mostly empty civic center

Of course Gateway will jack up the tax they control and so will RUSD Please vote NO! on the Referendum  question on the ballot.

We will be told it’s all Governor Walker’s fault not that our leadership spends to much on projects we do not need but do enrich pals of our Mayor.

Looking at my Taxes over the last 10 years they have went up about 100% as my assessed has gone down.   At this rate we will be taxed out of this home.

How many have been or will be taxed out of this City?


How long can you afford to live in the City of Racine?







A Ride with Mr N Dream or Nightmare


On my way home from Neighborhood Night Out for West 6th St (or was it moved further West to reduce the numbers of Blacks and Hispanics attending) I thought a short walk for me and behold a very nice SUV pulls up and a well dressed man asks me to get it that lets say a Mr N wants to talk to me with a look that tells me that it be a real good idea to get in the car so away I go!!

Went to the Lake Front where Mr.N was waiting and after a bit of chit chat Mr. D offered me the facts of life in blunt terms you may not like what he told me I sure do not I will say that it makes sense so here it goes:

Racine as a City has no money

Racine as a City in millions in debit

The City of Racine can NOT tap into the reserve fund

The Needs of the City of Racine is I think Mr. D said “A Mill Stone around the County’s neck”

The Court cases over Tax assessments may cost the City Millions

The City of Racine is projected to be #1-2 in unemployment for YEARS to come

There is very little real development going on in Racine

Value of the City is still declining

A good chance that our Bond rating will continue to slide

The last few ideas that the City tried Delta Hawk and Team Porter’s well simply put failed (and how much did the city lose on them?)

Reef point is a Money Loser for the County and may not be breaking even after all Rent is NOT being collected on the Restaurant.

Some of the above I know is true other parts I am willing to believe for fun let’s say Mr D is right I was he went on

RootWorks/Machinery Row is seen AS THE ONLY CHANCE IN HELL  The City has, not that  RootWorks/Machinery Row may even happen but as it was explained to me (and I am unsure of how much of this would work) events would allow the City of Racine  to sell Bonds both for the Project and Water Bonds  ad use Intergovernmental funds (Water $$ from the cities around Racine)  by the City of Racine where Shell Games could be used to  keep the City afloat. Should any activity take  place this can be hyped as great even if nothing really is going on  faith in the City must be kept so more of the few owners of homes to not run away.

I asked him about members of the Public even Aldermen asking questions on the Grant for Mound Ave, questions being asked about oversight of RootWorks.

Mr. N answer The County nor the State cared since this I think he said “Scam”   was the last chance that Racine has to even slow the process of becoming the new Detroit causing even more of a drain on The County or State and with Walker running for reelection and perhaps the White House Racine was not going to be an issue.

Waking up from this nightmare I stared my day until saw the same SUV pull down the Street so was this all a dream?

What do You think?



Clingman’s Clink part 2!



My Mom was telling me (I ask my Dad but he died in 10) that at the Bar my folks owned they had a Pool Table a pin ball machine and A Juke Box boy did she love having that.

Each week she go out and buy the Top 5 Country Western/ Rock/Pop hits and put them in take out the songs not plaid much, the cost was 5 songs for $1.00 if you were a woman in the bar alone or with other women The Bartender give you tokens my folks found out fast that guys would feed $$ in the Juke box all night to make women happy.

On nights the Dancers where on deck Men were asked to play the songs danced too. Boy did they.

My Mom thought the coins where not counted but weighed to get the amount from the Juke box the pool table too!

Her memory not too good anymore but her and my Step dad are 80% sure that was the case.

I know  that my folks took pride in paying the taxes.  After all he fought in WW II to be able to have freedom to do so, here he was from a poor upbringing owning a good business in a small town the American dream, he did well.  Far better then Farming

So well that when years latter we moved to Madison my folks paid CASH for the house they bought. Not bad

Now lets say your bar is in a corrupt town where well taxes were if your connected, taxes were oh let’s say up to you. Better yet you paid to the city a fee to have a coin operated machine but that income not monitored so that income from your games/juke may not be taxed correctly. How much money might you be able to make/hide from the Feds? $100 a day 200? More

Thinking that its high time not only any fees needed   to have a Coin Operated Machine go up but a counter added to the machine so  income may be better reported to the State and the Feds.

