Say Goodnight Jim? UPDATE!

Wow Batman

Jim Kaplan Alderman of the 4th District here in the City of Racine maybe facing Recall!


Today at about 1:10 PM the first paperwork was filed at the City Clerks office to start the Recall process  of Jim Kaplan Alderman of the 4th District.   The group I met with in front of City talked of:

Lack of leadership


Abuse of Power

How some Bar owners/Folks wanting to open bars are treated differently.  The headaches one may have dealing with Racine. (Something two others brought up to me   outside the event, and even a story in the Journal Times this week on how hard it is to deal with the City)

As just some of the issues driving this effort.

Folks linked to this effort see no issues in gathering the 340 names to move the effort forward.

More details to come I  expect to talk to others involved in this movement.

I am told that the person among others who may run if the effort moves ahead is “Coach Carter”, I do not have a Full name, but as I understand this has been interacting with Youth and other actions to better this area of the City.

Just informed at 21:44 PM today that more paperwork needs to be filed. I have been  informed that this will be done by Thursday COB.  Sorry  for any  confusion. I was at the city clerks office when the paperwork was handed in at that time we where told the paperwork looked O.K. but she (the Clerk) would look it over and if needed call the filer.   Glad to see that The clerk kept her word

When more info comes in I will do another update.  I also am still hoping on Photos taken today




2 Responses to Say Goodnight Jim? UPDATE!

  1. Jojo Mayer says:

    Good, Get this self righteous loser out of office and take the majority of others with you. I’m hearing talk of maybe others facing recall as well. It’s long long over do Racine!

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