Racine and the Ukraine

We live in Racine WI. where I have seen my taxes go up 100% the value of my home fall and even if I wanted to sell this place who would want to buy this well maintained home in the slum called Racine?

Our Mayor goes on trips to Mexico as Street Lights come down because the City has no Money, City Backed/funded projects die or go in to the black pit from Porter’s to Delta Hawk yet the City gears up for more like Rootworks or the upcoming Uptown project.

Many bitch few do anything more, some may turn energy to trying to fix up what they can, some get the hell out (Racine has lost many 1,0000 over the last few years) more and more are fleeing.

Others rage on what they see going on with this city Goverment at times like the Film by Jim Spodick Pattern or Practice or blogs like Racine Exposed show as some might the petty corruption of this small town on a Great Lake.

Sadly even with some of the Aldermen starting to push back on this administration nothing will be effective until numbers start showing up at City Hall demanding an accounting of the actions of this Mayor and his staff. More sad is if the past is anything to go by that is not happening soon, after all we might miss Prime Time TV!

Then we have the Ukraine a small country who just took to the streets fought back with Stones and Molotov cocktails Police troops with guns and won. Well over 100 died in battles in the cold at night but they won. 

I am not saying we should start tossing   Molotov cocktails far from it, I am saying, if we want change we need to understand that its time to get off our asses. Maybe you may choose to leave Racine simply walk away to some that might be the best option, others may work on a small area of the city to make that area better that’s fine. Others run for office help others to do so or maybe do a blog or Podcast.

IMHO we all need to do something unless we are just happy to be sheepwhat time is that movie on tonight?


My heroes


Gentrification the new racism comes to Racine! Part 1

girWelcome to Mayor John Dickerts Racine!

A Racine that is poor has no money  and over 200 Million in debit!!  A City that is so lost that Streetlights come down (As our Mayor goes to Mexico)

To bring us up to speed we have been downgraded in our credit rating and could be again.  We have lost a large amount of population and still have an ave of Two Homes going into Forecloser every day!

Things are so bad that our Mayor the one one phone call away from Obama had to send a letter begging City of Racine Non profit’s to send money  to help pay the bills like the over 100K the City spend paying Mayor Dickert’s legal bills. Leaving us of course with a debit service of about 27% this means that out of every $1. of taxes coming to the City 27% goes to pay on debit!

So what does our Mayor do? Does he cut back on spending to try and hold the line on taxes? No Mayor John Dickert! No what he is trying to do real bad is raise property values so he (the Mayor) can sell more Bonds to keep his dream of Rootworks and other monuments to his Godhood.

ZOD   All Hail Mayor John Dickert!

So how will he be trying to do this?

Well his first try was with the NSP  you know working on Homes in need of fixing up, doing so then finding new owners. Those homes fixed up would bring about higher values to be taxed  IMHO this would in turn raise assessments in near by homes bringing in more $$ for Dickert games and maybe force Blacks out of houses opening them up for more real estate games the old flip game things like that.

The NSP program did not work out so good.

Did it Zod I mean Mayor Dickert?

Mind you the NSP is still playing it’s self out and why…

Easy as the Mayor goes into the Uptown plan he now has a band of Cronies who will do as he asks as long as there is some loot in it for them, now best yet Dickert has a city staff who will do as he wants when he wants and many Aldermen who will never question him on anything.

The Uptown is a great place for the Mayor to do Phase II.

Mostly made up of Poor Blacks who have no place to turn for help.  Q.A Alderman of the 6th  is owned and operated by John Dickert. Sheilds of the 3nd has no power being only one person

The Black Churches will not do much as I see it they get a lot from the City of Racine and will not bite the hand that feeds them

See for the Uptown Project the great remove of the Black Population to take place

our leader KKK  John Dickert needed

Complant Aldermen (mostly and now working on removing two free thinkers)

Control of Local Media has the J-T /Has WRJN/ has Belle City TV  only The Mayor’s  works get told to the sheep that is Racine.

Groups of Business Leaders from the Good Old Boys  to help him allow him to loot and loot well.



The Uptown or Get out of Racine if your Black!


