Mr. A Visits

My good pal Mr. A from Sidney is visiting this area  as he is move from the Land of Kangaroos to this great State, he is taking the time to see what is where can the best place for him to set down roots.

Racine was ruled out fast for he believed after Reading about our great Mayor and the Unions + the whole BS on Washington Ave that he could buy property in downtown Racine (He liked the old Park 6 place and would have paid cash for it, then put another 50K in the place to build his business) He did not think he could trust the city not to fuck him.

He has left Racine to visit other areas of the State and visit his partners on the West Cost, however before he left to give me his thoughts on this city and the fight on Mayor John Dickert and I did not like what he had to say.

1) The Mayor has an organization, that has goals

2) The goals are worked on

3) Workers are held to account awarded or punished.Long term pals of the Mayor get rewarded.

4) One may not step out of line or else.

5) 99% of Racine does not care about the politics of the city until or unless the City effects them.

6) The Anti-Dickert group has few clues.

7) There is little leadership shown nor is there one or two leaders of said group. Just a bunch of folks doing what ever with no effort to coordinate  actions.

8) The local anti-Dickert Bloggers are effective but I need to do a better  job in spelling and grammar.  Mr. A loves Racine Exposed.

9) That my Podcast are better then my writing

10) After reading the City budget and the Mayor’s plans for the City, that the best thing to do if we live here is to get out as fast as we can, Mr. A thinks Detroit be an O.K. Place.

As much as I am unhappy of what Mr. A. said I have a lot to think about.