Why bother?



Why even bother with the Dog and Pony show called the Racine Budget?

The Mayor has  all the votes he needs to get his very strange budget passed. A few might vote no but no way do they have the votes to kill it.

A few brave Aldermen/Women  will ask hard questions but not have them answered may introduced ideas to cut spending but again, the Mayor of Racine will have his way his Budget will pass.

The high points are easy to think of:

More $$ for the Pals less for minorities who may need City services after all the Mayor’s pals are White and well off and Minorities are not. How dare they even live in this City!

Do we need Police or simply think there is no crime in the City?

Do we need our Streets cleared of Snow? Why would we when we can go to Mexico with our Pal the Mayor if you are white and rich ! This is the Racine way right?

Yes we need to spend $$  on our Civic Center is there a better looking empty building in Racine?

We need to spend $$ on Rootworks and the Uptown Plan do you not see all the Cars from Chicago bringing folks here to buy homes and start a business?  Are YOU saying that our Mayor might be fibbing?

As I see it the the Aldermen might as well stay home and Email the votes in

Does your ass hurt yet?

My thanks to Ms ?



A few days ago, I received a call wanting to know if I wanted some old newspaper clippings a bunch of old E-Mails  gathered over the years just to go over and when I was done do what I will with them.

Ms. ? Dropped them and until the last few day was not able to go over them much, oh my Living God!

Do I have the gold mine!

Among other gems I have:

Copies of the 6th st Plan

The outline of the Artist relocation plan for Uptown with Newspaper accounts from other Cities we know how that went (but this time it will be different right?) assoted Emails from Ms. ? and elected City Leaders of the past and Campaign Lit from Mayor John Dictert’s run for State Assembly that alone is huge, as in what he wanted to do then to what he has done or would like to do as Mayor of Racine, funny I saw nothing about his suing the City or being part of a RICO Suit in the lit.    A lot about backing RUSD and more spending being needed.

Done a great job with the spending part

Interesting reading an old newspaper story about Mr. K. Fair pointing out issues with how the City was doing the “Improvements” Downtown and the group that seams to be forming over issues around Rootworks.

I love how the Head of the DRC in the story telling us that as I read it has no right to complain

So nice having this information to go over and how this answers some questions and helps guide me to others


Is Konrad Meyer walking the banks of the Root River? Part one

Long Live Spatial planning!!  LONG LIVE GENTRIFICATION!!

The State knows best! Mayor John Dickert understands your needs! LONG LIVE A WHITE PURE RACINE!!

Think that is over the top? Is it?

Lets set the back ground

We start with the idea that the Nazis may be the first crazy Greens.

Frank Furedi:

“What we today call ‘environmentalism’ is … based on a fear of change. It’s based upon a fear of the outcome of human action. And therefore it’s not surprising that when you look at the more xenophobic right-wing movements in Europe in the 19th century, including German fascism, it quite often had a very strong environmentalist dynamic to it. The most notorious environmentalists in history were the German Nazis. The Nazis ordered soldiers to plant more trees. They were the first Europeans to establish nature reserves and order the protection of hedgerows and other wildlife habitats. And they were horrified at the idea of hydroelectric dams on the Rhine. Adolf Hitler and other leading Nazis were vegetarian and they passed numerous laws on animal rights.”

extracted the above passage from Ron Arnold’s Committee in Defense of Free Enterprise web-page, where the transcript is featured as a “guest editorial.”

And more

The core of Nazi rural socialism was the idea that land-use must be planned. Gottfried Feder was a leading Nazi charged with the duty of formulating such policy. He made a speech in Berlin in 1934 in which he stated that the right to build homes or factories or to use land according to the personal interests of owners was to be abolished. The government instead would dictate how land was to be used and what would be constructed on it. Feder next began to build up elaborate administrative machinery to carry out his plans.

Now look at Racine

We have plans and groups to carry out the plans:

Downtown Racine Corporation for the Downtown area and I understand may have something to do  or will have For the Douglass Corridor and the Uptown Project (yet to be written but IMHO already written)

Root River Council members/former leadership have roles in RootWorks the Plan for the Root River.

