Whirlpool of Questions!



1) Why is it O.K. for one City of Racine Alderman to call another a Bitch? Why did not his fellow Aldermen call him out for that?  Why is it O.K. for Alderman Kaplan to act the Bully?

Has in fact Kaplan been possessed by this dead Hollywood Star?


2) Why are so many Democrats saying that the Bank part of Machinery Row dead? If so does this have anything to do with:

The RICO Suit

The 501 (c) 3 being pulled from our fearless RootWorks fan owner of The Root River Council Supervisor Osterman who is a major player in the RICO action? Oh! BTW the 501 (c) 3 status has been pulled from this company. I also wonder what if anything will be done with any taxes that might be owed from the action by the IRS?

with the above information being sent to the Head of the DNR to the the County Executive someone might just might be asking more questions

3) I know that the City is paying for the elected officials but at what I think legal costs of say $300 an hour who/how are the others paying for what must be horrific bills and there are more to come

4) Is the J-T floating the idea of ending CAR 25 is this anything more then the idea of ending ANY opportunity of the public getting info not approved by Mayor John Dickert


5) Should Machinery Row be dead and I will go with what I am told that it is very dead did Mayor Dickert kill it as he has killed so many projects? What actions if any with Public officials who made excuses about issues others had with the Mound St grant because “This is the only chance Racine has before …” do something after the fact?

Questions questions Do you think the Newspaper will look into any of this that I and others have or wait until they have an O.K. to print what this man tells them to?


The Police State of John Dickert



But first



Racine hits the big time from the story but it gets better

Mr. X came by this A.M. had me talk with him away from the phone, told me of the most interesting story of yesterday’s Executive Committee held at City Hall

Not so much of who was there and what Alderman where NOT there (Stress Ball’s may not be helping)  but what was said.

My Understanding is that City Hall is on Lock Down, the leak to the Bloggers/Black Bar Owners will be found (and dealt with I guess)  that our Mayor and City paid Lawyers said that all efforts to include phone and computer records would be used to find the leaks.  Alderman better i other words shut the fuck up and toe the John Dickert line or else!

I found chilling was the idea that words of the effect of the City (Via RPD?) to find out who is saying what.

Else what? Alderman go to jail for asking questions about the RICO suit?  Will I or others who have reported on the RICO and other events in Racine “disappear” will our cars blow up? Will we be targeted by the UNIT?  Will our property be vandalized as has been alleged happen to Black Bar Owners in the RICO Case?

Will the actions of Mayor Dickert in this lead to more court actions? Oh what fun this will be to write about! To Podcast on! I thinking that  Racine Community Media will be posting MORE you tube show for the world to see and get an idea of the Police State Mayor John Dickert is creating in Racine

Most interesting is why, not why the effort to find the leaks but what set this off in the first place why the effort to remove the Black Bars in Racine as some see happening?

The Shakedowns as talked of in the RICO filings?

What is/was the point? A bit of cash? A bit of local power? Hot Women? Or something far more in the long term able to enrich folks willing to do interesting things to create a political base

Control of  Fresh Clean Water?


Terms to know


Burner Phone

One time codes


Counter surveillance

If I have to play James Bond can I get a hot Co Star?


Oh I now think that this RICO suit will lead to jail time for members of local Goverment thinking that the IRS is getting very interested in the efforts on the Root River. Please make sure if your a 501 (c) 3 your paperwork is good to go






Party at the Federal Court in Milwaukee!

Thursday 9/25/14 at the Milwaukee Federal Court a group of men looking for justice will be gathered to hear proceedings on the Rule 26  http://issuu.com/communicatornews/docs/joint_rule_26_report/


This on the RICO Civil case filed on our great Mayor John Dickert and some of his pals both in and out of office.

This herring sets  a number of issues final and then the shit get real, as in evidence will be gathered to be at one point  part of the public record.   PART OF THE PUBLIC RECORD!

A Record that will be I think embarrassing to the Mayor his pals and the City of Racine.

How long before we are known around the USA as the most corrupt City in America?

Still think that the Rich White will be moving to Racine anytime soon?

The Mayor of Racine is Fucked and BTW You are too.


