Who writes the Stories part II

The Open Records Email

I am requesting a copy (PDF is fine) of All E-mails send from The Racine City Administer/ The Mayor of Racine John Dickert  to or received from  Cara Spoto  cara.spoto@lee.net   and or Robert Golub rob.golub@lee.net  between 5-1-14 and 9-11-14

Please inform me of any cost this may incur

Thank You

As you can see I am very interested in finding out more on what if any oversite editorial control does the City of Racine have on the Racine Journal Times might in fact our City Administrator if not writing the copy himself suggest what stories to cover what not to and how they should be reported.

IMHO this is key for the Dickert Machine to operate,  to help the average older person trying to hang on in this dieing City that everything is really O.K. nothing to worry about we have no crime we do not have issues with Unemployment or with Race it’s all the nasty Bloggers fault ….

For if/when the older folks who still pay property taxes find out what others not on the Dickert Band Wagon think is true that Racine is best a City to see in your rear view mirror that even they would try to sell homes and move out.

(Side Bar A  Who is propping up property Values in the Downtown Area why do so many transactions lead to what looks like Shell Companies, Can I get them to prop up the values in West St Street area by buying me out? 250K come on write that check!)

So I can understand why the City would want to control what is printed in the Journal Times but are they?

Only time open records and research will tell.

FYI the 10 days the City has to respond ends end of next week, I will print what they have to say

And yet


Some may think I do not want the Casino to come to Kenosha  that would be untrue,

I do want us to think about what it may mean to  the area and try to slow the hysteria on how the Casino will fix all issues in S.E. Wisconsin and give everyone a job.

That being said its free will If folks want to spend the $$ I say go for it.

Better yet go for a job if you need one or want to work a part time gig, see what the Casino’s needs might be and go for that too.  I recall when Ho-Chunk opened many of the fools who gave me a hard time for being Native (Little did we know…) somehow thought they were Native too!

Perhaps some training at Gateway could prepare you for a job opening!

Downtown Stores might want to move to that area to avoid the painful death I think is coming to Racine’s Downtown

Now I think there are opportunities for self employment. From starting a Van service taking folks to the Casino to escorting big winners to the Bank.   Please see local laws before starting any Businesses INHO Kenosha will be more easier to work with then Racine, but time will tell.

Still a lot to talk about with this and I will but again its up to them if they like to go for it

Spy in the 7?

Breaking!  I will be meeting with Mr. X in the A.M to discuss the possibilities of a Spy in the 7!

This meeting like others to come must be help outside the City of Racine as it was explained to me prevent us from being observed by RPD that Mr X thinks are following him.

As I understand it, info known only to the 7 is being discussed in City Hall (Recall the Laser can be used to pick up voice) my ? is do the 7 have a active spy in City Hall?

What city worker could dislike the Mayor that much? Or better yet what City Worker likes the Mayor?



From Racine Community Media

BREAKING NEWS: ALDERMAN JIM KAPLAN RECALL OFFICIAL!!! Racine- Over 260 signatures needed to recall 4th District Alderman Jim Kaplan have been verified by the City Clerk Janice Johnson Martin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has also verified the signatures and legitimacy of the signatures. Updates will posted as available.

IMHO he loses.

I as is my right will do what I can to get an Hispanic elected

City of Racine Has no money See City Workers Go By By!