We have a city who’s own Mayor tells is has no money and has asked Nonprofits to donate money to help cover city expenses as Mayor Dickert goes to Mexico! Our Mayor will cut costs as in take down Street Lights!

The Uptown plan currently being worked on by the same consultants that gave us Rootworks, well is interesting for as I understand what I was told at the first meeting is big on gentrification see IMHO this is nothing more then a way to drive the groups who make up most of the Uptown area poor Blacks and Hispanics. Again from    Gottfried Feder from his 25 points

4. None but members of the nation may be citizens of the State. None but those of German blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the nation.  Note in the City of Racine case change Jew to Black

That way when the Blacks are gone the right kind of folks can move to Racine and enjoy the fruits of Spatial Planing. Plans created and carried out by the crony capitalist friends of Mayor John Dickert.

Speaking of Crony Capitalism “Government control without direct ownership had the advantage that when the economy did well, the state could take credit. When the economy did poorly, private parties could be blamed. Prior to the debacle of World War II, many of Mussolini’s policies were admired by democrats such as economist John Maynard Keynes and President Franklin Roosevelt.”

Who does that sound like?  Why Mayor John Dickert! All the hype he ran out for the Porter’s Project! The hype on Delta Hawk now we know that Porter’s is dead but we have yet to hear anything about Delta Hawk. Why is that?

When our Mayor talks about why Racine is  falling apart he blames others mostly Gov Walker fault that being he can not raise taxes. I wonder how much my property  taxes would be if he could?

Maybe we list the cronies…

Gentrification the new racism comes to Racine! Part 2



So now that our fearless leader (shown above) has the tools needed to run Ramshod in the Uptown:

He controls The Aldermen

Controls the local Old School Media

Belle City TV is ran by his pals

The County Goverment is busy raping the tax payers over Reef Point Marina to worry about the Mayor  and then the County and City said they work together on the Uptown pillaging

looks to me they do like each other


Party on!

and the vast majority of residents of the Uptown being Minorities and poor who will defend them? Other then God no one

So what to expect from my crystal ball


The Uptown plan that IMHO has already been done will sail to get made law of the city, as this happens members of the Bid board or fronts for them will open business to take advantage of this.

Expect to see a restoration company that will focus on historical rehabbing of old buildings some of the first jobs will be for buildings that just happen to be a focus of the Uptown Plan.

The Bank will come under close watch by the City of Racine as a first step to change ownership from the current owner to someone to in line with Mayor John Dickert

Gateway will open some type of Center in the Uptown,  as a sop   to Alderman Shields part of it will be used for helping Black kids to stay in School since IMHO the Good old boys do not want Blacks who can read/write do not expect much with this.

Since Gateway has an Open Check Book expect them to spend the money to get something going and then we see the good old boys say how great the Uptown Plan is doing in the Media the Mayor controls! Are you not happy!

The idea is to create a way to raise property values (Hear about the new City Assessor?) Not only to for more taxes BUT to sell Bonds! See Dickert needs more Bond sales to build his toy called Rootworks oh who came up with that idea?!  But with the falling property values in Racine  The city may not be able to sell more, but say the City value goes up  by a few 10’s million’s then the City can and will sell more bonds and Dickert’s pals must be paid, hell for that matter Jim Ladwig’s GOP pal’s must get paid.

Will the City be able to raise property Taxes and help to drive out the poor blacks out, creating empty houses for flipping opportunities for cronies from Builders to Real Estate folks .

In 5 years will we have as many poor blacks in the Uptown or will Mayor John Dickert have as I think, he wants a more white Racine.

End result tax payers get fucked, The Black residents get fucked the cronies get paid.

Part 3 more detailed look at the inter linking




I write about a lot of issues in Racine in RIR more in the Wisconsin Daily Independent.

Since New Years been reflecting not how efective I have been, since until folks living in Racine care show up in numbers at City meetings “vote out the bums” nothing is going to change, a bit sad but thinking it’s the truth.

If seeing your taxes sky rocket and services go to hell, Gateway as I have been told by students both going now or have went going to pot (yet leadership making the big bucks) RUSD just for shit  to the point that I see the J-T not caring to print BS stories saying how good RUSD is! If we do not care about that going on is anyone going to say or do anything about, oh the Games at Rootworks,what will happen with the Uptown project., how The County will rape Union Grove and other small towns to fund Reef Point Marina and their desperate attempt to find/keep boaters.