When to the Uptown Public Input Meeting last night and here is my observations

The J-T’s story http://journaltimes.com/news/local/residents-weigh-in-on-uptown-redevelopment/article_69beb6dc-84f3-11e3-8589-0019bb2963f4.html

1) We are fucked, nothing we can do to stop this (but something we can try more on that) The City  of Racine is grasping at straws at gentrification ideas why? The only way to get property values up and keep the few Home owners who pay taxes and maintain homes to stay because it may not be worth the fight   example from the story “We’re surrounded by rental properties that aren’t taken care of,” Merwin said. “There’s got to be some kind of incentive for landowners to keep up their properties.”

Sadly I see them looking to get $$ for doing what they should be waiting to do, but when your the only one doing anything it gets old fast, now what would they say if asked thoughts about businesses in Downtown Racine who are not paying taxes and they are …

2) A good 25% if not more of the crowd was made up of City of Racine Elected Officials, City of Racine/County of Racine Staff and the Crew of crooks I mean Consultants from   Vandewalle & Associates. Mind you Uptown Racine from what I was told by Matt from the City of Racine is mostly Black and below age income OK WHERE WERE THEY? Not in that room not at all.

I saw maybe maybe 2 maybe that I thought was a goal NOT to have the blacks who live in Uptown be part of this

You see the goal of this is


Or Drive the Poor our bring in the rich or like Racine is famous for bring in the rich Whites who will pay property taxes (even if Downtown Racine may not be) spend Money in the dead down town bonus if they buy hats or boats.

3) The Speakers tried hard to sell the idea of the Dream if only we did this Racine become a place to go that rich whites would come to Racine and blow $$! Right of course they will!! The City Administrator said so!  Would he lie to you???   Has not Delta Hawk Hired millions? Has not Porters brought millions downtown? Did not the spokesman from RCEDC say that 6000 work in the Downtown? Where?  might they counting the total # of employees  say at J-W if the HQ is in the Uptown?

4) At every Table for the breakout IMHO EVERY leader at the tables were from the Bid or Vandewalle so you  know that only the agreed upon in advance ideas are going to make it into the plan such needed things for a majority Black Low Income area as Coffee Shops (at least they can be bus boys) Open Air Food stores (Gee it was hard as hell to get a food Co-OP to even look at West Racine  what kind of bribe will it take to get a food store in the Uptown?

“a public gathering place on 14th Street and Washington Avenue” right! to do what mill about?

So sad see this plan that IMHO, Vandewalle know what they will have it say for Dickert has told them will in a nut shell do:

Enrich Dickert pals who know what is to come and have businesses ready to rape I mean pillage I mean take advantage of this plan.

Now I think we cant stop this plan from being created we can do this

Write a letter to our members of Congress asking them to investigate the City of Racine for Racism due to questions brought up from Pattern or Practice a Film on Racine Issues in the City of Racine and until this is done not to give any Grants to the City or County of Racine for


Reef point Marnia

Uptown Plan

Should the Feds show up or even get interested that will stop the plan dead.

Question does anyone know if Kim Kane running for the 2nd district alderman went to Mexico with Mayor Dickert?




I miss Bush a lot. Then we had a real leader someone who I thought cared and cared a lot.

Back then, I also thought that the local GOP in Racine County cared too, that that group would help fight back the foolishness of this nutcase

John Dickert

The City Hall Bathrooms spending, the CAR 25 Give away, and the rest.

Now of course   they did little not even to help recall IMHO a true Rhino one of Dickert’s right hand men


Who with his help IMHO much of the overspending, streetlight removing ,strangeness would not be able to happen..

Is that not what Bush would do defend the weak? Root out evil?  I thought so. I did.  To my understanding the GOP nor the Tea Party of Racine is willing to do anything. Why?

Is it because   if they did the Poor might be helped?



Or maybe they thought there was nothing they could do, after all Racine is a Democratic Party city, it be hard to do anything.

Then I thought Bush would have tried, John Wayne would have tried. Even in losing one I was taught stood up to evil men go down fighting   like the Alamo Wake Island Men stood and died fighting

but not in Racine. To me looks like all that matters is the R after then name and simply to get along.

or just maybe there is now no difference in Racine County between Democrats and Republicans

Does this explain life in Racine County?

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

That anything goes if the “Party” can get a share of power too?

After all Paul Ryan can vote to have the NSA  spy on the Public because of the R after his name, right?

Might there not be any difference between Democrat and Republican  in Racine County?

We just pay the bills and there are lots of them and more coming.

Think Union Grove wants to pay for the Failing Downtown of Racine? Waterford wants to pay for The Uptown?   The Farmers West of the I want to pay for Rootworks?