Wake up story in the J-T  9/23/14

Union: “Punitive” deductibles




Read the story its about The Police and Fire Unions having to pay more for heath insurance

The major take away is this …” Looking to address a projected budget deficit of between $4 million and $6 million,”…

Wow that is a lot of money Thinking that does not include any funds needed to repay one of the many property tax cases in the courts now, nor any court cases filled with the city on many issues in the public eye to include old CAR 25 staff that may file over what happened with them or even a civil rights suit or two

So many balls in the air, balls that could cost the City even more cash that we do not have for as our Mayor loves to say we have no money


11a1ltd  Mayor oh my bad


Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Mayor John Dickert with His Pal Van.

Sadly we are deep in debit very much so a debit even with out new increases in Water Rates (For Bonds issued for RootWorks?) an upcoming Wheel tax perhaps increases in Recycling fees perhaps more street lights coming down, this will not even come close to paying for the short fall in the budget this year or in years  to come.

As well can our Mayor not continue to find ways to fund his pals in Downtown Racine? You know the ones who gleefully talk about city workers having to pay ”   $6,450 for a single plan and $12,900 for a family plan.” yet can not pay taxes they owe sad I say very sad.

Yet I am guessing that this will continue after all Downtown Racine is just so alive just filled during the day with folks shopping right?

I will say if you like to drink there are a few bars just jumping

Now be interesting to see if our City credit rating will go down making the cost to sell bonds higher, costs BTW we pay for.

Yet the City can find $$ for TIF 18, Rootworks, nice Bathrooms in City Hall, programs that allow the RPD to spy on our Facebook/Twitter Mayor Dickert’s trips and the like

The Short Fall must be paid for and how?

Will we see Mass Police/Fire lay off? Civic Center closed? Community Centers closed? More Street Lights come down?

and as more leave the city this will only get worse, wait Rootworks and the Uptown Plan will save us! Right do you not believe our Mayor that folks are demanding Condo’s on the Root River? Or Companies call him everyday looking to move to Racine?


Very very sad is the wake up call coming to anyone who thinks that simply coming to City hall and bitching will make the City do what you want, sorry better bring checks with you.

Of course we will here of many wanting to run for office and I say go for it we need good folks in office from City up please run we need more to do so.

Know that it can and will be a fight may not be one to have if you have a think skin or no money to run an election fight.


Oh what will happen to Racine in the years to come? Who will be left to pay for the Rich and white to play in Racine?


Pattern or Practice The event or is Racine the new home of the KKK?


Well I was invited to see the first showing of this film on this last Monday night, by the Film Maker Jim Spotdick, I went up with 4 others all involved with the alternative press in Racine WI area.

The venue was very nice and had easy parking.

It was at the Oriental in Milwaukee with three other films being played it was hard to tell how many in the long line at the Box Office was going to what film. So I had no idea how big the crowd for the film was going to be.

By the time I got a seat the film had started. I did notice that a lot of the Anti John Dickert folks was waiting in the Lobby prior to my getting in.

The film was very well made, and did a great job of drawing you into the story. Even knowing the folks in the film (Fair-Homes) I found myself shocked when they and others told their story on the big screen more so when parts of  the Committee of The Whole meetings were played to further tell what was going on.

Found myself thinking more then once “What the Hell was going on”  how could it be possible that outcomes be so vastly different between bars  when the only thing I could see was the color of the skin of the Bar Owner.

Time and again examples where given not only of the bars but others An ex Alderman   A local Newspaper Publisher and a long time activist talked of what they saw.

I had no idea that its been over a year if not two and Mr. Fair has

The film ended interesting seeing:

Ex Alderman leaving

Staff of Belle City TV slinking off like oh Rats jumping ship. Do they know what might be coming their way?

I had to giggle when two members of the Tea Party of Racine left together, and I was ask if I knew that Short man and his Partner .

I had the chance to talk to a few folks from the film for a bit and it was time to go.

The group I was with thought the film many many great points wondering if this (film) be used a a launch point for more Documentaries, we could only hope so.

All in all we had a great time seeing a fantastic film, do you think that Mayor Dickert liked his close up on his rich white city?



From Racine Community Media

BREAKING NEWS: ALDERMAN JIM KAPLAN RECALL OFFICIAL!!! Racine- Over 260 signatures needed to recall 4th District Alderman Jim Kaplan have been verified by the City Clerk Janice Johnson Martin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has also verified the signatures and legitimacy of the signatures. Updates will posted as available.

IMHO he loses.

I as is my right will do what I can to get an Hispanic elected

Is Jim Kaplin a Contol Freak?