So why do I do it?

Easy, to document what happened and with luck why.

Now, I cant cover every scandal hell we cant read about many events going on in the City from the J-T case in point Porter’s.

However I will be focusing on the following

1) Rootworks

2) Uptown Project

3)   Porter’s

4) Delta Hawk

5) The Games with Dickert’s Cronys.

I like to write on the Casino but with on line Gambling coming soon, I think that is dead.



A tour of the Lake/Harbor


Got a call Saturday night a man I know well lets call him Mr. S, called from The pig in panic mode he had rode his bike here from The Twin Cities (He enjoys bike riding around the  county and selling the Photos he takes) got all the way to the Uptown then fled in panic to some place he thought safe to call me and get recused.

Got him brought him to the house and after catching up Saturday night  we thought to take a look at the Racine Harbor and all the neat things to see/Do downtown Racine.

What did we find? Well

1) Nothing open other then the Bars Mr. S like I Mr. S does not drink.  We could have missed an open store but I think not.

2) Other then the folks at the Jail to visit we counted 4 in the Downtown area 4. Yes Downtown Racine is booming

3) Went to the Lake Front and river edge walked around. My guess is that the County owned Marina is at 75% full.  That’s good WE also talked to a few boaters from out of State they all told us the same thing.  They buy the food/Booze they need BEFORE they come to Racine and in any event do not shop for that in the Downtown because, THERE IS NO PLACE TO BUY IT!

They go without or get a pal with a car to drive them to say PIck and Save Many of the Boaters had stories of the rude behavior  of shop owners.  Mr. S was shocked I advised that they write Email to the County Executive not that JIm can make folks less rude but so he knows what Folks who are coming to Racine are facing, IMHO they are seen as Sheep to be fleeced/Raped by Some Shop Owners (They have to be open first)

Mr S was sad as I was with this



How much are we paying for the Marina and the Boaters cant pick up the trash? How hard is that? Must we pay someone to wipe their ass too?

A few of the Boaters we talked to were as  upset as we were but told us that as they saw it if a boater tossed trash in the Lake nothing would happen.

I took him back here via the back road along the Root River and we got to see this

Not going in the water soon



Sad fate of boats (I have more Photos) is this the end fate of all the Boats in Racine



Mr. S left last night before dark so he could he hop reach Union Grove and camp in safety.


He was not shocked to hear about the Street lights coming down of Dickert’s trip to France .

Mr. S did say that parts of Freetown did look worse when he was there during the Civil War

Do not worry be happy!





So once again in Racine we had a shooting:http://racineuncovered.org/2012/08/attempted-homicide-19-year-old-woman-shot-in-head/

This would make 3 or so this week. Thank God this young lady is not dead. As the story said if you have information please call RPD, The Police need our help to catch the thugs.

Now every city/Town has Crime, there is nothing we can do to stop all Crime nor can we have a Cop on every block.  We by working with Police, our neighbors, and Churches  can do a lot. IMHO if you can you should conceal carry following all the laws and receiving as much training as you can. IMHO the Streets of Racine WI are not safe after dark. Please be careful.

The City of Racine IMHO must however keep us informed on what is going on in this City and get off the idea that we are not hearing the gunfire,seeing our Neighbors   taken to St. Mary’s after being attacked or seeing RPD responding to calls that its only a “perception”  that Mayor John Dickert has crime under control.

He should try telling that to those shot or home owners robed.

What The Mayor should do but We will never see is to hold meetings at every COP House and let the neighborhood take about the crime in that area and the help they might need, THEN see they get it.

However Racine has no money, and before his pals at RootWorks or the DRC lose one dine in City funding, we will see our Mayor cut police to the bone. I would not be shocked if 10-15 Police are gone after all there is no crime in Racine, just like there is no unemployment.

Do not worry , be happy! Lots of Bar in Downtown Town Racine to party at just do NOT stop in the Uptown or West 6th St area unless you drive an armored car and have body armor.

Oh and those areas West 6th St or the Uptown? Pay it no mind there the wrong color to worry about all they have to do is mark the Ballet the right way and stay away from downtown Racine.