Sunday in Racine a sign of the times

Went to a book store on Sunday with the wife to hang out and perhaps get a book or two.

As I was there I saw a young man in his 20’s well dressed in a shirt and tie come in and ask one of the workers if the store was hiring, he was told he had to apply on line, I thought that be the end the guy would leave life goes on… but not yet, this young man started begging for any job they might have at any wage, going on to the dumbfounded staffer that he had not worked in years had not U/C left got some help from Food Stamps but with kids he was facing being homeless maybe living in his car.  The staff member said nothing he could do. He then left a sad thing to see.

Are jobs that hard in Racine to find that we are having to beg to find one?

I know a few years ago I heard a speaker say there were homeless families living in Cars in Racine, at the time I thought sad but without the sad facts in my face easy to look the other way and forgot all about that.

The Homeless I see are as far as I can tell drunks or druggies and have done this to themself’s

Sunday bothered me then and keeps on bothering me.

We are told by our Mayor that if we only spend more $$ the streets of Racine will be made of Gold, our County  Executive tells us if only we spend a few million on Reef Point Marina Gold gold gold!  Strange the City spends good money on the Downtown now the county   has on the Marina, yet the old Gold I see are in the hands of the good old boys.

Porrter’s has bombed, Delta Hawk has not worked out like our Mayor said it would. Now we are told that Rootworks will save us, or the Uptown project will.

I am not thinking  so I am just seeing more homeless and that man begging for a job in a city that has none but wanting to sell our souls hoping that the Boaters are coming.


4 Responses to Sunday in Racine a sign of the times

  1. I relate to this homeless issue too Wayne. Like yesterday. West Racine free parking lot, as I get out of the truck a weathered-by-cold woman walked right up to me and asked for a $1.00 for something to eat. I didn’t give her a dollar and she quickly turned away from me and started approaching another and mumbled “how come no one has $1.00”. The “how come no one has a $1.00” was mumbled louder than the rest of the mumbling and I heard a call…fear, mournful, haunting. Real Racine

    • We give to the food banks or food from our stock too many times we been tricked by drunks. God knows thee is a real and growing need in this city for us all to do more if we can.

  2. Mr. Racine says:

    It’s the beginning of the end. The descent into DE-industrilization and the stripping of existing assets and accumulation of debt, until capital exhaustion sets in.

    “Steve Kopits recently gave a presentation explaining our current predicament: the cost of oil extraction has been rising rapidly (10.9% per year) but oil prices have been flat. Major oil companies are finding their profits squeezed, and have recently announced plans to sell off part of their assets in order to have funds to pay their dividends. Such an approach is likely to lead to an eventual drop in oil production.

    “Supply Growth” is the limiting factor in recent years, because the amount of extraction is rising only slowly due to geological constraints and the number of users has risen to the point that there is a shortage.”

    Which means that the days of wasting fuel (conspicuous consumption) by being propelled around Lake Michigan while floating on an overpriced piece of plastic crap – is rapidly coming to an end.

    Hence one day ReefPoint Marina will be abandoned – and the Racine Harbor will silt in and become a mosquito infested Swamp.

    Until then – Embrace the decline and party like it’s 1999.

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

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