I Know what is best for YOUR Business



The Siren Saids… Why care? My View NOT SAFE FOR WORK



Recall The Odyssey? The story where Odysseus helped the crew of his ship escape the call of the monsters? He had the crew plug their ears as he was tied to the mast, so he could here the song?

How he begged to  be untied so he could swim to them? If the crew would have done so  Odysseus we know was not untied and on the ship went.

What you may not know is this in Greek Myth the foul things die badly in some Hera kills them others, they kill themselves, after   Odysseus escapes. The Greeks liked a good bloody killing.

This is my  blog so its my myth.

In my Myth the Siren(s) is a bad Girl


You can see what happens in my myth to bad girls.

My question is who got our Bad girl


To sing for well a crony of Mayor John Dickert?

John Dickert

Was it Greg Helding


Who might have an interest in our Bad Girl in a interesting way


Even in my own Myth why  do we even care

Like Tinker Bell in Peter Pan if we quit believingmaybe she goes away or must resort to a Vibrator, what do you think? and why care?


The size she may need after all she is old and well used right?


As much as I hear folks bitch about the thing from …. why care. Why read what she or any other IMHO flake/Monster Mythical thing has to say? Are you that lacking in self esteem?

Take the time spent worrying and use it to Fight Mayor John Dickert!




The upcoming use of Fear My thoughts




OMG OMG OMG   Who will protect me?


Like I said yesterday. got messages about Pal’s of Kaplin’s    looking into the CCAP (Criminal History’s of the membership  of those working the Recall of Alderman Kaplin.   it politcal SOP to do this.  from a message itself I understand that Kin of the group will be looked at to, I talked a bit about that yesterday and I am of the belief beating up of kin of any group one may not like is not right and in this case, we would see the same coin played on supporters of Kaplin.  Tax records to be used as a boycott list are being used as I write this.  I do hope that this recall be kept to the issues.

Then why tell me? I can’t vote in this and I am the last one to care about someone’s past after all I too am a Felon and believe    that folks can change.I have.

Sadly as I see it the info will be used to create FEAR in the few White folks still living in the 4th concentrating the few older White Folks   who still do.  Hoping that they do not sign for the recall or vote for Kaplin if/when there is a recall.

In other words as I see this: Kaplin runs not on his record but on FEAR THE OTHER.  FEAR THE BLACK  GUY FEAR THE HISPANIC.  I am pal’s of the Mayor He and I will save you!

The recall group gets called angry From the J-T Story (  http://journaltimes.com/news/local/effort-to-recall-alderman-afoot—th-district-resident/article_c1463418-b436-11e2-8bd8-001a4bcf887a.html)  “They are not part of making a better Racine; they are just reaching out in anger.”    Of course Kaplin has talked about this before  From Racine Exposed   (http://racineexposed.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/my-shot/)

Council President Jim Kaplan says recently, online threats have been made against city leaders.

Kaplin has been asked to produce copies of the threats  so far to my understanding has yet to do so. Maybe because they do not exist?

Should the recall folks get the numbers needed and I think they will. Will those who signed get a visit from Kaplin? Others? So they (The signers) can be told how evil and all good WHITE/Christian know to fear anyone who may not want to do the right thing?


Am I now going to Hell?



It’s filed! Update!


Will Kaplan (Above) be recalled?

Got a call  at 8:00 PM The paperwork has all been filed and O.K.’ed by the City Clerk. This is  from one of the staff the the Recall group.

I was also told, that Folks are all ready signing the forms.  I have been invited to talk to others who are part of this on Saturday. I am planing to do so.

LOng long do you think it will take to get the numbers the Recall group need?

I wonder how much help from Mayor John Dickert will be forthcoming?

Who will be the next Alderman to face a Recall?

From the group 21:31


The 4thDistrict Recall Committee

    The Fourth District Recall Committee announces the first step in the official recall of Aldermen James Kaplan of the fourth district in Racine Wisconsin. On May 2, 2013, the official filing of the recall petition with the City Clerk was completed. The petition states, “abuse of power “the petition also stated  “Alderman Kaplan engaged in discriminatory practices in his capacity as alderman of the forth district. Oscar Bueno the petitioner stated ” I’ve watched all the business he’s closed and the problems my brother and other persons of color have trying to open a business in the 4th district, and decided something had to be done. Bueno also stated “I am not a candidate, but there are quite a few people interested in becoming an alderman for this district.”

   A signature drive is set up Saturday, May 4 at 12 noon meet at 1600 Douglas Ave