The County Roads or Rich White Boaters?

So today my wife and I drove to Janesville, we took mostly County roads to Hwy 43.

I must say that some of the roads were almost unable to be driven on the roads near Raynomd  very very bad. We know this is due to the long hard winter, that is no ones fault now nearing Spring we can all see how much damage they have suffered, again no ones fault that the roads are bad.

However with the coming warm weather will the County fix the roads or will money be pissed away on the Marina?

Will Jim Ladwig take care of the roads in Racine County or will the Mythical Boats who are thought to be the saving grace of Downtown Racine see the money?

I would hope that the piss poor roads would get priority over spending for the Rich white boaters (who many think are not coming) after all we the voters have to drive on the roads to work, to school, to wherever do we not?

Should not we who live here have farms here who have no other choice then to use the roads come first?

How in the name of God can Jim Ladwig do anything else then do the basic job of Goverment and fix the roads?  What excuse could he have not to?

Yes it might upset the Downtown Racine folks if the County put more $$ into the roads and that took $$ from the Harbor. Too bad so sad.

Perhaps I should take some photos so you can see how bad they are.

2 Responses to The County Roads or Rich White Boaters?

  1. Mr. Racine says:

    Who pays to re-pave and fix Christopher Columbus Causeway?

    It’s got some bad spots and it’s starting to look mighty rough. It’s part of that expensive infrastructure cost that will never pay for itself – isn’t it? Sunk costs that can’t be recovered, and are only a Monkey on the taxpayers back.

    Since the claims from elected officials is that it’s mostly Illinois Boaters – it seems time to consider making it a toll road!

    The thing to watch this year will be the fuel sales by the Marina – especially with the continuing high cost of fuel combined with an unusually cold Winter and rising propane and natural gas prices. Will the Boaters be able to afford fuel to waste by mindlessly floating around on Lake Michigan?

    The 2013 County Budgeted fuel sales actual numbers aren’t in the 2014 budget, but based on the serious downwards revision for 2014 – they must have been dismal. Broke boaters can’t afford to waste fuel.

    2013 Fuel Sales Unleaded Budgeted: $175,000 2014 Budgeted: $78,583
    2013 Fuel Sales Diesel Budgeted: $100,000 2014 Budgeted: $50,000

    And broke-ass Boaters don’t spend money in Restaurants, Bars, and shops. They also don’t visit their boats as often.

    The Marina Project is a failure. There is just a time lag for the politicians to acknowledge this.As Nancy Pelosi would day – “Embrace The Suck”.

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