 Committee of the Whole

City of Racine
Meeting Agenda
City Hall
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
Chairman Alderman Jim Kaplan, Alderman Michael Shields,
Alderman Sandy Weidner, Alderman Gregory Helding,
Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II, Alderman Raymond DeHahn,
Alderman Ronald D. Hart, Alderman Robert Mozol, Alderman
Terry McCarthy, Alderman Dennis Wiser, Alderman O. Keith
Fair, Alderman Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, Alderman James
Morgenroth, Alderman Krystyna Sarrazin, Alderman Molly Hall
City Hall, Room 205
6:00 PM
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Call To Order
Approval of Minutes for the March 19, 2013 Meeting.
Subject: (Direct Referral) communication from the City Administrator presenting a
recommendation to amend the 2013 Budget.
If you are disabled and have accessibility needs
or need information interpreted for you,
please contact the City Clerk at 262-636-9171
at least 48 hours prior to this meeting.
Page 1
City of Racine
Printed on 04/08/2013
Tonight the Committee of the Whole as above talks about being 2.1 Million short. (Only)
This is from losing Round 1 of the fight over Union Contacts, that The City rushed  to sign  then of course told the City Unions to say… well let me put it pound sand this of course  let to the City being sued over the Union Contracts and of course the count saying a Contract is a contract, leading to more  count fights and the city spending more $$ to and have the first count over turned.
As I understand it tonight the Committee of the Whole will start to talk about how to find the 2.1 Million the City is short.
How many City Union jobs will go? How many Street Lights will come down? Will Fire Station #5 get closed?  Will Police Officers get  fired?
Your guess is as good as mine. However I think we are safe to say that City Workers will get fired. Sad yes, very sad. (Update a number of openings in City Staff will not be filled and a three day lay off for City employees, this may change)
Wait it gets better!
Say the City fires 20 workers, starts to shut down Fire Station #5 (Again)then turns around and spends $1 on the  Harbor for dredging  or $1 on RootWorks. How do you feel about that?
Rather  have Fire Stations or more toys for The Downtown?  Can we stop more spending on City Hall? The Roundabout?  Get some of the $$ back  from Deltahawk for not hiring the # Delta Hawk said (How did they hire) ? Maybe just trust Mayor John Dickert to call Obama and get a check?

It Came From the Root River!



And you thought no Good come from RootWorks, Ha!

For bouncing around ideas to the group from a local unit of Higher Education, not a bad start.

Changes will be made to make sure the film (To be made after Go Go Girls vs the Nazis) meets the Parody element.

Yes Racine will be so happy to have this made here! Porn Stars will be in the house!

Scene 1: (Open with Sarah Walters talking with Belle City Private Detective Peter Jackford.)  

Peter Jackford: (Heard from outside his office door)
Well at this point, miss; I don’t know what to tell ya. You’re the third girl this month coming to me saying the same damn thing. 

Sarah Walters: (Nervously)
So… there’s been… others.. who got attacked?

‘fraid so. This creature from the deep’s a fuckin’ monster… Literally. I’d say you got off easier than the others. Getting your top pulled off is usually just the start for this guy.  And, you say he just ran off after he saw your.. um.. your chest region? 
Yeah, off into the dark night. I ran home completely disgusted. This guy was just as slimy and smelly as most racine men, but the way he ran off, usually racine guys wait until you’re pregnant to do that part.

Well, shit. Maybe your chest uh.. Forrest Gump’ed him or something.

Forrest gumped?

Yeah, ya know. Monsters can arrive early to the party too sometimes. It’s embarrassing, I mean, I imagine it’d be embarrassing. (lights cigarette) You mind if I smoke? Calms the nerves.
Here’s the thing. This monster’s been here longer than most of these downtown yoga shops and hat stores. Problem is, can’t nobody take him down. He’s killed two cops, and three private I’s. So in my older age I sure as shit ain’t trying to pick a fight with this creature.

I’ve lived downtown by the river for almost four months now. I’ve never heard a word about this thing…
Lotta crime in this city you don’t hear about.  When you got a newspaper that sucks city hall’s dick for a living, ‘scuse my language mam. And the police department, they don’t want some disgusting, over grown, river freak messing up their downtown crime stats. So if they’re willing to reclassify an armed assault or two, what’s the big deal about lying to the public about a river monster?

Why doesn’t somebody just shoot the damn thing?
(Blows out the final puff of his cigarette)
 Alright look, you didn’t hear this from me. You definitely didn’t hear this from me.  You know Mayor Dickeey? He’s got a lot of friends in this city. And if you’re a friend, it don’t matter how fucked up you are. Your ass is covered. You could be 70 grand behind on your taxes, a useless bum with a radio show, whoever. Your ass is covered by this mayor. 
Why the hell is our mayor friends with this perverted monster?

