Long Live King John



Must be nice to be Mayor of Racine, as the City removes Street lights, lays off Union workers, ends signed Union Contracts, wants to close Fire Stations, Raises Taxes and Fees.

Begs the residents to give money, begs us to preform the jobs that the City would be doing but no longer can.

IMHO is thinking of ways to raise money anyway it can…

Is this to keep Fire Stations open?

Is this to keep Police on the Job?

Is this to keep the Trash pick up? (Wait did not the Mayor just beg us to help do that at the Beach)

Take trips to France

Or just maybe so Our Mayor can say go to China next, do we not have a Sister City in the PRC?

Do you not think our Mayor/Wife/Kids/ GF?  deserve to go to China? Is not your job to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAY YOUR TAXES?

In Racine WI, are there now two classes of folks our rulers and us who serve/serves them?



Time to stand up Racine 1st we remove Kaplin and then every Yes man of Mayor Dickert.

There is a lot of pressure  we can use from cronys  behind on taxes asking no demanding the County take the property  to showing up at meetings are just saying NO! to Voting the bum out when we can.  However it must start now. I t must start with us.

Or should we do the work we pay taxes for to be done so Mayor John Dickert can go to France/China or God know where?

City of Racine Has no money See City Workers Go By By!

 Committee of the Whole

City of Racine
Meeting Agenda
City Hall
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
Chairman Alderman Jim Kaplan, Alderman Michael Shields,
Alderman Sandy Weidner, Alderman Gregory Helding,
Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II, Alderman Raymond DeHahn,
Alderman Ronald D. Hart, Alderman Robert Mozol, Alderman
Terry McCarthy, Alderman Dennis Wiser, Alderman O. Keith
Fair, Alderman Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, Alderman James
Morgenroth, Alderman Krystyna Sarrazin, Alderman Molly Hall
City Hall, Room 205
6:00 PM
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Call To Order
Approval of Minutes for the March 19, 2013 Meeting.
Subject: (Direct Referral) communication from the City Administrator presenting a
recommendation to amend the 2013 Budget.
If you are disabled and have accessibility needs
or need information interpreted for you,
please contact the City Clerk at 262-636-9171
at least 48 hours prior to this meeting.
Page 1
City of Racine
Printed on 04/08/2013
Tonight the Committee of the Whole as above talks about being 2.1 Million short. (Only)
This is from losing Round 1 of the fight over Union Contacts, that The City rushed  to sign  then of course told the City Unions to say… well let me put it pound sand this of course  let to the City being sued over the Union Contracts and of course the count saying a Contract is a contract, leading to more  count fights and the city spending more $$ to and have the first count over turned.
As I understand it tonight the Committee of the Whole will start to talk about how to find the 2.1 Million the City is short.
How many City Union jobs will go? How many Street Lights will come down? Will Fire Station #5 get closed?  Will Police Officers get  fired?
Your guess is as good as mine. However I think we are safe to say that City Workers will get fired. Sad yes, very sad. (Update a number of openings in City Staff will not be filled and a three day lay off for City employees, this may change)
Wait it gets better!
Say the City fires 20 workers, starts to shut down Fire Station #5 (Again)then turns around and spends $1 on the  Harbor for dredging  or $1 on RootWorks. How do you feel about that?
Rather  have Fire Stations or more toys for The Downtown?  Can we stop more spending on City Hall? The Roundabout?  Get some of the $$ back  from Deltahawk for not hiring the # Delta Hawk said (How did they hire) ? Maybe just trust Mayor John Dickert to call Obama and get a check?