Johnson’s cut 300+ jobs My thoughts


Johnson’s Wax who some feel own the City of Racine today said that they were going to cut jobs 100’s of jobs now othere have talked about why. Well I do not care about the why. I do care about what it will do to Downtown Racine.

For even if only 50-75 jobs go in downtown Racine this will be very hard on the Downtown.

The few restaurants left will lose $100’s of dollars a day, stores that need every sale they can get lose $$ needed to pay bills (Will more Downtown stores quit paying property taxes?)  and so  on.

Some Store barely hanging on will close, some doing well will have to cut back. The spiral continues. Many of the last well paying jobs in Racine will start cutting back on spending because they will not know if they are next. Not good not good at all.

How many of the J-Wax jobs loss will have to sell homes adding to a flooded market causing even more of a decline in housing prices?

How many will be forced to walk away from homes?

In a year what will downtown Racine look like?

On the other hand IMHO The Johnson clan in order to feel good will most likely write more checks to feel good projects like Rootworks or the Uptown Project.

In the long run this hurts Racine, but the Johnson Clan having Billions will not feel the pain, many of us just folk will.

Might be a good idea to RUN FROM RACINE NOW!

2 Responses to Johnson’s cut 300+ jobs My thoughts

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    This time it is different. All because of peak oil and the increasing price of energy due to the increasing cost of extracting supplies that are more difficult to reach or of lower quality.

    Racine will be hurt because the local governmental units have manipulated the real estate market and given certain areas tax subsides, which has distorted the market and has not allowed for failure of certain connected individuals.Property taxes have been shifted to the poor and politically unconnected – at least as much as local government officials can shift.

    By continuing to build expensive and costly infrastructure, fixed costs are high and elasticity in the system has been destroyed. Deflationary periods can’t be tolerated by government budgets.

    IF local government units do nothing to make up for the losses of funds in the community, there will be problems. However, if local government tries to “fix” the problem, it will create an even worse situation in the future. Racine government has created an entire class of highly paid workers who now absolutely depend upon government handouts from the taxpayers.

    Racine needs to declare bankruptcy and repudiate the debt that has bought it – NOTHING! There has been no return on the tens of millions of $$$$ wasted on propping up a failed Downtown, Uptown, and Marina that can’t pay for itself.

    Watch for local government officials to PANIC – do the wrong things, and make the problem worse by throwing money at it, picking winners and losers, and driving costs up.

    • Yes, the monster called Goverment will use the great power it has to steal what it needs to live.
      Crony capitalism/Fascism The joining of the State to Big business will become more and more codified by law.
      Our Rights will be removed since we need to work be taxed and feel safe that is all rights only get in the way

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