Guess that with out the local GOP standing up and saying “NO!” its going to happen

and many of them are too busy having a party to protect your interests then too that might mean they all just cant get along


But do you know HOW those uncollected taxes are made whole?

Well – by County Executive Jim Ladwig and the County Taxpayers! HOW CONVENIENT!  TRUE – it is the law – but why is Jim so silent on the disaster approaching Racine?

Per the City of Racine 2011 Audited Financial Statement:

2. Receivables
Property taxes are levied in November on the assessed value as of the prior January 1. In addition to property taxes for the City, taxes are collected for and remitted to the state and county governments as well as the local school district and technical college district. Taxes for all state and local governmental units billed in the current year for the succeeding year are reflected as receivables and due to other taxing units on the accompanying agency fund statement of fiduciary net assets.

Accounts receivable have been shown net of an allowance for uncollectible accounts. Delinquent real estate taxes as of July 31 are paid in full by the county, which assumes the collection thereof.

Got that? Jim Ladwig has to cover Lying’ John’s tax deficiency’s – which have been growing increasingly ever larger!

In OTHER WORDS – Your County Taxes cover the City of Racine Taxes!

Racine County Jane Nikolai is just there to provide cover … and Half-truths!”

as for me I cant vote for any of them at the local level. I can’t vote for Ryan anymore






Monuments for Fools Alexey Shchusev lives!



Stilen ac

Woke up this morning to find this in Today’s Journal Times:

Latest Root River corridor proposals include pedestrian, marsupial bridges



City revamping Uptown plan


The plans talk a good game but forget to talk about how much its going to cost or who is going to pay for it (we know it will be the home owners)

How many empty building are there in Racine? Do we need more?

The City is broke as the Mayor has said himself so much so he Mayor has called for donations to keep the city running:  http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/city-yet-to-net-donations-after-plea-to-nonprofits/article_24d409bc-2547-11e2-8599-0019bb2963f4.html

Yet somehow all the grand ideas about will come about after we spend what we need to spend however much we need to after all our betters say we need to

I see this not only as in the Root River away to enrich the famous Friends of John with the added bonus of big lies to back failing promises  for Uptown how quick we forget Garry Becker and the money and games then. I do think like all Dictators like Stalin ” The role that monumental propaganda in different cultures had played in fostering such sacrifice was well known; whether it was a temple in Ancient Egypt or a Jesuit monastery. Stalin was a brilliant choreographer of mass ceremonies but he badly needed ceremonial locations, broad squares, straight avenues and lavishly decorated palaces.” (A Journey into Stalinist Moscow of the 1930s – 1950s) If only we cared if only the negative Bloggers would suit up! Racine would be so great! All Hail Obama!

Racine Property Taxes went up 12% this year how much more will they go up to pay for the Dreams of  glory and the big ego of Mayor John Dickert?



Do not worry be happy!





So once again in Racine we had a shooting:http://racineuncovered.org/2012/08/attempted-homicide-19-year-old-woman-shot-in-head/

This would make 3 or so this week. Thank God this young lady is not dead. As the story said if you have information please call RPD, The Police need our help to catch the thugs.

Now every city/Town has Crime, there is nothing we can do to stop all Crime nor can we have a Cop on every block.  We by working with Police, our neighbors, and Churches  can do a lot. IMHO if you can you should conceal carry following all the laws and receiving as much training as you can. IMHO the Streets of Racine WI are not safe after dark. Please be careful.

The City of Racine IMHO must however keep us informed on what is going on in this City and get off the idea that we are not hearing the gunfire,seeing our Neighbors   taken to St. Mary’s after being attacked or seeing RPD responding to calls that its only a “perception”  that Mayor John Dickert has crime under control.

He should try telling that to those shot or home owners robed.

What The Mayor should do but We will never see is to hold meetings at every COP House and let the neighborhood take about the crime in that area and the help they might need, THEN see they get it.

However Racine has no money, and before his pals at RootWorks or the DRC lose one dine in City funding, we will see our Mayor cut police to the bone. I would not be shocked if 10-15 Police are gone after all there is no crime in Racine, just like there is no unemployment.

Do not worry , be happy! Lots of Bar in Downtown Town Racine to party at just do NOT stop in the Uptown or West 6th St area unless you drive an armored car and have body armor.

Oh and those areas West 6th St or the Uptown? Pay it no mind there the wrong color to worry about all they have to do is mark the Ballet the right way and stay away from downtown Racine.