The 100 days and History



The book above is a great read if you have not read it yet do so, tells an interesting story about the fall of Nazi Germany

what I found most interesting is how others around Hitler knew the war was lost others continued to believe that everything was going to be great and that the Germans were going to win somehow.

Sadly if you said anything that might suggest that the war was lost or had any ANY part of you that did not believe 100% in Hitler you could as was the case for many killed.

Today’s post started after talking to a Reporter outside of Racine and a Racine elected official who asked the same question “Why do I care about keeping track  of the Fall of Racine as it was put.

Easy the History needs to be know what happened who do I think it was and what did they do or not do to lead Racine to ruins.

and as History goes

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
George Orwell

“Study the past if you would define the future.”


“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”
Aldous Huxley, Collected Essays

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
Winston Churchill

See at some point in time someone may want to know why what was a great City (Racine) in 1910 by 1990 had major issues and by say 2025 like other cities had to declare Bankruptcy.

Why did folks start to leave Racine in large numbers,why did elected leaders still spend millions on a small area of Racine (Downtown) and leave much of the rest fall apart.

I know Documents from the ongoing RICO case will help but so will blogs like this one and others

In the mean time nothing to worry about in Racine the streets are Gold!



Racine and the Ukraine

We live in Racine WI. where I have seen my taxes go up 100% the value of my home fall and even if I wanted to sell this place who would want to buy this well maintained home in the slum called Racine?

Our Mayor goes on trips to Mexico as Street Lights come down because the City has no Money, City Backed/funded projects die or go in to the black pit from Porter’s to Delta Hawk yet the City gears up for more like Rootworks or the upcoming Uptown project.

Many bitch few do anything more, some may turn energy to trying to fix up what they can, some get the hell out (Racine has lost many 1,0000 over the last few years) more and more are fleeing.

Others rage on what they see going on with this city Goverment at times like the Film by Jim Spodick Pattern or Practice or blogs like Racine Exposed show as some might the petty corruption of this small town on a Great Lake.

Sadly even with some of the Aldermen starting to push back on this administration nothing will be effective until numbers start showing up at City Hall demanding an accounting of the actions of this Mayor and his staff. More sad is if the past is anything to go by that is not happening soon, after all we might miss Prime Time TV!

Then we have the Ukraine a small country who just took to the streets fought back with Stones and Molotov cocktails Police troops with guns and won. Well over 100 died in battles in the cold at night but they won. 

I am not saying we should start tossing   Molotov cocktails far from it, I am saying, if we want change we need to understand that its time to get off our asses. Maybe you may choose to leave Racine simply walk away to some that might be the best option, others may work on a small area of the city to make that area better that’s fine. Others run for office help others to do so or maybe do a blog or Podcast.

IMHO we all need to do something unless we are just happy to be sheepwhat time is that movie on tonight?


My heroes


Do NOT enable Mayor John Dickert



As I see it Mayor John Dickert is addicted  to our tax $$, like most active Addicts, he makes foolish choices, In his case we can use Delta Hawk  Team Porters. as examples of the Mayor spending Millions  and we the people getting jack in return.

As I understand it Delta Hawk  was going to hire what 100 workers? How many have they hired?

Porters, does anyone have a clue of when this gets started or just new excuses why Porters has not?

The $$ been spent on both how do we get any of it back or do we?

Sadly the only way we can maybe wake him up to get treatment, is by quit enabling him.

How?  Well this is harsh the only thing I can think of is by quit doing ANYTHING that may help the Mayor stretch Tax $$. Things like  the clean up the beach after the 4th, see the City should have done the clean up but due to our Mayor $$ issues the City had a furlow day  to make up for the 2 million the City needs to pay the Unions (recall the City fucking over the Unions and the resulting suit) so the Mayor turns to the public for help and like the fools we are we help there by allowing the Mayor to get by with Shit and feel no pain. We need to quit that. IMHO he needs to understand that there is a “Price” to be paid for every mistake in spending, every time a pal makes bank because Dickert is Mayor. Held to account, for his addiction.

So no more clean ups, no more contributing to funds that help the city. Our Mayor needs to  understand his spending needs to stop NOW.