They were best buddies back in high school. Some catholic brain washing university if ya ask me. Anyways, this river man didn’t always used to look like he does now. Right outta high school he got a job at Jeffeson Wax, as a chemical engineer.  They say he was brilliant, but didn’t even last a year on the job. Poor guy got addicted to the lemon-flavored window cleaner he designed. Started free basing lemon heads and heroin. Fucker mutated himself, grew gills and fins, took to living under water.
Jesus… I almost feel bad for the sick fuck. So you can’t help me, and everyone in this little city’s too scared to upset the mayor and kill this thing?

Sorry beautiful, but you got that right. If the monster doesn’t kill you, Dickeey and his friends will find a way to shut anybody up. I know a couple ladies that just might be crazy enough to help you though. Lemme see if I still have a number for them. (Goes through desk.)
(Phone rings twice)

Hail the God of Racine! The Mayor Speaks assumes Godhood! My view




The Mayor Speaks assumes Godhood

From the Journal -Times 1/20/13

Since I began as mayor, I have requested that my departments look to find efficiencies and cost savings where possible. I have also requested that each area of the city look at ways to become sustainable; in other words, how you can pay for your efforts by adding value to the community.

Racine is a wonderful community full of great people and opportunities. Since I took office four years ago, I have made it my mission to put a positive light on Racine and let people know of all the great things happening here. I believe we should utilize every opportunity available to tell our story. Whether it is the newspapers, radio, the city website or our local television stations, including CAR25, we should be telling our story, whether it’s North Beach receiving its ranking as one of the best beaches in the world or the Racine in Bloom Award we recently received.

Our administration, as well as the city’s Cable Commission, have introduced a number of initiatives over the last several years aimed at broadening the scope and quality CAR25 in order to make it a source of quality information and programming about the value of the city of Racine as a tourist, business and lifestyle destination.

It is our position that, with modifications to its management and mission, CAR25 would be capable of producing quality programing which could then be used as valuable aids in promoting the City of Racine and even raise funds necessary to create a sustainable enterprise.

I have also worked to steer CAR25 in the direction of positive messaging and a regular programming schedule. My experience of working with a cable access channel for five years while in school has blessed me with the experience of seeing the vast potential a station can bring and furthermore, the true potential that lies within.

We have to constantly look for ways to create a better product for a cheaper cost. More importantly, I believe we have to provide a great message that demonstrates the positive things going on in Racine. While I understand the public nature of CAR25, I am concerned that some of the programming currently defeats the very purpose of a positive message for our city.

We tell these positive stories to attract developers and tourists alike. They in turn spend money in our stores or develop here using our workers and contribute to our community, adding to our tax base.

Unfortunately, the very producers that are opposing change are the ones currently providing programs that speak negatively about Racine. While that is their right, I believe we need to put our focus on a 21st century message and programming that informs and educates our community about the great things going on and what opportunities that are available to them daily.

I want to assure those who have expressed opposition to the proposed changes with CAR25, they will still have their access to production equipment and the free broadcast of their content. We are simply attempting to use the resources available to us in a more proactive and positive fashion to continue to promote the City of Racine as a work, play and lifestyle destination.

CAR25 currently costs roughly $100,000 per year, which is funded by revenues received from licensing fees and your tax dollars.

John Dickert is mayor of Racine.

“the very producers that are opposing change are the ones currently providing programs that speak negatively about Racine. While that is their right”

Thank you for understanding this

“I want to assure those who have expressed opposition to the proposed changes with CAR25, they will still have their access to production equipment and the free broadcast of their content.

After the Union contract issues the whole NSP past Law suits and the ones still coming to into court Do you think anyone trusts your word?
We also have seen with our own eyes your having information by Chase Hendrex removed from the desks of Alderman. Was not that an attempt to control communication of a member of the public to elected officials?

From First Amendment
…and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. You sir have no right to interfere.
How far are you willing to go to prevent the public from communicating to elected officials news you do not want them to see?

“CAR25 currently costs roughly $100,000 per year, which is funded by revenues received from licensing fees and your tax dollars.”

The City receives far more then this from ATT/Time Warner in fees how are taxes then paying for any of this?

