Ethics Board WTF Racine? My .02

Ethics Board  is IMHO a critical board to have for the City of Racine if not any city. For as I see it from time to time events will happen and the question is/was it Ethical to take place or even can the City of X do this Y or not. Then fix that issues or behavior.

We all I believe want the best Goverment we can have and should something be questioned know that the Ethics Board will do the best job possible to look into issues and resolve issue.s

Readers o this Blog know of the Question I have after an ethics board member was show sleeping

For a recap here is one of the Photos taken


Now I talked to a Board member about this and also sent an open Records request.

Good Day

I am asking under Open Records for Copies of all Emails between

Doug Nicholson
1534 College Ave.

Lincoln Murphy
333 Lake Ave #708

Attorney Mary Wyant
465 Melvin Ave.

Diana Valencia-Garcia
1134 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.

Russell Missureli
3243 Barbara Dr.

Thomas Friedel City Administrator

concerning Member Russell Missureli and his Sleeping at the last Meeting of this group this month on or about 4/15/13

See attached Photo   PDF copies would be fine. I understand that there 
may be a charge for this and if so I will be told of said charge in advance

Thank You

Wayne Clingman

In return I received this : 
he Board of Ethics members do not have city-issued email accounts.  Have you contacted any of those members directly?  If you request the City to make the contacts for you, then that may constitute locating the records, the charge for which would be charged to you, if it exceeds $50.00.  Wis. Stat. sec.  19.35(3)(c).

City Administrator Tom Friedel advises me that he has had no email communication on the requested topic.  As such, there is no record to provide.

Nicole F. Loop
Assistant City Attorney
Racine City Attorney's Office
730 Washington Avenue
Racine, WI 53403
p: (262) 636-9115
f: (262) 636-9570

I have been assured by others I trust of two things 

1) The Sleeping issues is being addressed 
2) That If I feel I need to request the Help of the City others will help fund the cost  

Great that is one issue delt with but yet there is another 

I will say that the Mayor should be able to appoint the members he sees fit to the Board that is part of the Goverment of Racine to a degree, however conflicts of interests should not be allowed or even be hinted at. For as I see it The City Leadership must be above reproach, and if Ethical Questions come up be investigated by an impartial group    

The man above if cant stay wake can't serve anyone, can he? If so how? Be being told how to vote? 

Can a close pal of the Mayor who held event/s for the Mayor's election/reelection  be seen as being unbiased? Can Doug Nicholson in fact do that? 
Would it not be better for Mr. Nicholson to recuse himself from hearing the case dealingh with the Mayor and a member of his campaign staff Mary Jerger who severed as treasurer? 



I would hope that the Mayor himself has asked him to do so so, as this Ethics case goes forward it looks as good as possible, to all who live in Racine. Will this occur? I do know this should it not I guess that an Ethics invesagation will take place on the Ethics Board 

Note I am looking for the Story from the J-T, on who went with Mayor John Dickert to France

Is the Linc Murray on the flyer the same that is on the Ethics Bord?  If so should he not recuse himself?
is this as shady as it looks?