How much do you think his trip to France cost? Do you think anyone other then the Mayor will benefit?

Sidebar note:  Tonight the good old boys within the Aldermen, got the clue that they can be called to account by recall.

Who should the next one be?



End of Year Wolfman Reports!


And its not pretty

Dec 31 1

Dec 31 2

Dec 31 3

Dec 31 4

Referendum on Mayor John Dickert and far worse Taxes we could be facing

I like to remind the Mayor that he can raise Taxes if he wants raise taxes he only needs to get a referndum passed to do so.

Want proof?  What process must a municipality follow in order to obtain permission from the electorate to exceed the state-imposed property tax levy limit?

The state law imposing a property tax levy limit on municipalities, sec. 66.0602, Stats., provides that the levy limit may be exceeded if the governing body approves a resolution to that effect and the resolution is approved by voters at a referendum. The process is set out in sec. 66.0602(4).

The link to the process is here:{FDAA9A25-FE55-486D-8EFA-08AC22895822}&DE={3EF3394F-ABDF-4BA0-8EB9-900F9DE7DDC5}

Now why has he not started the effort to do this? Is he worried that it would not pass?  Perhaps getting the Sheep thinking for themselves? Can’t have that The Sheep must not be allowed to think for themselves.

What can the Mayor do to find more money to blow on silly projects like RootWorks  in a time of great economic turmoil?  Why this is right up his alley a Wheel tax! Dickert could say its for his Green Ideas that would bring jobs to Racine.

Although very few have done so, every Wisconsin city and village is also authorized to impose an annual vehicle registration fee (“wheel tax”) on most of the motor vehicles registered in Wisconsin and customarily kept in the city or village. Sec. 341.35(1). The motor vehicles subject to such a fee include automobiles and motor trucks registered under 341.25(1)(c)., at a gross weight of not more than 8000 lbs. Sec. 341.35(1), Stats. This fee does not apply to any vehicle that is exempt from paying a state vehicle registration fee or any vehicle registered by the state under sec. 341.26., for a fee of five (5) dollars. Secs. 341.35(2)(a) and (b), Stats.

Now this be an easy tax to avoid not that we would ever want to not pay  our fair share so Mayor Dickert could bring Green Jobs to Racine. We all see the long lines of Business Owners at City Hall just begging to come to Racine WI.

Do you think the Mayor is planing to find more ways to make us pay fees/Tax us?

Just look at your recycle cart and get back to me.

Will we have a Wheel Tax? Will we be forced to buy City Garbage Carts and pay a pick up fee?

Will the city charge a fee to place TV dishes on your home?


This IS the scandal of Racine

Interesting day on The Racine Journal Times 9/8/2012

A story on City  of Racine retirements spawned Blog postings on the non payment of Property taxes. Looks like that the City of Racine may have issues with folks paying their property taxes .

You can read the posts here—factors-include-age/article_af55e3bc-f950-11e1-8d3f-0019bb2963f4.html?comment_form=true#comments

One of the issues brought up is if the City of Racine property tax web site is up to date or not, if not why not?  Would this misinformation hurt someone looking say for a loan or a credit report?  if this is the case would having this information be wrong cause the City to be sued? We are good at being sued. On further review is that the web pages show that they are not the best to find information biggest issue is to find out about Back taxes owned.

How can we know if and how much is owed in back taxes

More critically IMHO what is being done to collect?  I like to know the total amount owed in back taxes I am sure that in any large city there are some when this goes from a few $$ to say 10’s of Millions I can not help but believe this becomes an issue.

An issue I want answers to.  I also like to know if there are rules in place to say stop someone massively behind in taxes to say sit on City/County boards, receive City/County Contracts  until payment is made or arrangements made.

When T.I.F.’s are created are back taxes repaid from this?

Myself I think a list should posted on line of folks who owe say over $5,000 in Taxes. As well these folks should not sit on boards nor receive  Government contracts, until payment is made or arrangements made.

However this is Racine, I think it will be hard to find out how bad the issue is. My guess is that should the news get out it would effect the City/County credit rating.

This opens the door to the issue of how much debit the City owes and how much this costs us to service.  To think our Mayor still wants to spend spend spend by selling Bonds. Wow

I do agree with one of the posters  from the JT, this is the scandal of Racine