I will also ask why once again those getting money from the City as I see it have personal connections with you?
This whole process of the RFP from the Beginning just sucks

I like CAR 25, however I use You Tube Goggle Hang Outs etc to get my messages out
my teaser at http://www.gogogirlsvsthenazis.com/teaser/ gets far more views then CAR 25
You sir have given me lots ideas to use for both the Go Go Girls and It Came From The Root River. You want folks to see Racine as others who live here do you got it


  1. ggodmuls – 10 minutes ago
    It’s Sunday, after 5:00pm, so I figure the JT thought enough residents of Racine would be bombed on alcohol, or stoned on drugs, to be able to safely run this laughable drivel.


    The fools of Racine and their money are parted every single day – and the amount taken only grows greater every single day…..

    This piece should be under “COMEDY”. LOLOLOL!

    You wanna know something Racine – Racine is the laughing stock of the State in Madison – but everybody has to be somebody – so GO WITH IT!

    Dickert makes Barrett look like a genius!~

    Racine – the proud birthplace of Homer Simpson!

  2. Green Racinereal
    Report Abuse
    Green Racinereal – 19 minutes ago
    How does the Mayor plan to cover up:
    We are number 1 in Unemployment (again)
    We are back to the days of daylight armed robberies
    Murder after murder gangs running wild
    The State Courts saying City actions on Black bars are illegal opening the city to yet more law suits
    The Downtown and Uptown areas look more empty then ever before
    Shunting down CAR 25 turning it into the John Dickert is God Network only goes to have the outside world see our Mayor as he is to so many a petty Dictator, trying to keep control over his city going into ruin.
    Mayor Dickert may think there is nothing wrong other the the ********* Blogers then too some think Reichert Court is the place to be

  3. Django
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    Django – 1 hour ago
    Dear lying John:

    We don’t believe you. You lie and lie about everything and have cost us hundreds of thousands in legal fees. NO tax dollars are used for CAR 25. See, another lie! You just lie and lie to us, as does your lying cousin city administrator, and expect us to suck it up..

    We;re sick of your lies. We’re sick of you assuming that we are stupid enough to believe any more of your lies.

    How can a public official enter into a confidentiality agreement using public money? You are a lying thief and belong behind bars. That day may come sooner than you think, lying John.

  4. PrimeTime69
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    PrimeTime69 – 1 hour ago
    What in the world is Dickert talking about??? Telling Racine’s story? I just went and visited the streaming CAR25.pegcentral.com page. Does Dickert even know what is being broadcast on the channel? I can’t find anything negative or bad on the page, to the contrary, it all appears nice and positive. It doesn’t add up Dickert, you are NOT saving money or making anything positive at all, just look at your track record. Leave the community access channel alone and focus on important issues. SMH

Please members of the public read this https://racineinruins.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/please-read-and-tell-others-letter-to-editor-coped-from-racine-uncovered/

I put this story here for I expect before much longer the Paper will remove the comments posted

felt that what I and others said need to be documented


In the long run Dickert will win all he needs to do is end the funding, then hire out  pals to do work under under some City/County program  to tape events in the area.

As I would hope that the Alderman would put a stop to this but other then two or three they have no backbone and know who their master is. If you dare speak out you are punished. If you behave you might get to work at City Hall or get a neat title. One lerns fast to get along to know your place


Yes Racine keeps our reputation as I see it the most corrupt City in America

Worlfman Reports and gives background on storty!



Racine Property Sales for August 26, 2012

Attempting to verify sales was rather difficult this week – with a record number not showing matching records in the city database, especially the higher value sales. However, the lower value sales have a much better rate of verification and are a much better indicator of where real estate prices in Racine are headed – DOWN. The highest unemployment in the State, high rates of property crime, a burgeoning criminal population that will be an economic drag on the City budget and the City employees suing the City over pay and benefits will continue to lower property sale values and make the City unattractive to potential homebuyers.

High rates of property taxation drive down home values because the more taxes one has to pay, the less income is left to afford a mortgage and insurance. This is why highly paid City of Racine employees choose to live outside the Community – with their current level of income they can afford a much larger house and larger lifestyle out in the ‘Burbs where it is LESS taxing and crime is very low. Higher rates of taxation also makes business less profitable, hence the employees must be paid less – so the City can be paid more – and with the supply of housing exceeding the number of buyers, home prices tumble. This is a strong trend in Racine, and the tax increases slated for 2013 – 6.42% for RUSD, an additional levy of $500,000 for Gateway and who knows what will happen with the City of Racine employees suing the City, the supply of homes in Racine so exceeds the demand that the City is going to spend $$$ to begin tearing down properties! The City is slated to spend $120,000 to tear down 9 properties with an aggregate market value of $517,000 while Bankers are holding many foreclosed properties off of the market – to artificially prop up home prices. There will be no housing recovery in Racine until the City declares bankruptcy – which is coming.


Why is the City  Assessor lying about property values and holding the assessed values at an unrealistic market price? Most likely because if a TRUE and ACTUAL assessment were taken, based upon realistic market value – the City of Racine would no longer be able to borrow money – which is what John Dickert is doing at a high rate to finance his pet projects and reward FOJ’s with lucrative City contracts.


From the Wisconsin State Constitution: Municipal home rule; debt limit; tax to pay debt. SECTION

3. [As amended Nov. 1874, Nov. 1912, Nov. 1924, Nov. 1932, April 1951, April 1955, Nov. 1960, April 1961, April 1963,

April 1966 and April 1981]

(1) Cities and villages organized pursuant to state law may determine their local affairs and government,

subject only to this constitution and to such enactments of the legislature of statewide concern as with uniformity shall affect every city or every village. The method of such determination shall be prescribed by the legislature.

(2) No county, city, town, village, school district, sewerage district or other municipal corporation may become indebted in an amount that exceeds an allowable percentage of the taxable property located therein equalized for state purposes as provided by the legislature. In all cases the allowable percentage shall be 5 percent except as specified in pars. (a) and (b):

(a) For any city authorized to issue bonds for school purposes, an additional 10 percent shall be permitted for school purposes only, and in such cases the territory attached to the city for school purposes shall be included in the total taxable property supporting the bonds issued for school purposes. (b) For any school district which offers no less than grades one to 12 and which at the time of incurring such debt is eligible for the highest level of school aids, 10 percent shall be permitted. (3) Any county, city, town, village, school district, sewerage district or other municipal corporation incurring any indebtedness under sub. (2) shall, before or at the time of doing so, provide for the collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such debt as it falls due, and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof within 20 years from the time of contracting the same.


GOOD LUCK Brave residents of the City of Racine.

Address                                  Sale Price                  Assessed Value        Difference

1532 Michigan Blvd.                $220,000                     $254,000                     Neg. $34,000

3605 Haven Ave.                     $139,000                     $139,000                            -0-

139 Ohio St.                            $121,000                     $142,000                     Neg. $21,000

141 Main St. No. 429               $116,900                     $159,000                     Neg. $42,100

2809 Ashland Ave.                  $99,500                       $90,000                       Pos. $9,500

2708 Kenwood Dr.                  $95,900                       $108,000                     Neg. $12,100

2221 Winthrop Ave.                $92,000                       $104,000                     Neg. $12,000

3305 Pierce Blvd.                    $90,500                       $113,000                     Neg. $22,500

711 Augusta St.                      $83,000                       $114,000                     Neg. $31,000

2009 Howe St.                        $59,000                       $84,000                       Neg. $25,000

2201 Yout St.                          $33,674                       $88,000                       Neg. $54,326

3601 Republic Ave.                 $30,000                       $90,000                       Neg. $60,000

946 N. Memorial Dr.                $25,000                       $36,000                       Neg. $11,000

1712 Holmes Ave.                   $23,500                       $77,000                       Neg. $53,500

1340 Park Ave.                        $15,000                       $65,000                       Neg. $50,000

15 properties sold with an average overassessmnet of $28,000!




Once again I thank Woflman for this report his views are IMHO right on and should he prove to be right how long does the City have before we go belly up?


Racine the Fall

We have no money. We may have no leadership. We have poor schools, High unemployment.  Many think the last election was stolen by the Democratic Machine  ran by Mayor John Dickert. Yes it get worse. Follow Racine as we descend to a Hell we may not have made but we sure be living in one